Summer in Geneva with kids

Summer in Geneva with kids

How long are you planning to stay in Geneva with the kids this summer? No matter if it’s one week, eight, or just a few weekends the Staycation Guide by Parentville is here to save the day again!

Since its first edition in 2017, it has been one of the best-received summer helpers for both local families and those who come here for holidays.

Staycation Guide – what’s that?

Staycation Guide is a downloadable PDF with over 100 outings and activities propositions for families. There are simple outings, awesome adventures, places in the canton and beyond. There is something for every age and every budget.

Each outing proposition consists of a description, links, practical info, and an interactive map. Everything to make planning easy. The Staycation Guide saves your time. All you need to do is choose an outing and go. Parentville does all the research for you, chooses the best places, and voila!

Get your Guide

Click on the button below and become the expert on family-friendly destinations in and around Geneva! The price is not fixed – you decide how much you can pay. By purchasing the Guide you will help Parentville exist and continue the work. Payments can be done with Paypal or Twint. 


Here’s what has been told about the previous editions of the Staycation Guide (2017, 2018):


Thank you very much for all these research you are doing and gently sharing for the kiddos!

I love to test new places and try to talk about it a little bit in a far less efficient way you are! Just wanted to say that it is really appreciated! Congrats!


THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! I would like to nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize because of the anxiety you have resolved in my household for this summer. This is clearly a contribution towards world peace. Congratulations!!!


This year, for the reasons that I don’t need to spell out, we are staycationing. Initially, I planned to make some serious day trips out of the canton, but having flicked through this guide I think we have more than enough to do right on our doorstep! This will be a useful guide for the summer and beyond and I look forward to exploring these hidden gems as well as testing out some of the more well known attractions in the area. Thank you Parentville for making this mum’s planning a LOT easier!




Not just for the summer: keep the guide for fun with kids all year long – well almost. Due to Covid19, there is a heavy focus on the outdoors, so some options might not work in winter. A great mix of options for the many staycations necessary this summer.



Global Happiness in Geneva

Global Happiness in Geneva

Quartier Libre by SIG has become a crucial place on Geneva’s map. Each exhibition they organize is fantastic, but the current one, Global Happiness, is incredibly brilliant, heart touching and thought-provoking.

Global Happiness is a very family-friendly exhibition! Adults will learn a lot, children will have fun. We tested it for you, and all agree to make it #parentvillerecommended outing. 

Brought to Geneva by Helvetas.


Are you happy? What makes you happy? What do we truly need to be happy? And more importantly, what do we need to achieve global happiness? Will a peaceful and safe world improve the wellbeing of everyone, and how?

It sure is not about the money in a general sense. Of course, some level of financial freedom is crucial to cover the basic needs. And funds are needed to make changes all around the world.


Do you know Sustainable Development Goals elaborated by the UN? Clean water for everyone, education, healthcare, no poverty, end of hunger. Clearly, a lot has changed for the last 30 years, but the world needs to get to these goals faster if we want a happy planet.

This is what’s this exhibition is about.


It is highly interactive and playful. In the beginning, take the packet of seeds and start testing your happiness at the designated stations. It will record your answers and analyze your happiness level at the end.

You can also take a picture with a happy background or leave a note. Using stickers, you can show what you are willing to cut from your life to bring the world closer to global happiness. There are interactive animations, buttons to press, wheels to turn. Lots to see, listen to and read.

The exhibition looks lovely! It has been prepared in a way that lets visitors benefit a lot from it if they don’t have a lot of time and provides tons of insight for those who want to know more about the topic.


I cannot imagine a better exhibition after a year and a half of a global crisis.

This exhibition is a must-see. It is highly educational for people of all ages. Last year and a half showed how tightly connected we are with people on the other side of the globe. We now know more than ever what we need to be happy: freedom, community, safety, healthcare, social security, our families (in random order).


Did I convince you to visit The Global Happiness exhibition? When you do, I would love to know your thoughts about it and whether you feel affected by its content.


Pont de la Machine 1
1204 Geneva
From 6 May till 17 October
Open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Free entry
Wheelchair accessible


Merre et Terre is coming to Geneva! Finally.

