There’s a new offer for ids in Geneva that I am so so so excited to tell you about! It is called AMAKids – mental arithmetic academy. Z took a trial class with Sandra and is now begging for more, which is a rare occasion with! I was blown away with what I saw.



The concept is based on the Japanese calculation method used at schools. First kids learn how to use the Japanese abacus, aka soroban. It takes a few minutes. Then they use the method they discovered with soroban count in their heads. At first, I didn’t understand what it is all about and had some doubts. Mental arithmetic sounded a bit scary. But guys, my jaw dropped, in a good way.


After several minutes of training and explanations, Sandra asked Z. to close her eyes and to use magical finger movements (thumbs go up to add numbers while pointing fingers go down do subtract). +3 -2 +1 +1 -3 +1, she was given a new number every 2.7 seconds (If I remember correctly). In the end, Z smiled and gave us the result. I was like, hell what!?


The goal of this method is not to count fast, but rather to perceive and process ANY information as quickly as possible. Counting fast is just a bonus. Within a split of a second child can make multiple actions in their head, apply various rules and give the correct answer. This means that children can understand and PROCESS ANY information quicker.

As Sandra explained, after only two months of training, children can count in their heads while reciting a poem out loud. This shows the capabilities of the brain that are unexplored much. Also, in 2 years, a child can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! It is possible because, in this method, both hemispheres of the brain work together. It helps kids not only count faster but think and solve problems more quickly. It increases their mental abilities in a fun way!

As Z. said – it was magical!


Yes, you heard me, in a fun way. Not the school way. During the class they use the abacus, a computer program, they play together, or even run around the table.

All your child need to know before starting the program is to count from 1 to 10. Nothing else. They don’t need to be emerged in math. Just counting from 1 to 10 and the program will work its magic.


Here you can see an eight-year-old boy doing some crazy math while reciting a Russian poem. It is insane.

The only reason I am hesitating to enrol Z for next year is my fear of feeling completely dumb standing next to her. #parentingfailure.


To get to that level, though, more is needed than just one class per week. This is why kids gain access to the unique online program, to work 15 minutes, four days a week. It’s the homework that they must do to progress, it is checked but their teacher asap. They also get to take the soroban home with them to play and work.

I strongly recommend getting a date for a free trial lesson to see it for yourself, and check how your child will react to this magical course!


Courses are given in English, and Russian. Soon, French will be added to the list. Stay tuned.

Next year classes will take place:

– in Ecole Schultz in Eaux Vives: Rue du 31 Décembre 8, 1207 Genève;
– and in Ecolint La Grande Boissiere: .

Facebook: @amakidsgeneva