It took me way too long to discover places that offer spectacles for small children. At first I thought there isn’t much to discover. Then, slowly, we started taking our daughter whenever an age-suitable show appeared. And now, I have a full list of places with shows for children aged 0-16!

Geneva is still lacking a lot in the culture-for-small-kids department: there are no cinema screenings for kids under 4 (but if your kid is over 6 years old try de Lanterne Magique), there are no operas, concerts with real orchestras, or (let me dream) cartoons from the 80s accompanied by live jazz band show (yep, a real thing in Warsaw). But, this post will prove, that Geneva offers a rich agenda to let your kids discover the joy of theatre!

In the era of TV-parenting, Peppa Pig, and shows that leave nothing to imagination, it is more important than ever to expose young children to the theatre. No cartoon, no movie, will ever offer the same amazing experience as the simple theatre show.

Before I start, one more suggestion. When the suggested age is 3, don’t take your 2,5 year old. We learnt it the hard way, when we had to run away from a very good show with a terrified toddler. The age frame is there for a reason.

Sorry for the preaching, I’m done.

Back to the theatres. Here is my modest list of kids’ theatres in Geneva (and it’s surroundings):

µ – at least some shows suitable for 1-4 yo.
♥ – tested and loved by Milk.
  • µ♥ Theatre de Marrionettes (Plainpalais). A renown puppet theatre in Geneva. Definitely worth visiting. Rare thing: their website is also available in English. We have recently seen « Stone to stone » and I strongly recommend booking a ticket!
  • µ♥ Simply Theater (Versoix). English-speaking theatre in Geneva. Great shows, ateliers, courses, and a friendly atmosphere. We saw a show there last season and are definitely coming back!
  • µ♥ Catalyse (Eaux-Vives), shows and theatre classes for kids. Very simple, stimulating imagination.
  • µ♥ ZOT Compagnie (Carouge). Their Nutcracker last season was amazing. I can’t wait for this year’s programme!
  • µ Bibliotheque du Carouge (well, Carouge). A lot of activities/animations for children under the school age. All require reservations, not all are payable.
  • Am Stram Gram (Eaux-Vives). A professional, great looking theatre, that we will definitely try once they have something for under 4 year olds.
  • µ Esplanade du Lac (Divonne). It is Divonne’s cultural and conference center that ery often offers activities for kids.
  • Les Croquettes (  ), Another puppet theatre with shows for kids over 4 years of age. You can watch samples of previous shows on their website!
  • Parc Pre Vert (Signal de Bougy). Open air shows from May till September.
  • µ Amarante (Savigny), puppet theatre with shows for kids as young as 3.

  • Deux Fois Rien (Chatelaine). Shows and ateliers. Hard to tell if they are still operating, I will check when I find few spare minuets (haha).
  • Bambin’Opera (no idea). Interactive shows for kids between 4 and 7 years of age.


(this post was originally published on Milk, Crafts, and Honesty)