Halloween in Geneva, 2019

Halloween in Geneva, 2019

Halloween in Geneva is getting better and better every year! Even if you don’t happen to live in a neighbourhood keen on trick-or-treating, there are events you can attend to celebrate this scary holiday!

Also, don’t forget to ask your friends about their hood’s Halloween traditions, as many do have candy waiting behind every door.

Here’s the list of family-friendly events for Halloween in Geneva in 2019:
OCTOBER 23rd (Plan-lesOuates) & 30th (Gland)

A professional awaits you in the Schilliger Garden Centre (Gland or PLO depending on the chosen date), to help your kid carve the pumpkin and thus prepare for the holiday! Participation costs 15CHF; no prior booking is needed.

October 12th – November 3rd

Chaplin’s World has a whole October planned with spookiness! Till the 20th of October at 3 pm every day there will be a costume competition (a bit of acting needed as well!) and face painting. From October 21st till the 27th  they will hold a black-light show where ghosts and ghouls dance at the Monster Ball, plus pumpkin carving workshops. At last, from October 28th till November 3rd, two kids enter for the price of one. More about it here.

Vitam Parc
October 18th, 23rd, 26th, 30th

Vitam Parc launches Halloween during the October holidays already. 4 dates of different activities and workshops in the theme of spookiness and fun. You can see the detailed program here.

Swiss Vapeur Parc
11-31 Octobre

Nighttime rides in the trains paradise! During the terrifying period of the year, the Swiss Steam Park opens its doors to the bravest for a ride in a ghost train. The park will be fully decorated with Halloween colours. Pumpkins per hundred, ghosts, witches, giant spiders will be at the rendezvous. Enjoy squash soup and chestnuts over a wood fire. Also: makeups and witchhunt! Special treat: night-time rides on the 12th, 19th, 26th, and 31 st of October (16h-22h). For more click here.

October 19th, 23rd, 26th

The Kingdom of two sisters: Melanie and Soizic, commonly known as Royaume Melazic is the place to go when it comes to everything related to baking and pastry. It is also THE place in Geneva for kids to enjoy making cupcakes, cookies, and other sweets. For Halloween, Royaume Melazic will open its kitchen to the children (ages 6+), where the baker-witches will reveal all their secrets about making pastries as delicious as they are scary! Whether it’s cupcakes or biscuits, every budding pastry chef will go home with his or her own creations.  Don’t hesitate to come dressed up – in this Kingdom everything is allowed! In Parentville’s calendar it is here.

October 28th, November 3rd&4th; Onex

Parc Aventure in Evaux offers three days of nighttime tree climbing! There are only 150 places available, so book fast. All kids above the age of 7 can participate. Bring your costume! A bit more here.

October 30th

This workshop is free and will take place on the 4th floor of Manor in Geneva, in the Manora Restaurant. Bon apetit! Yu can also find this event in Parentville’s calendar.

Soirée Halloween
October 31, Dardagny

Pro Natura and Restaurant Les Granges in Dardagny teamed up to provide you with an evening of spookiness and deliciousness. It’s worth considering as this will be the last day this year that this magnificent restaurant will be open. A special menu for this day will include enchanted pumpkin soup, red&black burger (a vegetarian option available), or a mysterious creme brulee. Most importantly, activities for kids are planned too – the discovery of the night world! Feel free to wear your scariest outfit. Click here for more.

October 31

For one evening the streets of Gland will transform into a Halloween scenery with inhabitants walking these streets in seasonal outfits! There will, of course, be the contest for the best costume. The organizers have partnered up with Haribo to ensure you have enough for trick-or-treaters (link here). What’s in the program? A pumpkin soup, a parade, a contest, a ball! In the haunted village, bars and food trucks await you, for the pleasure of your taste buds (tears of unicorns, bat steaks, Chimpanzee kidneys, seaweed lettuce, stuffed mosquito emulsion, carrot with maggots …).

