Geneva’s reopening schedule for families

Geneva’s reopening schedule for families

After 8 weeks of everything being closed, Geneva starts reopening shops, restaurants, museums, sports structures, and other fun places.  Below, you’ll find a list of places that are already open, and those that will open soon. For those of you, who still prefer to practice social distancing there are still forests, mountains, rivers, and self-picking farms!


Self-picking farms (fr. auto-cueillette) – we have plenty of them in the region! The rule is simple: go to the field and pick flowers/vegetables/fruit on your own. A great way to spend time outside while easily keeping the social distanc of 2 meters. Here’s Parentville’s list of self-picking farms in the region.

Kids Time Club (Eaux-Vives) – their downstairs incrdibly beautiful playarea is already open! New rules: no shoes allowed in the playground, and only 5 adults can stay there at the same time.Everything is disinfected twice a day. For more details please contact KidsTime Club directly.

Elisa Gassert play space –  as it’s partly a cafe, it is already open, but attention. It will close again between 18th and 24th may. If you haven’t yet heard about this place, check out what I had to say about it here, and check their Facebook page for even more detailed info.

MAMCO –  open as of May 16th! The museum limits the number of simultaneous visitors to its rooms (10 square meters guaranteed per visitor), payment by card only and disinfectant available at several points in the museum. A new morning offer is set up, certain Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., in order to allow vulnerable people to discover the exhibitions safely. During these time slots, spaces will be exclusively reserved for them. You can read more details on safety measures in Maco here.

Centre d’Art Contemporain –  Open from the 16th of May. Online activities will still be available for those who don’t feel safe just yet. The number of simultaneous visitors will be limited and disinfectant will be made available at various locations throughout the building. Full details of our sanitary measures are available here.


MAH (Musées d’art et d’histoire) – The MAH opens on May 21, 2020, with the exception of the regional archeology hall and room 2-15, which remain closed due to works and assemblies. The upper level of the fine arts collection and that of Archeology now impose a unique sense of visit. Access to the rooms on the ground floor will be limited so as to comply with the imposed gauge. More detailed info here.

MEG (Musée d’ethnographie) – it will open on May 21. You can find their detailed safety plan here (in English).

Natural History Museum will be open to the public again on Thursday, May 21. However, access to the Natural History Museum will be limited to the permanent galleries on the ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor only, further accompanied by the implementation of route restrictions and a limited number of people per gallery. You can find more information about their restrictions here.

Science History Museum will open its doors to the public on Thursday, May 21.  You can find more information about their restrictions here.

Musee Ariana – the reopening  will take place on Thursday May 21, in compliance with the sanitary measures dictated by the Federal Office of Public Health to protect visitors and collaborators. Here’s the link to all the measures Ariana will practice.

Maison Tavel – it will open on June 16, after the completion of electrical work. More details here.


Maison de la Creativite – everyone’s favorite place for playtime! sadly, for now there is no information about reopening. Given that this special and creative space place is all about free movement, tactile play, and filled with children AND adults, it can take some time before they figure out how to restart the fun.

Exploracentre – sadly no info yet about their reopening. I am sure the info will be announced soon on Exploracentre’s website.

BIO PARC GENEVE – one of the most precious and valuable animal parks in the region should reopen on June 8th. They need our support to survive and help the animals they take care of, so please, plant to visit them! Here’s Bioparc’s website, and more recent news here on their Facebook page.

Ferme la Gavotte – the farm remains closed. Cuddles with sheep and poneys may again become possible around June 8th. Stay informed by visiting their website from time to time.

Jardin Botanique – it should reopen on the 8th of June (if Covid-19 numbers allow), and until further notice, we won’t know what measures will put in place, if the carousel will turn, and how many kids will be allowed to play in one of the best playgrounds. Here’s the website of Geneva’s most beautiful park.

Bois-de-la-Bâtie animal park is still closed. If everything goes well it will reopen like all other Zoo’s around June 8th. Here’s their website if you’d like to track the details yourself.

CERN (exhibition sites) remain closed until further notice. There is no indication on when the Globe and Microcosm could open again (you can read their full information here).

PARC AVENTURE in Evaux is also one of the places that remains closed and can’t yet give any information about possible opening dates. Here’s the Park’s website.


