The question about family friendly restaurants in Geneva came up so frequently on Facebook, that it would be a shame not to make a list of what’s out there.

Let’s not lie to each other – it could be better, but luckily, the amount of kids friendly restaurants increases. Be sure to check for some fancy addresses in the region.

More and more restaurants offer family Sunday brunches – kids area, kids animations etc. Check out Crown Plaza, Tiffany Hotel, and Un R de Famille. According to the urban legend also Restaurant du Parc des Eaux Vives, Starling, and Mandarin Oriental hold family brunches on Sundays. You can find more information on Geneva Family Diaries blog.

In the random order:



Da Paolo – The best pizza in town and incredibly fast service. The best entertainment for the kids they offer is the friendliest ever pizzaiolo, who lets kids play with the dough and later bakes whatever they made.

Capocaccia – an Italian restaurant located in Confederation Centre (rue du Confederation 8), with a whole room dedicated to children. The kids’ room is on a different level than the restauarnt, so you won’t see your kid, and little once might have trouble climbing up and down the stairs.

Wolfisberg – a playroom with a small climbing frame and a slide, kids menu, pram’s friendly, and in the beautiful Carouge.

Marché – not in Geneva, and not a great restaurant, but the best indoor playground in a restaurant all around Geneva. The restaurant is located on the first floor of La Côte rest stop on A1 highway. It has everything a parent might need: bibs, changing tables, microwave, playground, kids menu, and high-chairs.

Le Barocco – Parentville’s favourite. The restaurant is located in MAH (Musee d’Art et d’Histoire de Geneve), just next to MAH’s Family space. The kids friendly corner of the museum is full of coloring pages, puzzles, books, mazes, and occasionally other fun activities.

Luigia – they’re in Eaux-Vives, Petit-Sacconex, Lausanne, and Nyon. They have all it takes to run a kids friendly resto, though not everyone will like their cinema for kids. Yep, no play area – a dark cinema corner, where kids sit quietly.