November 2nd

Swiss Nanny Association is hosting a spooktacular party this year in Geneva! It will be accompanied by various crafts, games, sensory play, and storytime. In general, kids above 2yo and under 9yo will have plenty of things to do (younger and older kids are welcome as well!). Tickets are on sale here. Raised funds will support the Swiss Nanny Association. Check it out here.

November 2nd&3rd

Located at the Port of Pully (close to Lausanne), the MiNi-Train is a 1/8th scale railroad club run by volunteers, where children and adults can take a seat in wagons for a journey of about 5 minutes each. The 420-meter circuit includes a tunnel, five-level crossings, and a train station.  “Thomas the tank engine” fans will be thrilled to visit this place! For the Halloween weekend, the whole place will be decorated, filled with spooky elements, and unique animations and activities. Kids wearing costumes will ride for free! Check it here.

Halloween at Signal de Bougy
November 3rd

This cool park about 30 minutes by car from Geneva is one of our family’s favourites, and they offer great children’s activities. For Halloween they’ve got a full day of fun activities in store, including a Halloween make-up zone in the restaurant from 9h00 till noon (ages 6+); course with the creation of a scary trick and a sensory experience (ages 2.5-6), and disco from 13h till 17h. Some activities must be booked beforehand (via phone or email). More through here.

For the most courageous of you, there are also events in indoor play centres: Jayland in Gland (October 31st),  L’Ile de Tortuga in Annemasse (all weekends of October probably), C L’Aventure in Annemasse (October 19th-November 3rd, and a Halloween Party on October 31st).


October school-break in Geneva

October school-break in Geneva

Staying in Geneva during the October school break? The weather is not god for a beach anymore, and not yet good for skiing, so what to do? With this article in hand, you’ll have tons of ideas, I promise!

MAH – Les Vacances Qui Donnent la Patate

From Tuesday till Friday MAH will offer activities for kids of ages 2-5 (from 10 am till noon) and for 6-12 yo (from 2 pm till 5 pm). The activities are free of charge, but check the program to see which ones need prior booking. More info here.

BRICKLIVE in Palexpo

The brick madness is arriving in Palexpo! This time it is not an exhibition, it’s a paradise for bricks lovers – workshops, shows, and thousands of bricks to build with. Open all week. Check it out here.


Yes! This time, the greatest place for kids in Geneva is open during the school break. You can visit it on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 14h30 till 17h30. Have fun! More info here.



Parc Aventure – the treetop adventure centre will reopen during weekdays of the October holiday. Every day from 10h00 till 18h00 (last entry at 16h00). It’s a fun exercise, even for kids as young as 3! Check it out here.


The season is open! The ice rinks of Meyrin and Vernets are back! You can check the opening hours of the Vergers (Meyrin) ice rink here, and for Vernets (Geneva) click here.

Expo: La Nature Habite En Ville

For ages 6+, an interactive expo in Chene-Bougeries stays open every day of the October holidays.  From October 21st till the 27th, from 15h till 18h. More info here.


I know it’s only October but listen carefully. If you plan to visit Santa’s village in December, it’s the month when he is asleep, so to meet him either go before or after Christmas. This year it opens on October 19th! During the holidays will open every day from 10h00 till 19h00. More info here.


The indoor play area, also known as kids paradise and parents’ hell will be open from Wednesday till Sunday (10h00 – 18h00).


Why not enter into Halloween already? Chaplin’s World has activities, and special deco waiting for you! More info here.

or Espaces deTRIPS

Why not use this week to visit the salt mine in Bex, or the Lac Souterrain de St LeonardMaison Cailler, Musee du Leman in Nyon, Chamonix (no winter crowds yet), Maison du Saleve, Aquatis, or even Espace des Mondes Polaires?

Even more to choose from in Parentville’s calendar (exhibitions, workshops, theatre shows) and in this article that lists Halloween fun in the region (many activities take place during the holidays of October).


