When they are born, we, the parents, need to be with adults from time to time, to prevent our speech turning completely into baby’s gaga gugu. Later, when they are older, we have to find places for them to burn the energy, and to spend times with their peers. In an offline city like Geneva, finding playgroups, classes, course, is not an easy task. This list will help you out. (= tested AND loved by Milk)

French speaking:

  • École des Parents –  They deserve more than just a number on the list. This is a great institution and you should definitely mark them as important. Psychologists, pedagogues, psychomotricite, lectures, meetings, and of course courses and playgroups (gym, cirque en famille, guitar lessons, baby wearing, baby massage, massage for older kids, and more). Every Tuesday in Charmille (in the “99”) they hold a FREE OF CHARGE playgroup (for kids aged 0-4), that I can personally recommend: simple activities for kids, and professional pedagogue to talk to the parents. (Check out my Gratis in Geneva post for more free activities)
  • Kids Up, (Meyrin). A brand new Kids’ gym in Geneva.
  • Bulle d’aire (Grand Saconnex, Carouge, Petit-Saconnex (Villa Dutoit), Plan les Ouates, Nyon). One of the most popular music activities for kids. Handicapped children welcomed.
  • BG World (CM La Praille). Baby classes, kids’ courses, music, dance, gym.
  • Espace Musical (Eaux-Vives, Satigny).  Music classes for babies and older kids. Handicapped children welcomed.
  • Atelier Polyglotte (Gland). Language courses for big kids, and playgroups for the little ones.
  • Maman cherche Maman (Eaux Vives, Plainpalais). It is a friendy associations that organizes parenting meetings. You can join them each Friday from 3pm-5pm at Villa Freundler (4 place St-Francois – 1205 GE).
  • Adult-childcare (Chatelaine). A ludotheques with professionals to answer your parenting questions. Check page 13 of this booklet for more details.
  • La Petite Decouverte (Onex). Free of charge. A place for kids to play and parents to talk, exchange experiences, share information and support each other. Also “petite enfance” professionnals are there if you need them.
  • Gym Enfants (Onex). Kid-parents classes for 2-5 yo, “gym enfantine” for older children, as well as other courses.
  • Cerf Volante (Plainpalais). A Adult-Childcare, a ludotheque kind-of-place but nor entirely. Like every Adult-Childcare center, there are childhood professionals at your disposal, to help with problems, doubts, and other questions. (You’ll find many English-speaking parents going there regularly).
  • La Forêt Enchantée. An amazing association founded by wonderful people! They organize various kinds of events and are waiting for you to join!

English speaking:

  • Gymboree (Grand-Saconnex, Aubonne). Dance, art, baby gym, family classes, school skills and lots, lots, lots of bubbles!
  • Inter Soccer (Vessy, Founex, Versoix, Gland). Football for kids as young as 3!
  • Music Together (Petit-Lancy, Paquis, Eaux-Vives, Bernex, Plainpalais, Chene-Bourg, Carouge, Versoix). A popular franchised music classes for kids (page does not indicate kids’ age)
  • Kiddie Club (route de Chene 66). Playgroup for kids aged 8 months – 3,5y.
  • PLP Geneva (Ferney Voltaire). Playgroup and Literacy Program.
  • Createliers (Eaux-Vives). Painting for small ones, while for older children: wood crafts, pottery, sewing, and more.

Please let me know if there is anything to add!

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