Theatre des Marionnettes de Geneve (details); no information.

Theatre AmStramGram (website) – shows are cancelled for this season. Fingers crossed for 20/21!

Simply Theater (website) – all shows for this season are cancelled, the courses may restart after June 8th. Enrollments for summer camps have begun!



The Federal Council will permit the opening of the swimming pools on June 8th if the situation allows it. There is not much information about how it will look like and what protective measures will be put in place.

An adventure at home: DIY escape game for kids!

An adventure at home: DIY escape game for kids!

There are three things kids miss the most when they can’t go out: friends, sports, and adventures. While I can’t help you with the first two, I have an idea of how to turn your place into an adventure field! It’s called an „escape game”!

Below you’ll find instruction and printables to a game I did for My daughter, plus a link to an online shop with ready-to-print games for ages 7+.


You can organize an escape game for one child, more than one, or even groups of several kids. There are websites from which you can buy ready adventures with printable puzzles and even some deco. Our website to go is Escape Kit, with games in English and French. They come with colorful puzzles, an elaborate backstory, and even decorations and accessories.

But as it turns out, a simple escape game is not so hard to DIY. We did it, tested it, and now we can share it with you!


For this game, I used some activities we have been trying out at home (for example this one with paper towel), plus some inspiration from the Activity-Mom website. For the moment the opening letter is available in French only (thank you Spell Languages for proofreading!), but the puzzles should be doable for English speakers as well.

The goal of the game is to find a tablet and crack its new password, but you could easily use an old smartphone. In the beginning, they receive a letter from the head of the Super-Micro team, with an explanation of what happened and how to proceed.

Each puzzle gets kids closer to the location of the tablet and reveals the password’s numbers. You’ll find detailed instructions in this downloadable pdf.



  • an egg,
  • paper towel & markers;
  • baking soda;
  • iron;
  • two blank a4 pages;
  • toilet paper roll.


Recommended age: 4+ (with adults’ help), 7+ (supervision recquired with ironing);

Language: French.

Downloadable here.


Back to school: wash your hands experiment with bread

Back to school: wash your hands experiment with bread

Clean hands are the best protective weapon against most microbes. With this bread-experiment your kids will understand why! It takes 10 minutes to prepare but 5-7 days to get the best results. In case you don’t want to wait, we prepared a video showing how it all goes.

Soon, shops will open, restaurants will too, and kids will go back to school. Now, more then before the strict hygiene rules will be important.

We had a lot of time to teach kids good habits: cough in your elbow, wash your hands, keep distance when outside etc. But do they really understand why? I’m sure that kids learn better if they know why and what for.

So, here’s a simple yet eye opening experiment you can do with kids now – a week before the school starts. It takes 10 minutes to set up and 5-7 days of observations.

Attention: risk of puking at the end of the experiment.


  1. Sliced loaf of bread (eg. toast bread),
  2. Tweezers (not obligatory),
  3. 5 plastic ziplock bags,
  4. Soap,
  5. Disinfectant,
  6. Laptop/smartphone.


Very carefully, best using tweezers, take the first slice of bread and put it in the bag. The best result will be if you don’t touch it at all. On the bag write: “control”.


Find a pair of dirty hands (not washed with soap/disinfectant for a few hours). Give those hands a new slice of bread And ask to rub it for 30 secs. Into the bag. Mark “dirty hands”. Done.

Bag 3

Another slice of bread another task – wipe the laptop keyboard or a smartphone with it (for around 30 sec). To the bag. Mark it “laptop” or “phone”. Done.


Ask a pair of hands to have a wash with soap – but not a pandemic detailed wash, just a quick-in-a-hurry-old-school splash. Dry them thoroughly. These hands will rub a new slice of bread for 30 sec. Slice to the bag, and remember to mark it, eg “soap”. Done.


Now, with the same or different set of hands – wash them with a disinfectant and ask to rub a new slice of bread for 30 sec. To the bag, mark “disinfectant “. Done.

You can add more slices and more places to check: a toilet seat, floor by the entry, floor in the bedroom, door handles, elevator button etc.