For parents of chronically ill children

For parents of chronically ill children

When her son was diagnosed with the type I diabetes at the age of 2, the whole life of Oksana and her family was turned upside down. Through her journey, she learnt about the massively positive impact of interactions with other parents. This is why she created a support group on Facebook – supported by HUG.


It all happened in Ticino during a family vacation. Oksana’s son was hospitalized, she received an overwhelming amount of information about her son’s future and new routines. After that, she was placed in a medical helicopter with her little one.

The journey let her breathe and think. The whole way to Geneva, her boy was asleep. The beautiful views below calmed Oksana down. She started to ponder and wonder. What the hell could she do to help her child? It was then that she decided to change their lifestyle and her career. She got off the helicopter and started implementing the changes.


One of the most challenging parts of this situation was loneliness. Her regular parents-friends could not relate to her family’s experience. None of them had kids suffering from any kind of family-life-influencing conditions. She lacked a sense of community. I guess it is the same feeling all parents have once their child does not fit the norm, no matter the reason.


Oksana knew there must be other parents out there. This is why, with the support of the HUG (Hopitaux Universitaire de Geneve), she created a group for parents in similar situations. It is called Amazing Parents Geneva – Group For Parents Of Kids With Chronic Conditions.

The goal of the group is not really to exchange tips and tricks (although everybody is welcome to do so), but to promote self-care.

In an aeroplane, you are asked to put your oxygen mask first, before helping your children. The same goes for parenting. We need to care for ourselves. Otherwise, we may become too tired, frustrated, and unhappy, to help our little ones thrive.


Not all parents cane change jobs, shift careers or introduce any big changes. Each family is different, so for each, a solution and tools will be different.

Not everyone can afford a relaxing day in a SPA; not everyone can find the time for a 2h walk in nature. But there is always something, even if small. That can make a difference.

Oksana’s group will help you figure it out.


The group is active on Facebook, but also organises meetings in Geneva now and then (participation is not obligatory).

If your child (no matter the age), suffers from autism, diabetes, Down Syndrome, cardiovascular disease, asthma, allergies, or any chronic condition, be it light, mild, or severe, this group is a place where you can safely vent, rage, laugh, or cry. You can share good and bad emotions, hopes, or frustrations. It’s where you will be understood, where nobody will judge. And it is where you will learn how to better take care of yourself.


I am also a member of that group. Z’s health is now more or less ok, and to be honest, she has never suffered from anything very serious or severe. But when she was little, her allergies gave us a hard time and changed the way we lived. Luckily, I had a friend whose son was going through the same. Her presence helped me immensely. I now hope that now I will be able to help someone else.


Family-friendly events in October 2019, Geneva

Family-friendly events in October 2019, Geneva

October is an extremely busy month! It will be filled with events, festivals, holidays, and Halloween! Are you ready? Parentville is here to help you plan a super-duper family-friendly October!

This list is not all-inclusive; it mentions the most significant, most important, or close to my heart events (and nope, I was not paid to place any of them in here).

Many other events (theatre plays, workshops, storytimes, etc.) are to be found in Parentville’s events calendar – new events are added every day! Click below to open the calendar.


Chateau de Vullierens, Vaud
Every weekend till the end of October

Chateau de Vullierens will stay open in fall! At least on every October weekend. Don’t miss it! Each weekend will have different activities for kids, and mo matter the activities, the Kingdom of the Lezard King is a fascinating part of the garden! Speaking of which, do you know there is a bilingual (fr-eng) book based on that garden – “King Lizard’s Kingdom”?

You can check the full autumn program of the Chateau here.


Patisserie workshop in Manor
October 2 & 30

Workshop for kids ages 4-12, completely free of charge, no reservations needed. Two workshops for each date: 15h & 18h. This workshop can spark some joy into shopping on Wednesday – kids love decorating cupcakes! The activity will take place on the 4th floor, in the Manora restaurant. More info here.

October 2-16, many locations

This edition focuses on animals and relationships: solidarity, friendship, empathy. The festival will present a new movie each month until December. In October kids will have an opportunity to watch “Le Cochon, le Renard, et le Moulin”. You can find out more about it here.