Merre et Terre is coming to Geneva! Finally.

Merre et Terre is a shop but also so much more than a shop. You can go there to buy lots of  baby-related articles, all organic and planet-friendly. But you can also go for advice, go there to meet other moms. Walk in to be listened, not judged, to join a community, make friends. It is one of these uplifting and heartwarming places that are difficult to describe with words. It is located in Grens (Nyon) but Marianne, the founder, is opening another tsore in Geneva soon!

If I knew about Mere et Terre 9 years ago (as in if my French was good enough to google it) I would probably use cloth diapers, and get solutions for many other problems. Learn from my mistakes, don;t hesitate to go there!

The story

When Marianne gave birth to her first child in 2005, she wanted to use cloth diapers but couldn’t find any in the region. Her midwife was kind enough to give her a couple she found through other families. When two years later, she was awaiting her second baby she tried to find cloth diapers again. And she did, in Lausanne. The lady selling these diapers made Marianne the ambassador of her shop, and this is how it all started.

A couple of leaflets later, parents in the Versoix region were inquiring about the cloth diapers. Marianne saw the interest, the niche and started thinking that there are more interested parents out there for sure.

As she was walking to the birthing house la Grange Rouge in Grens, where she planned to give birth, she saw an empty, free place. Long story short, she gave birth in December and in March this free place became Merre et Terre HQ.

For yeras she has been asked to open also in Geneva and after searching for a perfect location, this dream of many families will come true! Mere et Terre is coming to Geneva: September 2021, Quartier des Grottes!


What’s inside

Inside, first of all, you will always find an experienced, gentle and supportive staff. No matter what product you’re looking for they will adapt the offer to your needs. For example not everyone is comfortable with the same baby carrier, not all babies are the same and need different things to reach the same goal (eg babies with reflux can benefit from a different cot setup). I could write for many pages about the products this shop has. 

The important thing to know is that Marianne makes sure the products are eco – from materials, through production, to the end result. Not all bamboo diapers are truly eco – depends on the factory, she tells me. I was impressed with how much thought and work she gives to each product on the shelve: from clothes to cosmetics, from diapers to cariers. 

Cloth diapers are more and more popular but it is still difficult to find answers to all questions, which makes many parents abandon the idea and stick to disposable nappies. If you have questions, if you hesitate, go and ask Marianne or one of her employees (Marianne speaks English). They will tell you all about it, and answer the most troubling questions.

Mere et Terre Geneva

Merre et Terre in Geneva will offer the same asortment of products, the same heartwarming atmoshephere, with a goal to create a community, to build a village parents needs. The staff in the Geneva shop will speak English (yey for acknowledging the international community!).

The shop will occupy half of the premises, while the other part will be used for all kinds of activities. There will be baby yoga by an amazing maternity coach, Debbie. The association Doula Geneve will rent it twice a week to organize meetings for women to talk about different topics (pregnancy, birth, menstruation – and I hope soon also menopause). If you’re up for prenatal hypnose, this will be your place. But if you’re looking more for baby activities, then sign classes should meet your needs. Of course, let’s not forget the babywearing courses. I’m sure there will be more!

Doesn’t it already look like a perfect place?


Merre et Terre needs a tiny bit of help to assure the smooth opening in September 2021 in Geneva. Their shop in Grens is a proof that this kind of place is appreciated by parents, that mothers need it, and that it offers products and services not easily accessible elsewhere.

For this purpose, there is a crowdunding campaign, with cool perks for you and your baby. Please,  check out the crowfunding website, and consider helping this wonderful project. We need this in Geneva badly!

Click here:

Mère et Terre

May 2021 in Geneva for families

May 2021 in Geneva for families

Spring is here, and as every year (well, second year in a row) places have reopened. There’s more to do outdoors, indoors, and some small festivals, events, and workshops are popping up. A May 2021 round up for families in Geneva is here!

You can always find more family-friendly events, workshops, guided tours, and parenting meet ups in Parentville’s events calendar – IT’S HERE and it is slowly filling up with fun stuff!

Before you jump up please remember that the virus is real and still here. Just because some things are allowed, it doesn’t mean we have to do them. Pick up your autotests from the pharmacy and use them before meeting with others. All that to say: stay  safe and enjoy life.