You are now entering the observation phase of this experiment. For this purpose place the bags in one place. We used tape to hang the on the wall. Every morning check the state of slices, note down which slice grows mold first, then continue.
On day 5 you will see horrible things, yucky things, unimaginable disgust. Explain to kids that mold represents the microbes on each surface the bread touched. Compare the “dirty hands” with “soap” and “disinfectant”.

Just make sure that children understand that the amount of mold represents the amount of dirt and microbes each slice touched. It’s really disgusting, awful, and convincing.

I’m wishing you all a stressless, and healthy last week of quarantine and a safe come back to a more normal life!

Prêt à Parler – expert in online French courses

Prêt à Parler – expert in online French courses

What do you get when a French-Canadian opera singer lands in Geneva? (No, it’s not one of those jokes!) Quick answer: an expat-oriented, 100% online professional French language school. In other words: Prêt à Parler.

FYI: yes, your feeling is right – this is a sponsored article . But, as always, it is about a company/product I know, tested, and trust.

You know the story: you arrive as an expat in Geneva on a “short contract” only to realise 10 years later that you’re still here and still don’t really speak French well enough, especially when it comes to all those online forms, doing your taxes and even applying for a Swiss Passport. Add to that the stress of finding the time to get out of the house the same time each week to attend a French-language class, and of course getting through the notorious Geneva traffic, hunting for parking or navigating TPG. All while balancing the laundry, groceries, a job and a kid or kids at home. 

This is where Prêt à Parler comes in. My husband, P, has been using it and it has been brilliant. He can go about his day, work, child-care – you name it – and once a week he simply logs in for one-hour of French lessons. On the other side of the screen is one of the ‘Super Profs’ as they call them, waiting to start a lesson that will feel more like a conversation than schoolwork, where grammar finds its way in without you even realising it.

But hey, didn’t you say there was an opera singer? What’s that got to do with teaching French?

Ah, oui! The opera singer in question is Isabelle Nicolas-Johnson, the founder of Prêt à Parler. Her opera background has helped her become an expert in articulation and pronunciation, as she attended many diction classes (French, English, Italian, and German) as part of her studies. 

Over the years, she has developed special French pronunciation tips – and I don’t know about you, but this is where my husband and I struggle the most, especially with that French ‘r’.

About Prêt à Parler

Prêt à Parler brought digital education to Geneva way before COVID-19 forced everyone to move online. Isabelle launched her online programs back in 2017 when the word “corona” was only associated with a bottle of cold beer. (Don’t you miss those days?) Before she knew it, she was training a team of top bilingual teachers as well as her communication and IT support experts. 

Prêt à Parler is a local expert in online French courses. It offers one-on-one classes, webinars, and preparatory courses for the FIDE exam (soon-to-be obligatory for those applying for a Swiss C permit, or a Swiss passport). They also developed their own learning platform called French for Everyday Life and share a ton of tips and mini-lessons on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (handy for someone like me who spends a lot of time on those sites!), so you can give the idea of an online French class a try. 

Benefit 1: Personalisation

Isabelle always knew that a one-size-fits-all approach would not work in education. We all have different styles of learning, interests, and reasons to learn a new language. Each course is personalised and adapted to your needs (meaning no two classes are the same!) 

Need helping writing a formal letter? They will turn it into a class. Didn’t understand the programme you watched yesterday? They can turn it into a listening exercise. You basically get to turn REAL life into a useful learning exercise.

Benefit 2: The teachers

All Prêt à Parler teachers have been carefully selected for their professional, technological and personal skills. Plus, they know everything there is to know about that (in)famous FIDE exam.

After a trial lesson (super helpful), my husband was certain he had finally found a program matching his needs. He scheduled his lessons at 9 pm. Yes, you read that right, 9 in the evening. What!? How!? Well, it turns out his teacher, Sandra, is a native French-speaker who currently lives in New Zealand. 9 pm here – 9 am there. That is the beauty of online training programs – both the teacher and the student can be anywhere in the world.

Benefit 3: Comfort and flexibility

We are all different, with different lives, and different chaos (aka work-life balance), yet many language schools are set up as such so that you have to adapt to their schedule. Prêt à Parler offers a flexible solution (side note, it’s also great for introverts like me who don’t love the idea of group classes with strangers each week!)

