Cityguide for parents in Geneva

Parentville was created by a Geneva-based mother, Olga Sokolik, after many friends urged her to share in a friendly and accessible way, all the knowledge she has gathered about children-related topics in Geneva. After sharing just a few articles, it has become clear that the parents are in need of an online place where they can find what they need, within seconds. Parentville is a website, a Facebook group, and an Instagram profile. You’ll find articles on the website, a lot of discussions on Facebook, and a lot of behind the scenes and places we love on Instagram. Soon, Parentville will have a major revamp, adding an even better directory of places for parents. Stay tuned! We’re also working on an exciting children’s book about Geneva, and other projects. We’re dreaming to connect expat with locals, to create a safe and resourceful sharing space for parents of all nationalities, and backgrounds. WANT TO TALK TO PARENTVILLE’S TEAM?

PARENTVILLE IS ALSO A COMMUNITY GET IN TOUCH! It’s impossible to know about every place and every event happening in Geneva. It’s also impossible for Parentville to know about all your struggles. That is why we ask you to get in touch whenever you feel we forgot about a place parents might find useful, and share with us your Geneva-parenting questions, so we can help you out! FIND OTHER PARENTS FROM THE REGION ONLINE, ASK, ANSWER, BUY, SELL: You can find other parents over at Parentville’s Facebook group: apply to join here (you’ll be asked 3 simple questions upon applying to join the group). CONNECT WITH OTHER PARENTS over at Instagram too! @ParentvilleGva shares fun places, activities, addresses, and all sorts of parenting info! Come and have a look!