After seeing questions about where to cut kids hair in Geneva, come up so frequently in so many parenting groups, I decided it’s time for a list. I’m glad I am not the only one not being able/having guts to cut my child’s hair with my own hands.

You don’t need a special saloon to take your kid. Vast majority of the places will accept children. They don’t need a special chair or a booster cushion – they can sit on your lap (wear the cape!!).

How to choose depends on your child but I would advise to go to a small, not-busy, calm and friendly salon. Especially for the first visit. Too many hair-dryers, too loud music and too many people may result in a very bad experience for everyone involved. You also don’t need a fancy place, a modest not-high-tech equipped saloon may even do better. I found this is often the truth for adults haircuts, too.

I understand the above may not answer your hesitations, so I researched and asked around. Kids’ hairdressers in Geneva? Here’s what I found.

1. Gidor Coiffure. They have one mirror with built-in screen for films and cartoons. We went there once and it was OK but it wasn’t fun. Saturday afternoon, extremely loud, several hair-dryers on. The cut was good though. You’ll find them in Blandonnet, Charmille, Cornavin. Check here for their location list.

2. Adonis Coiffure, Grand-Saconnex. Unfortunately, their website is in French only but they offer a treatment for new mums and clearly state they will take care of your kids’ hair too.

3. Convergence Coiffure. In La Praille shopping center (1st floor). Here not only can you cut your kids hair, but you can also use the video games space to have a calm cut for yourself. Check them here. Internet reviews claim there’s adapted seat and a tv to entertain the little ones.

4. Galerie de Beaute on Rue de 31, Decembre hasn’t listed kids separately, because it is obvious to them that kids get haircuts, too. The price range from 0 to 20 depending on how long and complicated the task is. I mostly recommend one of the hairdresser’s: Joanna Kobus (for kids, mums and dads!), she’s really brilliant. Check out their facebook profile.

5. Le Salon MC Geneve in Malagnou. The price for a haircut for kids aged 0-5 years is 27 chf. Here’s their website. Just a side note: Gidor Coiffure didn’t ask us to pay at all when we went with my, then 2 year old, daughter as she only needed 2 mins fix.

6. Votre Beaute also has kids haircut on their website (20 chf for under 2s). Find the on rue l’Arquebuse 10 in Geneva.

7. Eleonore Mara in Globus (rue du Rhone 48, Geneva) is the next address on the map. 25 chf for a baby haircut and 38 for kids up to 6 years of age. More information here.

8. Anael Coiffure in neighborhood France (Prevessin Moens). Check out their website for more details.

9. Parady Coiffure on Rt de Vernier will probably be our next stop, because it’s small, quiet and 5 minutes walk from home. Plus dad and mum already tested them on their heads.

These are just examples. I only tested 3 of these places (Gidor coiffure, Galerie de Beaute and Parady Coiffure), so I would love to know whether you’ve been to other saloons listed here or maybe you have other places to recommend? Please share – other parents will be grateful.