In terms of sports activities, swimming is one of the most popular. Some families enrol their children already at the baby age, some later. Just remember, that in public schools children start learning to swim in 3P. Swimming is also an obligatory sports activity in some of the private schools.

Swimming for babies and toddlers:

1. Aquababies Suisse, Chambesy.

2. Bebe Nageur, in various locations.

2. Dauphins Geneve in Meyrin.

3. Aqualiens in Confignon (Bains des Cressy)

4. Aqua-Bebe in Bernex.

5. Red Whale, Versoix.

6. Ecole de l’Eau, in Satigny.

Swimming for school-aged children:

1. Dauphins Geneve in Meyrin.

2. Red Whale, Versoix.

3. Aquababies Suisse, Chambesy.

4. Aqua-Bebe in Bernex