Staycation Guide 2021

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The Staycation Guide from Parentville is the ultimate (or only if it is!) summer guide for families in Geneva. A new edition is available for download every summer, and every year it proposes a discovery of new places! 

Turn your family into the best local explorers!

The Parentville Staycation Guide proposes over 100 outings & activities in Geneva, in neighbouring France, and further in French-speaking Switzerland.

This summer is special, and so is the Staycation Guide 2021 – adapted to these crazy times. It offers many outings that promote physical/social distancing.

With this ultimate guide to a fun family-friendly summer in Geneva, you won’t have the time to be bored.

Even if you think you know the Canton of Geneva and the surrounding areas very well, Parentville guarantees you’ll find new places on the interactive pages of this e-book.

The Parentville Staycation Giode offers outings idea for all days of the summer holidays (and more!). Not only will you discover the beautiful region of Geneva more than ever before, but you will also come love planning trips and outings. It is a written proof that Geneva is anything but boring. With this Guide, you will see that Geneva may be one of the best summer destinations in Europe.


Staycation Guide’s chapters:
  • Fun in Geneva
  • Nature in Geneva
  • In France
  • Day trips
  • Hikes




Every outing idea offers:
  • A description,
  • A map linked to Google Maps,
  • Address,
  • Entry fees,
  • Opening hours,
  • The official website link.
  • Information about wheelchair accessibility.



The price

At Parentville’s goal has always been to provide as many families as possible with information. Many of the outings offered in the Guide are budget-friendly. To help you save on summer even more, YOU DECIDE how much you are able to pay for the Guide. Simply override the suggested price in the fields (above “add to basket” button).

For technical reasons, the minimum amount is 3 CHF.