October 4-12

The International Festival of Animated Films is here again, and again it has a beautiful program for children of (almost) all ages! It is especially close to my heart this year, as there is a big part of the festival devoted to the Polish animations, including the most awesome ever Bolek and Lolek – for kids! You can consult all Animatou events for children and families here.

Fete de l’Abeille et du Terroir
October 5

The “Bee Festival” is an excellent opportunity to discover local products. Through various playful stands held by different producers and associations, you will be able to try, taste, purchase high-quality products from local producers made with ingredients from this region. There will be kids activities as well! You can check the program here.

Rallye auChocolat
October 5

Rallye du Chocolat is a fun and gourmet course in the city with a goal of encountering artisan chocolate makers. All you need is a choco passport and choco cravings! There are also mystery words to be found and prizes to be given. You can find out more about it here.

Respire! Festival Assemblage, Troinex
October 5

This show has been shown in Europe hundreds of time, but it is the first time it will be presented in Geneva. It will make you lose your breath! You can find out more here.

“Ned and the Whale”, Simply Theater
October 5-12

A new production is awaiting you in Versoix at Simply Theater. When I was reading the description for the first time, I couldn’t stop thinking about Game of Thrones (Ned, strange lands, Kingdom of Spies…). Fortunately, this show is for kids (3+), filled with music, and positivity! You can book your tickets here.

Fete de la Courge in Corsier
October 6

Over the years, the “Fête de la Courge” has become a major event in Corsier. It now has a large number of visitors attracted by the stands around the theme of cucurbitaceae and its derivatives.

Artisans and stands of local products await you! On the occasion of our 26th edition, music and entertainment for young and old await you throughout the day. More details here.

October 6-7

A playful day with many workshops and kids activities across many Swiss castles! More info here.

Historic Trams
October 6

Discovery rides onboard historic tramways. Various souvenir items for sale during the rides (photos, postcards, various publications, etc.). More info, including prices, here.

Petite Favorite – Les Rendez-vous Complices #1
October 9

Petite Favorite is a young fashion brand startup from Geneva. For this day it invited its partners, collaborators, and friends to organise a family day! There will be activities for small and big, discussions about family life, yoga, and fashion of course! More about it here.

Family Wednesday at MAH
October 9

“The beautiful Apollo”. For children from 6 years old, accompanied by an adult. Free, without reservation. Check iy out here.

Parentville at Payot
October 12

 The most important date in October (unless your loved one celebrates a birthday this month) is October 12! I was invited by Payot Rive Gauche for a dedications afternoon. It’s all about my “ABC Geneva” book (bilingual, for children), which I will be more than happy to sign for you, or to chat! Come and say hi! More info here.

Villages des Sciences
October 12

The gardens of the Chateau Voltaire will be transformed into a science village! A rick program of animations, attractions, conferences, workshops, accompanied by scientific stands awaits you! Check it out here.

October 12

For one afternoon, the SOGETRI teams immerse young and old in the heart of the SORTERA sphere, the jewel of Swiss recycling! There will be four workshops, for children of ages 8+. They are free of charge, but you need to book your spot. And the workshops? Check the details here.


MPFLM shopping & brunch
October 12-13

After the edition in Carouge, last March and a real taste of paradise a little over a month ago Mes Pulls Font La Manche is back! This time at the Le Bout d’la Rue (Plainpalais area). The formula remains the same: a friendly, ethical and delicious shopping Throughout the weekend. On Sunday, come spend a sweet Sunday with a “kids corner” where an adorable nanny will take care of your children while you enjoy a brunch served by Granola Geneva. More info here.

Marche de Espoir
October 13

One of the most awaited event – at least for the kids who have already taken part in previous editions. The idea is simple: you register for free, you find sponsors who commit to donate a certain amount for each kilometre. The trail is 5 km long, but you can do less or more. Each kilometre means a stamp in a special “passport”. You can commit as little or as much time and energy as you wish. Just remember to register! The event will be accompanied by various activities, shows, and other kiddy-fun! You can learn more about it here.