So, are there really things going on? Yes!

Ready? Here we go!

May 8&9

Some fun events organized for the occasion:

  • treasure hunt & a creative workshop in Satigny: check here.
  • a guided tour from l’Ile Rousseau to the Old Town following the traces of women important in Geneva’s history. More details here.
  • Winegrower ride in a grape picker trailer, treasure hunt and wine tasting in Soral. You can find out all about it here.
  • “The Mysterious City” treasure hunt in the Old Town of Geneva for families. Check it out here.

MAY 5-9
Geneva City and other municipalities

The Fête de la Danse was redesigned to meet the current safety measures. In 2021, the stages will be replaced by exhibitions in the public space, the lessons turn into a marathon and the festive moments are displayed in the form of a fresco made with your photos! Many fun events around the canton for big and small.

Detailed info here.


Global Happiness
From May 6 till October 17
Quartier Libre du SIG

The new Helvetas exhibition follows in the footsteps of happiness, here in Switzerland but also around the world. This exhibition explores an essential question: what makes us happy? Is happiness the same here as it is on the other side of the world? And what does “lasting happiness” look like? Is this happiness that contributes to personal, collective and global well-being and that does not harm the environment, others, or future generations? “GLOBAL HAPPINESS” questions our way of life and prompts us to think about what we really need to be happy.

The Helvetas traveling exhibition is to be discovered at the Espace Quartier Libre SIG in Geneva (Pont de la Machine) from May 6 to October 17, 2021 from 10:00 to 17:00. More info:

Marché de printemps
May 8
Vernier Village

Curious gardener? Passionate about the vegetable garden? At the spring market of the City of Vernier, you  will be able to find vegetable pieces of rare and endangered varieties. This annual meeting also offers a large assortment of seeds marketed under the ProSpecieRaraara label. To transport your seed pieces, remember to bring a suitable container: bag, cardboard tray, etc.

In addition to various craft stands and activities, sheep will be present to the delight of young and old. Finally, to quench your thirst and awaken your taste buds, plates with flavors of ProSpecieRara products will be prepared for your pleasure from 11:30 am.

Purchasing here is a good deed: a quarter of the sales will be donated to the ProSpecieRara foundation, while the charitable association Lumière pour Haïti will receive 50% of the sale of the geraniums.

More info here.

Ecoute voir
Museum of the History of Science
May 12 2021 – February 27 2022

A new exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science: “Listen to see”. From ear to sound, everything is a matter of waves. Sound is a wave that loves matter. You hear it through your ears but you can also sometimes see it. This physical phenomenon so common in our daily lives is however full of curiosities and mysteries. Come and discover them at the Museum of the History of Science!
Through fun interactive devices,  it offers the visitors to get to know sound better, to discover intriguing ancient scientific instruments and above all to have a good time playing with science.

More about it: here.


The mobile and free Créateliers workshop is back on the Place de la Navigation, every Wednesday until the October holidays! A great opportunity for children and adults to let their imaginations run wild and meet other residents of the neighborhood. No reservation is required.

Ultra Saucisse
May 5-16

The theater show about bullying at schools. It is a story of Charlie, an 8-year-old chipolata, whose quiet and peaceful existence is turned upside down by an unfortunate incident during the school run, is revealed. From then on, Charlie becomes the sufferer – pain of his comrades, whose mockery and abuse are knives stuck in his heart. Nor his parents or his teachers notice his ordeal. Will Charlie manage to extricate herself from the cold room of isolation and humiliation?

On the website the show appears as complete (only 50 spectators are allowed to watch the show) but call them, because places free up every now and then. More info here.

Spectacle de magie
May 14&15

“Geneva Magic Cabaret”: two evenings dedicated to magic with the presence of 5 magicians. Come and dream for an evening!
Tickets cost 20 CHF for adults and 10 CHF for children. You can book your place by following this link.

MAY 16

Plenty of museums, libraries and other cultural institutions in Geneva will celebrate the International Day of the Museums on May 16 2021. It’s a great occasion to visit either favorite museums, or discover new places! Many activities for kids and families will be organized (but for now the link sends to a random page, so best is to check with each institutions). In many places bookings are required and other safety measures against the virus-we-will-not-name are in place.