My husband’s lessons each last 1 hour. Not 1 hour plus 40 minutes commute each way. Not 1 hour plus anything. There is no stress about traffic jams, the bus being late, or finding a parking spot. Not only does he have his lessons tailored to his specific needs, but improving his French doesn’t interfere with his work-life or his family life. 

When it comes to scheduling your lessons, it can be late at night, early in the morning, or even on a Sunday. Your private classes can be rescheduled if needed within 24h. It means that no last-minute business trip, your child getting sick or vacation will be an obstacle in boosting your French! That is, as long as you have an Internet connection, of course. 

And this is all possible thanks to an opera singer from Quebec who moved to Geneva. After all, who better to understand and cater to expats than a fellow expat? 


Geneva online during Covid-19 crisis

Geneva online during Covid-19 crisis

Everything, or almost everything is closed, but is it? Thanks to the internet and human creativity we can still enjoy some of Geneva’s places! Coronavirus has pushed Geneva online and it’s looking good!

Below you’ll find resources of Geneva online places for families, kids, adults, teens, singles, couples, and everyone else!


Missing Cine 17, Cinérama Empire, Cinema du Grütli and Cinema Bio? Cinefile is a Swiss streaming service, that has currently partnered up with cinemas all across the country, including some from Geneva. By renting certain movies (provided by the theatres) you can help these local cinemas survive the COVID crisis. You can rent each movie for 48h for 7.50 CHF (sometimes less). You can choose from films from all genres, countries, and age ranges (yes! Films for kids included!). It’s one of the most enjoyable types of support – watch good cinema and support local theatres!
Here’s for example what Cinema Grutli offers:


Musee Ariana prepared 3 propositions of activities for kids. There’s origami, bread baking, and a discovery booklet.
Natural History Museum & The History of Science Museum are publishing one video a week on their Youtube channel! You can check them via their website or directly on YT.
Musee d’Art wt d’Histoire de Geneve has an interactive, fun and unique proposition for the public! It’s called „MAH Chez Vous”. It’s a smart way to make us want to browse through their collection. The goal is to choose one (or more) art pieces, take a photo of a place at ours we would like this art to be displayed. We send it all to MAH, and they reply with an edited photo – the art incorporated to the picture! Try it out here! And ask your kids to chose something for their room, too! MAH chez vous – Partagé avec nous vos oeuvres préférées
CERN made loads of resources available – activity books for different age groups, games, videos, and more! Cern Discover  CERN online | Visit CERN

Croix rouge has an idea for original colouring. They turned some of the posters from their collection into colouring pages. You can choose whatever colours you wish or follow the original.  Home – International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum.


Workshops for families, children and adults no longer take place, but the Centre is convinced that creation must and can continue at home, so every week they post an interesting challenge for the kids. Practise of drawing and writing can nourish us in this period of isolation. Stay safe and draw.

Martin Bodmer Foundation proposes text illumination as boredom fighter. It’s an old art dating back from the middle-ages – hand-made decorations around the text. Your kids can write a letter to a family member, or a friend and play with this type of art. Many wonderful examples to look at the Foundation’s website.


Many, many shows – ballet, concerts, operas – are available to watch for free on their website. Each week a different program. You can access them here.


Many places we love, organisations we admire, and companies we have fun with have now moved online, where they offer challenges to keep kids occupy or online courses. Here are some of them:

Recrecrea with upcycling inspirations and challenges.

Kidstime Club with online courses for kids (art history, emotional intelligence).

Bricks 4 Kidz Geneva RD with free online classes and fun challenges.

Techlabs with many online courses for kids, including Easter camps (till April 17th).

Spell Languages with its brilliant Facebook group full of ideas!

You can also find many online events, challenges, and classes in Parentville’s calendar. The calendar is now filled ONLY with online fun. Check it out!

Baby-friendly Geneva: places, activities, and more!

Baby-friendly Geneva: places, activities, and more!

After receiving many messages with questions about baby-friendly places in Geneva, and seeing this topic coming up frequently in Parentville’s Facebook group, I decided to put together a list for you.

Below you will find:

  • baby-friendly places,
  • activities/courses for babies,
  • outdoors pram-friendly places (including forests),
  • breastfeeding friendly spots.

If you know a place I should add, let me know!