Faire sa part workshop
October 13 

Espace Colibri invites all children between the ages of 4 and 10 to a workshop that will make them aware of climate change, plastic pollution, but will also give them the skill to fight it all with beeswax wraps – every little step counts, right? More about it here.

Festival Salamandre, Morges
October 18-20

Tons of workshops, movies, storytimes, and exhibitions. This festival focuses on nature: its richness and fragility, so crucial in the times we live. You can see the whole program and book your tickets here.

Bricklive, Palexpo
18-27 October

2019 edition of BRICKLIVE, one of Switzerland’s largest exhibitions for fans of the LEGO® brick. This unique brick event will give visitors access to more than ten million bricks; professional brick-built statues and interactive digital content. You can find it here.

Journée des Familles
October 19

The Orchestre de la Suisse Romande and the University of Music of Geneva invite you to discover the future Cité de la Musique.. Inscriptions: osr.ch/familyday.


More events in the the Parentville’s calendar!

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October camps in Geneva, 2019

October camps in Geneva, 2019

The school year has just started, so it’s time to think about the October holidays. Not travelling? Do you need a camp? This is why you clicked and found yourself here, right?

Did you know that October holidays are also known as Vacances des Patates? In the past kids had a week off not to rest but to help with the autumn harvest.

Here’s a list of camps I found, heard of, or were contacted to share with you (not paid partnerships). In no particular order, here we go – October camps in Geneva!

Not interested in camps but still looking for October holidays fun?
Check Parentville’s calendar!
Atelier du Square

A week of Manga art for kids ages 7+ at Atelier du Square.
October 22-25 , 14h-17h. CHF 225.-

Espace Colibri

Two camps to choose from. For ages 4-8 a week of getting to know the world of the bees in Yogartaminis studio (1205 Geneve). For ages 7-13 in Chatelaine with “Birds” as the theme.

Possibility to enrol for half-days, full days, the whole week, or just some days.


For the October holidays, Exploracentre prepared four different camps! Two themes for kids 4+, and two other themes for those 8+! All four are fun, science-oriented in a playful way! Also, by enrolling your child, you will support Exploracentre’s crowdfunding campaign that will let them maintain the best of what they have, and plan new expositions!

Half-days possible. Only whole-week enrollemnts.

Bricks 4 Kidz

Several options of a week with lego bricks in Bricks 4 Kidz center in Lancy.

Possible to enrol for the whole week and some days, half days and full days.

Institut International de Lancy

This private school has a wide range of October camps themes! Check them out here.

Swimming with ENG (Varembe)

Ecole de Natation de Geneve has two options: 5 lessons in a group, or 4 private lessons.


For children 8+. Surrounded by professionals, using their imagination, and by experimenting kids will create prototypes of a museum of the future for the MEG.

Only full-days, full-week.

Spell Languages

Very playful language courses (English or French) in the form of a camp by Spell for two age groups: 4-6 & 7-10.

Enrolments for the whole week only, half days possible.


For younger children, please check with Gymboree Geneva  and  TotUp.

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Horse riding for kids in Geneva (and around)

Horse riding for kids in Geneva (and around)

I probably don’t need to explain to anybody reading this, how fun horse-riding can be. These gentle (yet sometimes stubborn) creatures teach patience, empathy, discipline, and give an opportunity for physical activity all at the same time.

Question about horse-riding is one of the most commonly sent my way, so I thought I should finally put online all the places I know about. Some of them we tested ourselves, others were recommended by our friends, or on Parentville’s Facebook group.