For more info click here.

Fete du Jardin
May 29

It takes place in the heart of Navazza-Oltramare Park, around the communal vegetable garden and under a large tent housing stands selling orderly, seeds and aromatic herbs, as well as fresh produce. Gardening enthusiasts will teach you tips and tricks for gardening on your balcony, window sill or in the ground through thematic workshops (registration required for workshops, places limited). Children will be able to get their hands on the earth or listen to tales around the garden … And for gourmets, food trucks will join in the fun!

All details are on this website.


Espace des Inventions

A new children-friendly exhibition about earthquakes. As always in this museum, very interactive, hands-on, and educational. You can find out all about it here.

Berges de Vessy – Immersion

The Immersions exhibition offers an intimate dive into the amazing aquatic world. Focusing on it’s role, meaning, past and future. Some workshops for ages 6+ and 10+ are accompanying this exhibition. All about it here.


A new exhibition based on the inventory (done during the lockdown closures). It’s very diverse, and can amuze kids or at least move their imagination. Don’t miss the maze in the wagon and the dark cave you can enter. Mamco also organizes workshops and guided tours for kids. Find out more about it here.


What if  works of art and historical objects were placed in a surrounding that would give them ore context? Paintings with farm animals on wooden sheds, paintings with food in a restaurant-like setting, historical furniture displayed as in a furniture store, or sculptures taking showes? This is how MAH created this exhibition. Entry is free, no registration required. You can learn more about it here.


Places and support for moms & babies in Geneva

Places and support for moms & babies in Geneva

Congratulations on your baby! You have become a parent. Now what? I mean, the excitement will ease down, the hormones storm will end up but you’re still stuck with a baby and all you dream about is some adults conversation. But not any conversation right? During the first few months it’s normal to be willing to talk about baby’s development, sleepless nights, and hear how other parets handle this new situation. 

In this article Parentville has gathered some support groups. real-life meetups, and playgroups that has been designed specifically for fresh parents.

Ready? Here we go!

Ecole des Parents

It’s a wonderful association that organizes many things for parents and children. They offer many interesting workshops, support with many family-problems (from homework drama, throuugh parenting teenagers, to dealing with a divorce). They also organize cafés de parents (sadly, online during the pandemic). Many of their activities are designed for young parents. Many are also free, like the playtime in Charmille for kids aged 0-4. It’s a great place to meet other parents, talk to early-childhood specialists that are always present on the site. 

More info:

Moman d’Amour

It is a heartwarming place in Chêne-Bourg, founded and run by a mom passionate about supporting parents on their journey. Moman d’Amour organizes many types of workshops, baby-massage, support, and meetups in a form of walks in nature. Gaëlle will be more than happy to answer all sorts of questions youm ay have.

Activities are in French. You can find out more about the whole program of activities here:


This space is open, without pre-registration, to parents and future parents wanting to share their experiences and ask questions about the perinatal period. Two to three doulas are present to welcome you, give you information and listen without judgment. This period of life is intense and sharing with parents in the same path can be comforting. It’s even more satisfying when it’s done in a comfy place with a healthy snack and a warm beverage.. Come with your experiences, doubts, fears and achievement and don’t hesitate to share about it. Babies and young kids are of course welcome !
More info:

Au Fil des Sens

To best meet the needs of families and the development of children and parents, l’arcade Au Fil des Sens has been designed as an open space offering three main services: workshops, trainings, and meetings. They organize many wokshops and classes that may interest parents of young babies (and older children too). They also organize coffee-meetups for parents, each time around a different subjcet. This is also where the Doulaccueil takes place (paragraph above).

The activities are mostly held in French. Discover their whole offer:

Balades avec Bebe

A group organized by Catherine Watt that meets around once a month for a walk with prams/carriers somewhere in Geneva. Catherine is one of the best people to talk to about everything pregancy and baby-related. She has helped many parents on their parenting journeys and organizes many other meetings too (eg breastfeeding support group via La Leche League). 

More info: Balades avec bebe.