Baby-friendly places in Geneva

Kids Time

A great kids club with a play area downstairs. It’s a lovely space with wonderful wooden toys, a play structure (2 small huts with a bridge and a slide). The play area also has a fenced space for the smallest guests, and a coffee corner for parents (tables, beverages, snacks). The entry costs 15chf and you can stay as long as you want!
Adresse: Ruelle du Couchant 11, Geneva. More info on Kids Time Instagram profile.


A mom-friendly cafe with a playful corner, and enough space to parc prams. Herstreet also hosts workshops, courses, yoga, and various pop-ups.
Address: 6, Rue des Pierres-du-Niton, Geneva. More info here.

Maison de la Creativite

The creativity paradise for kids of ages 0-8. Most of the things are best for toddlers and older kids, but there is always something for babies too! They even sometimes host special mornings for kids and their grandparents.
Address: 7 chemin Calandrini, 1231 Conches. Here’s their website.

Elisa Gassert

Elisa Gassert is renown for her wonderful kids’ furniture designs and products. Some time ago she has decided to use her atelier as a space for parents. The whole space is divided into separate little houses with sofas. In the middle there is a lovely, wooden play area with a soft carpet on the floor. Open from Tuesday till Sunday (9-18). Paid entry (includes a snack and a beverage). Adults: 16 chf/90 minutes, kids 0-24 months enter for free.
Adress: Rue du Roveray 16-18. Here’s their Facebook page.

Ludotheques and Accueil Parents-Enfants

Ludotheques are toy libraries but many also have play areas, and some provide some areas for babies to play too (I would need your help to find out which Ludotheques provide that option currently). Accueil Parents-Enfants are places designed for kids to play and fr parents to meet, exchange experiences and to discuss their questions with the early-childhood professionals. One of the most popular ones is the Cerf-Volant in Plainpalais. There are similar places in the Ville de Vernier. These are really nice places, with kind and warm educators, nice activities, and generally a lovely atmosphere.

Ecole des Parents at Espace “99”

This wonderful association with a rich offer of various activities for kids (and support for parents), also put in place a completely free playgroup once a week in Charmille (Tuesdays 9h30-11h30). It is destined for all kids under the school age. There is always a “pedagogue” and an educator at the site. It’s a great place to meet with other parents (mostly French speakers, but English speakers drop by as well). There is also coffee, tea, sirop, and occasional snacks.
Address: 99, Rue de Lyon. You can find more details in this program.

Swimming pools

Warm water and some lovely splash time with a baby is always great! All pools are calmer during the week during the day, and it is the best time for a visit with a baby. Bains de Cressy is a nice warm pool (with fun structures for kids on weekends) in Bernex. Another option is Bain Bleu, though it is quite dark and full of waterfall noises, which may annoy some babies. Last option is Vitam Park with only one small warm pool (those for kids are not warm).

Baby-friendly restaurants and cafes

Criteria: enough space for the pram, changing table, breastfeeding-friendly. Please let me know what should be added here.

Courses and activities

Gymboree in Grand Saconnex

The best place for English-speaking parents of babies and toddlers. I wrote about it here. Also! If you’re an active member, you can also come severaltimes a week during freeplay slots.
Address: 23 Rue Sonnex, Grand-Saconnex. Here’s their website.

Espace Colibri

You definitely have to check them out. They have pre and post natal yoga, babywearing workshops, and baby massage classes. The older your baby will be, the more Espace Colibri can offer you – their offer is a gold mine.
Address: 17 Boulevard des Philosophes, Geneva. You can find out more here.

Spell Languages

To my knowledge it is the only language school in Geneva that offers not only language immersion for babies, but also courses for moms where babies are welcome too!
Address: 20, Rue du Conseil General, Geneva. More info here.

Tiny Talk

Baby signing classes by Alenka are so popular because they are so good and enjoyable! 12 weeks-long courses in various locations are a great opportunity to communicate with babies before they can speak, and in general to have fun with them. Find out more about it on TinyTalk website.

Music Together

Singing and dancing in a playful atmosphere is what you can expect at Music Together. They have a special class for babies to up to 8 months old. Classes take place in various locations. You can find more details here.