Here are your horse riding classes for kids in Geneva:

1. Poney Club Echevenex (France).

2. La Belle Ferme in Gex (France).

3. Centre Equestre, Plan-les- Ouates.

4. Manege d’Onex, in (surprise, surprise) Onex.

5. Ferme la Gavotte (Bernex).

6. Ranch Blackyland (Bernex).

7. Manege Machefer, Versoix.

8. La Pallanterie, in Vésenaz.

9. Manège de Vandoeuvres, in (tatadam) Vandoeuvres.

10. La Chaumaz in Russin.

11. Poney Club de la Gambade, Laconnex.

12. There is also a Manege in Meyrin, but their website was not working when this article was written.

Music classes in Geneva for kids

Music classes in Geneva for kids

Whether for general musical initiation, to learn how to play an instrument, or see how operas are working, Geneva has everything for your kids. Here’s your list of music classes in Geneva for kids:


I found 4 theatre places where kids learn about staging and singing.

Catalyse in Eaux-Vives. 

Academie de Comedie Musicale Geneve in Les Acacias.

Simply Theater in Versoix and Petit Lancy.

Espace Opera in Eaux Vives. https://espace-opera.ch/


Conservatoire Populaire, Ecole des Musiques Actuelles, Conservatoire de Musique de Geneve.


Drums lessons in Chêne-Bougeries by Drum.ch.

Conservatoire Populaire in various locations (various instruments).

Ecole des Musiques Actuelles in Les Acacias.

Academie de Musique de Geneve, in Eaux Vives.

Institut Jacques Dalcroze, in Eaux Vive (piano).

Conservatoire de Musique de Geneve, in various locations.

Espace Musical in Eaux-Vives.

Ecole de Musique Suzuki, in Onex and Eaux-Vives.

Ecole de Musique et FunPhare, in Vernier.

Do you know other places not listed above, worth sharing with other families? Let me know either in the comments below or via email.

After school activities in Geneva

After school activities in Geneva

Main days for extracurricular activities in Geneva are Wednesdays and weekends. Many children also attend after school activities on school days, though that requires an adult to transport kids from the school to an activity, so is not feasible for all.

Luckily, in most places in the canton, you don’t need to drive a long way to find sports activities, language courses, or others. Most communes and districts organize and subsidize fun time for children. Be sure to check with your local Mairie or Maison du Quartier – they should have all the info.

There are, of course, other after school activities in Geneva, offered by private organizations. Below you’ll find links to existing articles on Parentville, that list these places under relevant themes, as well as other places I see often recommended on social media.

New categories will be added shortly: swimming, horse riding, music classes.

Please let me know in the comments what you are looking for, or what you know should be added, and I will do it asap!

A TIP: book spots as soon as possible! Some of these places were open for enrollments already in Spring.

Parentville’s top choices (personally and what I see people recommend):

1. Spell Languages (language courses: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian, and more. Classes on schooldays, and 4h courses on Wednesdays and Saturdays).

2. CPAM Meyrin (ice skating, weekdays and Sundays)

2. Addict Lab (STEAM – science and art in one, mainly Wednesdays)

3. Red Whale Geneva (swimming classes in a gentle and playful atmosphere)

4. IT Step Academy (programming, internet safety, games design, video classes, and more).

5. Espace Colibri (school support in a playful way, but also yoga, discovery classes, arts, music).

6. Dulce’s Academy (sports, arts, theatre)

7. Exploraclub (on Saturdays, science for kids)

8. First Aid courses by Samaritans in Bernex (no link, the courses took place last year, best to contact them directly here).









Fabriq’expo at Exploracentre

Fabriq’expo at Exploracentre

Exploracentre is a fab place close to Plainpalais (I wrote about them before, click here).

It’s a really fun place with interactive exhibitions, workshops, and soon a Wednesday ExploraClub.

Now, before we go any further. Exploracentre lowered the tickets price. It’s now 10 CHF per person, much more affordable – and as you’re about to find out, the new expo is also much better than the first one!


The brand new expo of Exploracentre, Fabriq’Expo, unites science and technology, resulting in a mix of a laboratory and DIY space.