La Leche League

The breastfeeding specialists are here to help you out, and no, they will never pressure you to breastfeed. They organize meetings of support groups in various languages, including English, Spanish, and French.

More info: LLL Suisse Romande

Gymboree Grand-Saconnex

Gymboree is a legendary place. It is where kids have fun, get tired to later sleep well. It is also where parents can meet in a very friendly atmosphere. You can read more about it on Parentville here. They have a big soft playroom, a smiley clown, and cheerful songs. There are many activities for older children, but for the little ones and their parents the best are the times in the playroom with other parents. 

More about it at

Gym Poussette

How about some pram sports with other fellow mamas? Adapted to all levels, and to postpartum bodies trying to recover from the 9 month workout of a different kind. A great occasion to meet with other moms, to make friends, to spend time outdoors, and get back in shape. 

More info:


A Cafe in Geneva centre where adults can eat drink, where older kids can go crazy in the indoorsnplayground, and where even babies have a space to enjoy.

More info:

Elisa Gassert’s play area

This wonderful play area, straight from a fairy tale is a perfect place to meet other moms. There is a soft space where babies can bubble and enjoy wooden toys. It’s also nice for older kids (let;s say up to age 8), so you can take siblings as well. 

More info:


Easter 2021 for families in Geneva

Easter 2021 for families in Geneva

Here we are again: Easter many of us will, yet one more time, spend far away from families. It’s been a hard, stressful year. But let’s not forgotten about positive things that happened along, eg. the contactless payment limit went up from 30 CHF to 80 CHF laughing).

I could now go for 10 pages about comparing last Easter to Easter 2021 in Geneva, but why waste time. Carpe Diem! It is what it is, let’s roll with it, and enjoy the holidays.

Below you’ll find the propositions for a fun Easter holiday in Geneva. Some options are easter-related, some are simply holiday-related. 

Ready? Let’s do it!

CHOcolate treasure hunt in the Old Town

For an unusual Easter celebration, discover the Old Town craftsmen and their chocolate creations, thanks to this very gourmet treasure hunt!

Each step of the game will take you to one of the incredible artisans of the Old Town. At each artisan, you’ll collect delicious Easter chocolates: pralines, ganaches, chocolate bars…

SURPRISE – you may also win the magnificent chocolate egg specially put into play for the treasure hunt participants? Maitre chocolatier Philippe Pascoët and Genève pas cher have teamed up to offer you a design egg weighing 500 gr. worth 70 CHF!

Practical info:

Paid participation
Obligatory reservation: here.
Not pram/wheelchair friendly.


It’s not in Geneva but close enough! PâKOMUZé is a yearly event in the museums of  Canton Vaud during Easter school-holildays. Members of the PâKOMUZé association works hard whole year to make this happen and the museums and cultural institutions provide wonderful activities for children and their families. Many of these workshop take place in Lausanne and farther, but you’ll also find plenty in parts of Vaud close to Geneva. Everybody will find a workshop their child will like – there are plenty for all tastes and interests!

Wouldn’t it be great to have this in Geneva, too?

Practical info:

Some activities are free, some paid.
Some activities require reservations, some don’t.
More info at:


Chateu de Grandson (Vaud), the second biggest castle in Switzerland, invites all children aged 5-10 for an Easter Egg Hunt. This amazing castle, has many playful activities all year round, to make the visit more joyful. For Easter, children can see the castle while collecting eggs! It will take place from April 3rd till April 5th. Reservations are obligatory: here.

Wine and easter eggs by TukTuk

For the Easter weekend, 2-5 of April, TaxiBike is organising a ride in Geneva vineyards accompanied by egghunt for kids, and wine tasting for adults!

It’s a fun and unique activity that offers some extravaganza we all need after a year of You-Know-What. All family members will have fun while tasting delicious local products from different wineries and artisan chocolate partners. This visit is also a great opportunity to learn more about Geneva’s countryside and oenology.

Practical info:

Paid activity.


Cinema, bricolage and egg hunt  – this is the plan of this fun ludotheque for Easter 2021. Not many details are available online, so it’s best to check with this ludo directly. You can find more info here.


