Exploracentre – excitation

I am so excited about what I am going to write that you can expect many typos (as jumping up and down from joy does not go well with using the keyboard). Let me try though! A new (first!) science centre in Geneva for kids has opened!

Exploracentre, the first science centre for kids in Geneva is opening its doors on rue des Bains 33 in Geneva!

I repeat: EXPLORACENTRE on rue des Bains 33 is opened for visitors!

Exploracentre – explanation

What is the science centre? It is a museum when kids can not only touch everything but also manipulate all the objects to find out how they work. In other words: forbidden not to touch (fr. inderdit de ne pas toucher !).

I visited Exploracentre twice already: without Z, and after with her. During my first visit, there was this voice in my head screaming: why nobody had taught me this way at school? Nobody said physics could be fun! I remember learning about centrifugal force, but it is only in Exploracentre that I could see how it works: observe, touch, and then read about it.

Exploracentre – exploration

But Exploracentre is not about the physics only. After all, science is a broad matter. Read on.

The centre has two levels. The upper one homes the Circus exposition. There is so much physics in the circus, right? Balancing for example – how do they not fall? And again, why no physics teacher ever thought about using circus to explain these things!? This exposition is not permanent, as Exploracentre wants to show us other science revelations in time. The new expositions will probably start with every new school year.

The lower level of Exploracentre has a smaller exposition that will change every three months. Currently: building bridges without any glueing substance, discovering the properties of the ellipse while playing billard, and more. There are also rooms for workshops: a scientific room, and an IT room, as well as a space for, wait for it, birthday parties!

For who?

Everybody aged 3 or more. Kids, tweens, adults. Science ignorants, and those passionate about it. Anyone who likes to play.

Opening hours

Wednesday, 10h – 18h
Thursday & Friday, 13h30 – 16h30
Saturday, 10h – 18h
Sunday, 13h – 18h


Free for kids under the age of 3.
Ages 3-15: 10 CHF
Adults (16+): 15 CHF
Different prices for groups of 3, 4, 5 people.

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