Balade avec bebe – parents in the parc

Catherine Watt launched this initiative a few years ago. She is a LaLecheLeague consultant and a lovely, understanding person – a perfect companion for a walk with a baby, followed by a chat over tea/coffee. Catherine organises these outings once a month. You can find more details and future dates here.

Espace Musical

This music school offers musical instruments classes for older kids, and a wonderful music discovery program for the little ones (0-3 years). They usually also have week-long courses in summer. I recommend it with all my heart. More info on this website.

Gym Poussette

In Geneva and Onex it is exactly what the name suggets – outdoors gym classes for mums and their babies. You can find the schedule and prices here.

Pram-friendly walks in nature

The best solution for a walk in nature is babywearing, but as it is not an option for everyone, and not always possible for various reasons (carrying a baby and a diaper bag for a few hours…), I tried to find some options for pram-friendly nature.

Of course, there are many beautiful parks in Geneva that already partially fill the need of silence and oxygene, but how about something more?

Bernex – Nant de Borbaz et des Picolattes

This beautiful nature reserve has one of the trails ready for wheelchair users, which means it is also perfect for prams! It is not very long but adorable. You can find the full description, and the map of all trails here (look for the “accessible a tous” route).

Versoix – Les Douves

Another nature reserve, this time located in Collex-Bossy and Versoix. The pram friendly trail is yet again the wheelchair adapted route. It’s quite short but includes a part over a pond a part in the forest. You can always try to start other trails with a pram (and all terrain-pram preferably). Here’s a link to a pdf with a detailed description, and a map.

Mategnin les Crêts (Meyrin)

This nature reserve is entirely accessible with wheelchairs and prams! It is taken care of by ProNatura Geneve. The walk should take around 1 hour. The Mategnin marsh is one of the few wetlands in the canton, located along the Jura chain. For more detailed information including address, click here.

Breastfeeding places/spots/corners

Good news and even more good news! There are more and more places in Geneva that offer privacy and comfort to breastfeeding mothers. They are in shopping malls, in Geneva University buildings, in Arcade Sages-Femmes, and many more. places. You can find them all on the Mamamap website. The content is provided by the Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland with help of some sponsors. It also exists in a form of an app (available in Apple app store)

There are also many events for babies and their parents: in the libraries, more yoga activities, parenting workshops, and more. You can find them easily in Parentville’s calendar.



The founder of the TotUp Creche shows no signs of stopping developing new ideas for families in the region. She opened creches in canton Vaud, one in Geneva (more will come surely !), and now added a family sports center to the list. Oh ! And the beauty salon with prices that should revolutionise Geneva.

I wrote about TotUp creche before (you can find it here).


The sports center has a great gym with all the equipment one should need, and also a room for kids classes. The great trick here is how the membership works. For an adult-only, it’s 75 CHF per month with unlimited access to the gym and all the classes without the need for prior registration. A child-only membership is 100 CHF/month. But if you’d like it both for a your child and yourself, it would be 150 CHF/month. Each membership means unlimited access to all classes, the equipment, without any need of prior registration.

The cherry on top? Many adults and kids classes are happening at the same time. It means that all of you can have some separate time for physical activities, and you don’t have to worry about childcare anymore!


TotUp offered me and Z a free hair cut and skin care at the salon. The hairdresser did a fab job with both of us, and we will surely go back there for our next hair cut. Not only the quality of the service was great but also the prices.

The interioir is not luxorious, some of the staff don’t speak French nor English, but there is always a friendly face to do all the translations and it goes smoothly.

Other services available: manicure, pedicure, skin care, epilation, permanent make-up, and more. You can find the list of services and prices here.  

And what to do with your child during your pampering ? On Wednesdy your child can join the class in te sports center (next door) for free. On Saturdays it costs 10 chf/hour and is only available between 10h and 12h. On other days the child needs a gym membership.


TotUp Geneva: Avenue des Morgines 12, 1213 Lancy
Parking in front of the building for visitors.
Accessible with wheelchairs (an adapted toile tat the venue).

Website: TotUp.