Around fifty drawings by Jean-Jacques Sempé are shown in the early evening until 11 p.m. on the facades of five emblematic places in the heart of Geneva. This outdoor exhibition has been organized by the Societe de Lecture de Genève. You have till April 7th to enjoy it.

Practical info:

Masks, distance and all Covid-19 measures apply.
More info here.


How about a day trip to somewhere nice?

Spring is the great time to enjoy:


The weather is going to be nice, so don;t forget to enjoy the beautiful swiss outdoors! There are plenty beautiful places in Geneva and around. You can find some ideas in Parentville’s Instagram guide: check it out here.


As every now and then some of you may have to quarantine or isolate, and others simply like some at-home fun, Parentville will post some crafts and experiments on Instagram – mostly about eggs (it’s crazy how many things one can do with them!). Don’t miss it and start following Parentville on Instagram now.




Time to plan the summer! And by planning the summer, I mean finding the right summer camp in Geneva for your child.

Like every year, also in 2021, Parentville carefully selected the best summer camps in Geneva! You will find camps for little munchkins, school-age kids, and teenagers. Camps in the city centre, and camps in municipalities around. All have different themes. This way, I am sure everyone will find something suitable.

Attention: this list will grow with time, so be sure to check regularly!

5-6 & 7+

simply theatre best summer camps geneva

Simply Theatre, Switzerland’s premier English speaking performing arts training school and theatre company, host week-long summer camps tailor-made for children aged 5 to 18 years. Specialising in acting, vocal coaching, choreography, film making, magic and stage combat to name a few, their camps offer a unique opportunity to work with experienced theatre practitioners. During each fun-packed week, students discover and learn key components of an actor’s training, meet new friends and develop valuable life skills. For ages 7+ courses run Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 4.00 pm and cost 595CHF per week. (Late pick up to 5.30 pm available). For 5-6 year olds courses run as half-day sessions (9.00am-12.00pm or 1.00pm-4.00pm) and cost 295CHF.

More info at

4-6 & 7-10 & 11-14 yo

spell languages best summer camps in geneva
Spell Languages is a leading language centre for kids in Geneva and their holiday camps are truly unforgettable! This summer, your kids can be immersed in six languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian or German).
Many wonderful themes are planned, for example: “Winnie the Pooh” (4-6 yo), “Hogwarts School of Magic” (7-10 yo), and “I dare say” (11-14 yo). For all English speaking and music-loving kids aged 4 – 6, a special camp will be animated in collaboration with Music Together! Also, for those who like mental gymnastics and sports, there are camps in collaboration with AMAKids.
During the summer camps with Spell, your child will play, learn, discover Geneva and spend time outdoors in a small group of friends. Bonus! Forget packed lunch: there’s a 3-meal lunch option you can order.
Prices start from CHF 360 .-/ week of half-day camps and  CHF 560 .- week of full-day camps (if enrolled for 3 weeks or more)
Download detailed programmes  in the news section on their website:

3-8 years old

TotUp best summer camps geneva

TotUp is a wonderful creche in Lancy with a big sports centre adapted to both children and adults. Summer camps at TotUp will run continuously from July 5th till August 27th. Every week will offer a different theme and different activities so that children enrolled for more than one week, won’t be bored! In July the themes are: “Together with Music”, “In The Water”, “Team Sports”, “Together with the animals”. And here are the themes for August: “Circus Time”, “Yoga & Meditation”, “From The Garden to the Kitchen”, “5 Continents”.

Price: 350 CHF/ week (7:00-14:30) et 500 CHF/ week (7:00-19:00). Registration is now open through

Please also note that camps are available for kids from 2.5 to 6 years old in canton Vaud (Crissier et Epalinges). More info at

5-8 & 9-12 & 12-18 years old

pep english best summer camps

Discover Great Britain, Australia and the United States as if you were there!

For 5-8 and 9-12 yo, PEP English offers a full immersion during their multisensory summer camps with virtual tours of each country. The program is designed so that children learn English in context through fun and interactive activities that stimulate all the senses. They will work on pronunciation, vocabulary and expressions while enjoying different indoor and outdoor activities!
Practical info: full days or half days. Maximum 10 children per group.

