The dummy tree is kind of a pacifier paradise, where all dummies meet up to celebrate not being in anyone’s mouth anymore while soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh air. It’s also a place that offers a possibility of a smooth transition into dummy-free life for the kids.

From hope to challenge.

Dummies are essential for the vast majority of moms’ survival. Many of us parents pray for our kid to become friends with them. Luckily, most of the time it works! But then… how to make them stop?

Some parents wait for the child to decide for themselves, while other decide it’s time to stop the habit – I love you all!

Tips and tricks.

Many hacks are offered to those who want to help their child to part with the pacifier. And boy can it be a patience and creativity demanding challenge!

Some parents go cold turkey (courageous people!), some cut the tip of the dummy off little by little (cheeky monkeys), some make it fly away with a balloon (optimistic fellows), some make a calendar with a deadline (practical folks). And I am sure each one of you could share more tricks.

But you can also go on a small trip.

If you’re in Geneva you might have heard about the dummy-paradise in the Hameau du Père Noël in the nearby France.

But now, a new option has just became available – a dummy tree in Signal de Bougy.
(And it does rhyme splendidly!)

From Denmark.

A dummy tree is a concept brought to Switzerland from super child-friendly Denmark. It exists in the Bernese Oberland and in Zurich, and now also in the canton Vaud!

Isaline, a mother of 4, discovered the “l’arbre a lolette” while looking for creative and gentle ways of getting the dummy out of the house. She started looking for something in Switzerland, but places she found were day-trip away.

(You can read more on Isaline on her blog – in French, or in this article on Parentville).

She used her blogging power, and asked her audience, if they also think a pacifier venue is needed in the region. They all said yes.

The solution.

There was nothing else left to do but to find the right venue. Not thinking much she called Signal de Bougy and within couple of emails the deal was set!

The dummy tree (l’arbre à lolettes)in Signal de Bougy was inaugurated on March 24th. It’s the only permanent dummy place in the whole French-speaking Switzerland. It is also located in a beautiful park with spectacular views.

This idea is also great for smaller kids to show them the tree and slowly prepare them for the dummy-free life. In the park they can watch others leave their friends and be more confident when their day comes.