No needles with luxopuncture with Geraldine Asseline

No needles with luxopuncture with Geraldine Asseline

When I discovered the Instagram account of Geraldine, I was immediately intrigued and asked her for a rendez-vous to understand more about her unique offer – LUXOPUNCTURE. Because, lt’s face it – accupunsture without needles sounds wonderful and attractive – especially for kids ! I’ve also heard about her from some friends, who used her method to quit smoking or lose weight (yesss !).


We met in her minimalistic yet very warm and comfy office, and now I can finally tell you what’s it all about. Geraldine is a lovely woman, with a voice so soft it may already have a therapeutic impact on many. She is patient, kind, and gentle. At first she asks some questions, and a conversation about problems that brought the person to her door. There is no judgment – understanding, empathy and compassion. This conversation is needed for Geraldine to adapt the therapy to each person. She’s the kind of person that you’ll wish ould become your best friend and get a coffee with you every week.

Beams and photons

I can’t stress that enough – there are no needles involved in luxopuncture but it works like acupuncture. Geraldine uses a special pen that sends out beams of infrared light instead of pricking the skin with needles. It is a pleasant, painless, and stressless experience.

By following a diagram on the screen, she manipulates this special pen by positioning it on different precise points on her client’s body. The pen releases photons that carry the energy and stimulate the reflex points.

For kids and adults

Geraldine is very clear and honest about the applications of this method. She will openly tell you whether it can help with your problems or not. 

In general, this method helps to fight: anxiety, overweight, smoking. It can ease menopause symptoms. It is also used as a facial rejuvenation technic. Of course, for each, a different number of sessions is needed, and various points on the body will be stimulated. How can it make people lose weight? Well, not directly, it does not burn the fat, but it gets rid of the feeling of excessive appetite and compulsive behavior. The weight loss program cannot be used by pregnant women in the first trimester.

During the stress release sessions, it is common for people to cry or laugh. It results in the ability to see our problems from the perspective of a stranger.

Children can also use this method, especially to ease their stress or to help with their weight. There is nothing scary about this session, there are no needles, and the lady who will treat them is as gentle and kind as a person can be.


Open on Monday and Thursday from 10h till 20h in Geneva. On other days open in Annecy (Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday) and Lausanne (Friday);

100 CHF/ session (not reimbursed by insurance);

Address: Rue de la Servette 48, Geneva.

Website: Luxopuncture Asseline.


Ville Fertile in Meyrin – the best indoor play area for kids!

Ville Fertile in Meyrin – the best indoor play area for kids!

Have you already discovered that when it comes to family-friendly events, a lot of times the free events and those not in the city centre are especially fun? This is surely the case with the new exhibition in the Theatre Forum Meyrin!

It is divided into “Ville Fertille expo” and “Jardiner la Ville” construction paradise.

Part 1

“Ville Fertile” is the exhibition part of this event. It explains the importance of nature within the urban architecture and shows inspiring examples! Spending a bit of time in this area is important. It will help children understand their task in the next room.

Part 2

“Jardiner la Ville” is the construction site and a small exhibition of rocks and different types of soil. There is also a compost-making toilet example (exactly same as in several eco-buildings in the canton).
In this lovely, big room, you’ll need to be strong to not to yell “WOW” (like I did), or to run like a maniac to the bricks (like Z did). It’s a creative paradise with one task: create buildings, cities, whatever you like but don’t forget about nature.

The fun

Wooden panels on the floor mark the borders of the construction site, and many many and more boxes by the walls contain a rich variety of building materials. When we entered, I yelled “WOW”. Z, being more adjusted to cultural places than her mom, stayed calm, controlled her emotions but failed with stopping her legs from running to the bricks! And not only bricks! There are elements mimmicking grass, water, or moss. Bricks come in various shapes, colours. We only left, after 1,5 hours, because we were hungry.


The Theater is easily accessible by trams/buses, there is big parking just in front of it, a commercial centre and a good Italian next door. It’s accessible with prams and for wheelchairs. I haven’t found an official recommended age range, but I would suggest it for kids 3+.

You can find out more about the event here and here.


Galeries du Forum Meyrin
Place des Cinq-Continents 5, 1217 Meyrin, Suisse

Till April 4th.
From Wednesday till Saturday
14h00 – 18h00




March 2020 for families in Geneva – What’s on?

March 2020 for families in Geneva – What’s on?