For older children (12-14 & 15-18 yo) PEP English prepared “Activate Your English” & “Level-up” camps. These camps will not only help teens work on their English skills but will be a great occasion to practice public speaking strategies and critical thinking. Students will practice the objective analysis of subjects in the news and learn how to structure persuasive arguments, both in formal and informal contexts. It’s a fantastic opportunity to fill in the gaps before a new school year starts.
Practical info: max. 6 students per group. Monday to Friday 13h-16h.

Contact information
022 321 77 31

Planet Climbing, Lancy
Ages 5 to 9

planet climbing best summer camps in geneva

Planet Climbing offers weekly SUMMERS CAMPS for your child where he/she will enjoy a great mix of various sports activities related to verticality (plus creativity activities). These camps are not only for “climber-kids”. Every child will be able to find his/her dimension with a guided and safe approach to gravity.

In the program: climbing games in our spaces, outdoor climbing day (if the option is chosen), yoga kids, arts and crafts, accro-branche, parkour introduction, fluo sports room and more outdoor games in collaboration with external partners.  (Activities with external partners might vary adapting to covid restrictions and availability).
Come join us to discover new sensations!

Groups of 8 kids max. Weekly and daily booking possible. From 08h30 to 17h00. Extra child-care hours on-demand.

WEEK OF JULY 12th and 19th, 2021
WEEK OF AUGUST 2nd, 2021.

Full week (Mon-Fri) – 490 CHF
Day – 115 CHF
*Discount of -10% on the full week price if at least 4 bookings at the same time (family/friends).

Details, booking instructions and more here.

Ages 5-12

bricks 4 kidz best summer camps geneva

At Bricks 4 Kidz®, holiday activities (for children aged between 5 and 12) offer just the right combination of games, challenges and creative free play to ensure your child will not even notice the time go by.

Children will get to build exciting and different Bricks 4 Kidz® models using LEGO® Bricks, including the motorised technic ones, in line with themes such as the Olympic Games, Ninjago and Lego Masters. Our trained animators will involve them in creative games and challenges to boost creativity and team spirit. Our activities are offered simultaneously in French and English to help to boost language skills.

The camps take place on the Swedish International campus in Meyrin, from July 5th to August 20th.

Contact information:
Online registration: click here.
Juliette Jamey 079 156 37 37

6-14 yo

totem versoix best summer camps in geneva

During the Summer Holidays, TOTEM Escalade in Versoix offers 3 kinds of Camps for children from 6 to 14 years old. There is a Multi-Fun Camp, for 6-14 yo, with indoor climbing and various outdoor activities (available weekly or daily). Another option is an Evasion Camp for 10-16 yo – with outdoor rock climbing adventures (weekly or daily). The last option is an Adventure Camp (10-16yo) with outdoor climbing and nights at camping (shouldn’t we say at a campground ? I’m not sure) (5 days).
The different camps are offered in all our gyms: Versoix, Gland, Ecublens and Vevey.
Lunch, Snacks, equipment & travel included!
Totem will pamper from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (daycare possible from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.).
Book your future activities at or

3-6 year olds

gymboree best summer camps geneva 2021

Gymboree Geneva offers bilingual summer camp for 3 to 6 year olds from the 28th of June to the 26th of August, either half-day 8h30-12h or 13h-16h30 or full day 8h30-16h30. There will be weekly themed activities (water fun, the beach, little explorers, green fingers, tactile fun..) with art projects, music and songs, play and movement downstairs, imaginary play, story time and more.

It is a time for children to have fun and make new friends as well as a great opportunity to consolidate French and English. The cost for the week of half-days is CHF 330, and full days CHF 550; or you can choose individual half-days for CHF 76 and full-days  for CHF 120. Book now to be sure of having a space!


recrecrea best summer camps

The briliant camps by Recrecrea allow children to explore their creative potential by using the materials from the so-called clean waste. Through creative and free-minded playtime Recrecrea raises the awareness of the reuse of materials. Kids quickly discover how many useful things end up in the garbage (including a bag of chips that can be transformed into a wallet). They will learn that to make their creative projects they usually have everything they need around them. Different themes this year are: Les Jeux Olympic, Les Marionnettes, Ca Mouille, Les Machines a Recycler.

