5 Creepy French Songs For Kids

Do you know what your children sing in French? The tune is very joyful, the words sound sweet, but what are some of these songs really about? Read more about 5 creepy French songs for kids and find out. Most of them are absolutely sweet and adorable. But there are...

Multilingual Fears

[bws_featured_post]I'm a monolingual parent of a multilingual child. This is a post without tips and solutions. It is for me to check if I'm alone and nuts with my fears and at the same time, to let others know they’re not alone with their fears and nuttiness. I spent...

Catching up with a multilingual child

Once, there was a girl praised for her writing skills, praised for her rich vocabulary in primary school. She later went through phases of being better and worse using her native language, but surely she was not bad at all. And then she moved abroad. Her friends spoke...

Parenting away from home

Are you laughing already? Are there any advantages of bringing up kids away from home, away from our families? As emigrants/expats we tend to complain how hard our lives are, so let's cheer up for a moment and find some advantages of expat parenting! Let's...

Staycation Guide 2019

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