You’ve visited all the parks and playgrounds and paddling pools already? You need a new place, an adventure? This list should is meant to be an inspiration. I hope you’ll discover more than I came up with. Here’s your list for great kids’ summer in Geneva (tots & preschoolers).

Let’s start with public-transport-accessible destinations:

1. Salève
Cable car, views, ice-creams and a playground all in one. You can add a small hike and a picnic. Be sure to visit the Buddhist chapel and have a go on their ball game!

2. Boat trip
Take a boat to Yvoire. Boat itself should be an adventure for a big tot/small preschooler. In Yvoire be sure to visit their amazing « 5 Senses garden ».

3. Trains
I’m told CFF trains are equipped with (working!) a/c. Some of them also have a playground. Yes, you hear me just right: a slide in the train! Isn’t that enough of the reason to head for a train trip?

4. Train in the city.
Alternative to CFF: hop on the small tourist train and drive around the lake or in the old town. Kids’ smiles guaranteed.

5. Ikea
If you want to hide from the sun, but still go out, it’s a satisfying place for the whole family. Sofas to jump on, toys to play with, garderie, lunch, snacks, ice creams.

6. Swimming pools in Geneva: Geneve plage, Meyrin, Thonex, Lignon, Carouge – all with big swimming polls, and paddling pools.

7. Accrobranche in Onex. For 3-99+ year olds. Check out their website for details (link here)

8. Or how about big fountains and paddling at le Tour de Carouge.

9. Parcs: Parc des Eaux Vives, Parc le Grange (playground, paddling), Bois de la Batie (playground, small zoo), Parc Bertrand (playground, paddling) , Jardin Botanique (playground, animals), Jardin Alpin (playground, animals), Mon Repos (playground), Trembley (paddling, playground). List of all the parks can be found here (official site of Geneva)

10. Beaches: Geneve Plage (paid entry, paddling, pools, lake, playground), Bains des Paquis (paid entry, lake), Baby Plage (lake, playground), Hermance (paid entry, lake, playground), Excevenex, Narnier, Lac des Rousses.

Check out Leman Plages website to get more information on all the beaches on Geneva lake.

11. Playgrounds.
Do you truly think you tried every playground in the city? You can check on the official website of Geneva City.

12. If it rains
Check out rainy sunday in Geneva for more ideas for indoor activities.