Are you looking for swimming classes in Geneva for kids? Search no more. Parentville to the rescue!

In terms of sports activities, swimming is one of the most popular ones. Some families enrol their children already at the baby age, some later. Free choice.

Keep in mind that in public schools, children start learning to swim in 3P. Swimming is also an obligatory sports activity in some of the private schools.

Swimming for babies and toddlers:

1. Bebe Nageur, in various locations.

2. Dauphins Geneve in Meyrin.

3. Aqualiens in Confignon (Bains des Cressy, warm pool)

4. Aqua-Bebe in Bernex.

5. Red Whale, various locations (warm pools).

6. Ecole de l’Eau, in Satigny.

Swimming for school-aged children:

1. Dauphins Geneve in Meyrin.

2. Red Whale, various locations.

3. Aqua-Bebe in Bernex (yes bebe in the name, but I checked, they have classes for older kids too).

4. Ecole de Natation de Geneve, in Varembe.

Together with Z, we tested some of these classes, but as everyone’s opinion and experience are different, I am not sure if it would be good to share which we loved, and which we didn’t. For each of these schools, I found very positive opinions, and not so great opinions. But let’s remember that every child is different, and so will have a different experience with each of these schools.

Most of them offer trial classes. I advise you to enrol into a trial class and decide for yourself.

Also, please remember that it is very probable that there are swimming classes provided by your commune or quartier, somewhere in the public swimming pool, or in the one belonging to a public school.

If you happen to know of any other swimming classes for kids in Geneva that other parents would be happy to know about, let me know!