We had spring in February, maybe we’ll have winter in March. Let’s see. March will also be the month of coronavirus panic-mode for many. This, on top of climate change, makes planning ahead more and more difficult. But let’s try and stay positive, let’s find the good vibes. Below you’ll find fun events going on in Geneva in March 2020 for the whole family to enjoy, I hope it will help us all feel more joy! Ready?

Many more events, exhibitions, theater shows are going on! For all ages and all tastes. You can find them all in Parentville’s calendar.

Jardiner la Ville & Ville Fertile
till April 4th, Meyrin

Open to the public from Wednesday till Sunday (14h-18h), Ville Fertile is the best exhibition currently on display in Geneva. The expo itself is small, interesting and inspiring. It’s accompanied by “Jardiner la Ville” – a fun space with tons of building materials to create whatever sits in kids’ imaginations. I wrote about it here.

Les comptines
March 10, Plan-les-Ouates

A fun and creative way to develop language, relationships and socialization. Toddlers aged 1 to 4 meet at La julienne’s library for “Nursery Rhymes and Finger Games”, an animation by La Bulle d’Air. Accompanied by an adult, the little ones share the pleasure of singing and playing with their body, accompanied by small instruments. More info here.

Annecy Venetian Carnival
March 8, Annecy

Annecy is known as the Venice of Alps, and so like Venice the city organises a carnival! You can admire the costumed and masked characters strolling and walking freely in the emblematic places of the city of Annecy! More info here. /the event may be cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak/.

Storytime at Payot
March 14, 10h30-11h30, Payot Rive Gauche

Every month, Payot offers a free storytime in English. Books are read by Lisa from the English Department, and a theme is different every month. This time it’s “Earth Day: Save the Climate”. Before or after you can enjoy a snack at the Cafe at Payot. You can find out more about this event here.

Theater: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
March 13-15, Geneva

Our favorite theater in the area, Simply Theater, will have their big annual show in Geneva in March! Here’s how Simply Theater describes the show: “With sensational sets, stunning special effects and brimming with unforgettable songs, watch as Chitty magically soars above the Casino Theatre stage in this high-flying, Fantasmagorical, fun-filled adventure for the entire family”. More info here.

Open day: Academie de l’Opera
March 18, 14h-16h

During an open day children will try out the joy of singing, dancing, theater, improvisation and stage fencing. Also: solfeggio and sight reading, models and drawings, opera history and stories, languages in opera, show workshop. You can register now for a trial class. More info here.

Open day: Éco-crèche en forêt
March 20, Plan-les-Ouates

Eco-creche invites all the families already enrolled and those who would like to discover the concept, to a little party. It will also be an opportunity to celebrate EQUINOX together in our forest sofa around a Canadian meal. Read more about the event here.

21-22 March, MEG Geneve

Numerous shows, initiations, stories, guided tours, cartoons, creative workshops and a breakfast with music are offered for two days to children from 2 to 10 years old and their companions. A rich and festive 4th edition, with the participation of more than 30 artists! Find out more and boko here.

Disco for Kids: La boum des enfants
March 28, 17h-22h; Bypass Club

The long-awaited Boom des Enfants is finally back in Geneva! For all ages, DJs, dance floors, incredible entertainment, shows, cocktails for young and old, catering, major competitions. Always under the care of an adult. Read more about it here.

Storytime: Les samedis des p’tits lecteurs
March 28, 10h30-11h30; Payot Rive Gauche

Every month, find Laetitia in the youth section (French) for Les samedis des p’tits readers! From 10:30 am, children will be able to attend a storytime (in French) themed around seasonal subjects. This month: “La planète et moi”. ENtry is free, no registration needed. More info here.

Dance: Stage Danse Senegalaise enfants-parents
March 28; 15h-16h

Special Senegalese dance course for parents and children with Ndongo Beye and Mbar Ndiaye. For all the children who like to dance, move to the rhythms of percussion, Ndongo and Mbar will take you to the village where the false lion dance is practiced. Each child and each parent will warm up to the rhythms of the sabar drum then learn the steps of the sabar while making sure to coordinate their arms and legs to finish all together on a beautiful choreography. More details here.

Many more events, exhibitions, theater shows are going on! For all ages and all tastes. You can find them all in Parentville’s calendar.