When you enter, you’ll instantly see a giant black circle thingy (that I forgot the name for). It’s a bowl shape thing with a hole in a centre. Your job here is to throw in some wooden marbles and see how their speed changes depending on how far they are from the hole. It’s simply a recreation of a solar system, marbles being the planets, and the hole representing the sun. It’s hypnotizing!


The whole expo is made of several modules – working stations. Each one has a different theme, for example:

  • Chain reaction (super playful),
  • Robotics,
  • Objects under the magnifying glass (repair, assemble, disassemble, and design your own!),
  • Engineers in question (this stand works against discrimination in the world of science),
  • Design (imagine, draw, invent)


Has your child ever seen a cassette? Or the old-school computer disk? One of the stands offers children to meet these bizarre objects and figure out their purpose. On the other side there are models of the telephones from different times. Kids can try and use an old phone with a ring-dial to see, how in the past, ringing someone ment using a ring dial, not only causing the phone to make the ringing sound. They can also match the phones with wallpaper designs from different decades.


Exploracentre also opened a gift shop with a vast variety of science-themed toys. Be sure to check it out!

It’s a really fun and highly interactive (in an almost screen-free way) play area! It is designed in a way to also make the parents into a playful mood! #parentvillerecommended


Exploracentre (website)
Rue des Bains 33
1205 Geneva

Accessible with prams and wheelchairs (including an adapted toilet). Changing table in the restroom.

In summer open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am till 6 pm.

Entry: 10 CHF (free for kids under 3)

Home in Balance – Geneva’s smartest organizer

Home in Balance – Geneva’s smartest organizer

or about how finally I can dance in my basement

Things I had in my basement… a bag with 3 rocks, and a pot with dry soil, wires to who knows what, chargers to prehistoric phones, boxes of appliances we do not have anymore, clothes I forgot I had. But also good things, I finally found my business cards (in a random bag filled with stuff from my old car). How’s your basement?

No matter how hard I try, sooner or later the clutter is accumulating. I got good at hiding it though – especially in the garage and in the basement. It is quite simple: gather all the random useless objects, put them in a bag/box and off to the « cave ». Close the door, and forget. It seemed perfect, until I had to get the suitcases out of the basement… It took time and bruises to get them out.


Then I remembered about a friend, who started an uncluttering service called Home in Balance and we made a deal – she would help me unclutter the basement and garage, and if I am happy with the process and the result, I will use Parentville to promote her. And here we are.


Inga, a member of Swiss-Apo (Swiss Association of Professional Organizers – yes! It is a thing!). A few years ago, she launched her business called Home in Balance. She helps people unclutter and organise their space in a practical way. Check Inga’s Instagram profile!

Her ability to know which box should go where, and which cabinet should stand in the corner and which shouldn’t, is impressive. She is full of positive energy, fresh perspective, and ideas!


Inga came in the morning, full of positive energy. She was very fast to get things out of the basement, give me tasks, and setting the rules: things for charity on the left, items for the decheterie on the right, give me back what stays etc.

The process was super fast, super smooth. The speed of it didn’t give me much time ponder on every single item. The question was simple: leave it or get rid off it? No sentiments, practicality. Well, with several exceptions.


Of course, for everyone, this will be a different process, and Inga knows it. She did not influence or question my decisions. She knows it is a very personal subject.

At the same time I was grateful it was not a Marie Kondo style uncluttering. I don’t want to say hello, goodbye, or thank you to my belongings. I don’t want to create a massive pile of clothes that would just overwhelm me. It was about getting it done. This is why Inga was just perfect for the job.


She packed all the things for the charity into the car (it filled the whole car, every corner, every hole), and drove it to CSP in Meyrin. I hope many of these items, in perfect condition, will find new homes.


And now, I cannot only go into my basement but I even also dance inside!


Next on my list is Zofia’s room. We declutter her room at least once a year. She needs to be involved in the process, so it takes a full day of playtime…

I asked Inga for some advice on how to limit the creation of the clutter in her room – you can find it at the bottom of the post, click on the images to enlarge/download.