There are quite many fun things to do when it’s cold or rainy, but one of them is perfect for all ages, for the whole family – splashing in warm water! And yes! There are fun warm water swimming pools in Geneva and around! Let me tell you all about them.

Ready? Let’s do it!


It’s a quite big swimming pool belonging to the HUG hospital. The water is 34 degrees pleasantly warm. On weekends the pool transforms into an aquatique playground for kids between October and May: Saturdays 14h-20h, and Sundays 9h – 20h. One parent can come with maximum two children. I advise you to come with more adults so you can take turn enjoying the sauna, hamma, and odorium. For all the prices and the opening hours check here.


This gorgeous SPA with warm pools (35 degrees) is located next to Geneve Plage. It’s not specifically great for getting crazy active in water but kids will surely enjoy several fascinating corners of the pool, and the rooftop outdoors pool. It’s really great! Kids are welcome at Bain Bleu on Wednesdays 9h-17h and Sundays 9h – 13h30. Some additional opening slots for kids are always availble during school holidays. For prices and more detailed information check here.
Psst: for adults only I wholeheartedly recommend their Hammam!


This aquaparc just around the border in France is fun both in winter and summer. The paddling pool with a playground and a shallow pool for kids are not heated sadly but the fun balneotherapy pool (indoor and outdoor) with a running river is heated up to 33 degrees. There are also 5 fun slides open in winter and additional 4 outdoors slides in summer. And for more fun, on Sunday afternoons and during school holidays the WIBIT, a large inflatable structure on the water is placed in the biggest (not warm) pool – allowing kids and adults torun an a fun obstacle course! More info here.


This quite new aquatic centre in Saint-Genis has some fun play pools for kids. The water is claimed to be 32 degrees, but people report it’s being colder than what it used to be. Whether it is a technical problem or an effect of current times – I don’t know. When we went, the pool was warm and absolutely fun! There is even a paddling pool for the smallest kids. Maybe best thing is to call them before coming to ask about water temperature for the smallest kids. For more information please check here.