Weather for fashion, because of allergies, or other health-related issues, many families are switching for vegan, or close to vegan, diets. People go vegan all the way, or start to avoid everything cow’s milk related, or find other combinations. For all these reasons, and all these types of diets, vegan restaurants are very useful!

When dieting because of health problems (for example infants’ and older kids’ allergies) it is not eating at home that is a challenge, but eating out.

So, where to eat in Geneva? Here’s the list:


The only pizza place in Geneva (to my knowledge) that can offer gluten-free and lactose-free pizza without asking you to bring half of the ingredients with you. The only downside for me is that on weekends they are only opened in the evenings. Pizza is great, the staff really helpful and patient. Plus – they have a parking!


All meals are vegetarian, some are gluten-free, some lactose free – everything is marked. On Saturdays you choose from a buffet and put your plate on a scale, you can come back to the buffet as often as you need, just remember to use an empty plate and a scale each time. On Sundays it’s ‘all you can type of brunch’. We prefer Saturdays as there’s much more to eat! The decor of the restaurant is very nice, the staff is very friendly and the food amazing!


A vegan & raw restaurant combined with a shop. It’s small and very pretty. It’s a true vegan restaurant with tastes slightly different to what you might be used to. More pricey than other diners on the list, but definitely a must-go-to place on the Geneva vegan map.


This famous Italian restaurant has gluten-free pasta on the menu! I still need to ask them if it’s egg-free to confirm it’s vegan factor. A vegan with no gluten restrictions can eat in most pasta places as long as he or she stays away from the fresh pasta (made with eggs). This is a great restaurant for everyone, no matter what diet restrictions they follow.

The above are specific vegan or gluten-free restaurants that we have visited. For an even longer list visit Le Petit Chou and it’s list of 12 vegan/lactose-free and gluten-free restaurants in Geneva (link in French).

Vegan and gluten-free food is also offered in Asian restaurants. Of course not every meal on their menus will meet specific dietery restrictions but the chances there aremuch higher than « Suisse cuisine » restaurant.


A fancy funky sushi restaurant with home delivery (pretty boxes included).

HASHIMOTO (Eaux-Vives)

Very good sushi at affordable prices. Their smoked tofu is delicious, and be sure to taste the plum wine.

NAGOMI (Paquis)

Rrecommended by Japanese expats. The best sushi in town. Be sure to make a reservation as number of tables is limited.


The bigger Sunstore shop, the better choice (the one in the Airport and in ARCenter in Vernier are the ones I can recommend, but for example Sunstore in Planete Charmille has a limited choice). A lot of everything: pasta, sweets, pizza dough, cookies, flours etc.


A great shop for everyone, not just vegans. The stock is impressive and the staff knows, literally, everything about their products. They can advise, order products for you, and educate for hours.


Carrefour In Ferney Voltaire has a big section of gluten-free and lactose-free food Migros in Ferney Voltaire and Etrembieres are also worth recommending (different range of products than Swiss Migros).


In Migros look for « A-ha » marked products (vegan pasta, cheese, tofu, nuggets, etc.). In Coop there’s usually a separate shelf for all things vegan and allergens free. Though both shops home delivery services do not have all of the vegan products available.


Big selection of gluten and lactose free products, bio and organic products, fresh vegetables and bio meat. Our recent top pick are vegan bread spreads in several flavors: olivero, pesto, mexicana, shitake etc. They sell one of the best coconut oils I ever bought. And also.. it’s in France, so expect prices to be much lower than in Swiss shops.


An online shop with all things vegan and beyond.

Any restaurant or a shop we didn't include? Let us know!

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