Activities are held in French, but Dany speaks English if needed. You can enroll for particular days or whole week(s). All the details here.

7-14 year olds

best summer camps geneva 2021

AMAKids aims to help children become confident in their abilities and realize their intellectual potential by creating a favorable learning environment. This Summer AMAKids will provide many games and fun activities that will help to stimulate the brain, improve the imagination, memory, concentration and problem solving skills! Your children will explore the unimaginable capabilities of their brain with the help of Abacus! 

There will be 3 camps in collaboration with Spell Languages! Themes of the camps: Puzzle & Fun for 7-10 yo, A Mind Blowing Camp for 11-14 yo; Brain Olympics for 7-10 yo; Brains Out for 11-14 yo; Smart & Ready for 7-10 yo; Fit Body Fit Mind for 11-14 yo.

More info at


best summer camps geneva 2021

This year, CampZone offers a colorful summer program full of surprises and incredible activities. Your children will have a wide choice amongst sports, new technologies, nature, art and many other creative, educational and fun activities. Our camps are always supervised by professionals. A program adapted to all ages, rich in emotions and discoveries awaits your children. 

  • Half day or full day options
  • 8h30-17h (17h-18h: extended hour possible for an extra cost)
  • Possible to bring a pic-nic or eat at school
  • Prices: from 275 to 650 CHF for the week
  • This summer, our camps will take place on the following weeks: Week 1: June 28 to July 2, 2021, Week 2: July 5 to 9, 2021, Week 3: July 12 to 16, 2021, Week 4: August 23 to 27, 2021

Places are limited, so book quickly! Any question email campzone: or call directly 076 410 26 20


Science and sustainability with AddictLab:

Camps for atypical kids (ADHD, dys, HP, etc): Les Enfants Terribles.

Yoga, outings and crafts with Espace Colibri:

Various camps by association CPV:

Various camps at Ecolint:

Sporty and fun weeks at Bubbles Club:

Creative fun with Kids English World in Cartigny:

English camps in various locations with Key English School:

IT and robotics with Future Kids:

Soccer for boys and girl by InterSoccer (3+):

Super cool art camps for all ages (teens too!):

Bilingual camp at the bilingual Montessori school in Lancy for kids 3+

Summer camps in Herstreet (Eaux Vives) for kids as young as 2yo

Creative fun with outings in Carouge by Atelier d’Alice:

Camps in College du Leman:


Body and mind workout for kids at Planet Climbing

Body and mind workout for kids at Planet Climbing

Climbing is fascinating, and the majority of the kids do it anyway at home. So, why not let them meet the need to go up high at a place built precisely for that purpose! We tried and tested Planet Climbing in Lancy for you, and here’s what we have to say.

This is a sponsored article – Planet Climbing offered us a few private classes to try and
review their offer. This article is here only because we’ve been very happy climbing there!
You can be sure that every word on this website comes straight from the heart.


There is something about climbing that makes people fell in love with it. It may be that more or less everybody can do it, no matter the physical strength. Or maybe it’s because no direct competition with others is involved (unless you want to). Hence, people challenge themselves, and there’s hardly anything more motivating than competing with oneself. It can also be that it’s not just physical: this sport demands concentration and planning. It’s a bit like solving a maze. Of course, if one wants to do more challenging routes, the body must improve its flexibility and muscle strength. 

At the same time climbing is social sport – climbers work on the right way out of the maze together, they make each other feel secured. They also share places, strategies, hints, and some internal climbers’ jokes.

In other words, if I may risk it, signing up kids for climbing is like having them at a logic, and sports course mixed with social training at the same time!


Planet Climbing is a relatively new place in Geneva – opened since the beginniing of 2020. It’s a very modern and clean space, designed to satisfy all types of climbers. It is also more than a climbing place, but about that in a sec.

The core of Planet Climbing is, of course, the climbing area, with a special, separate space for children. This kiddy zone is equipped with handles adapted to small hands. It’s a colourful space with trails for every kiddy level (meaning beginners and young, ambitious climbers will all find what they need to enjoy the vertical world).

The main climbing space is designed so that both kids and adults can find great paths up the wall. For adults, there are some really challenging walls!


It wouldn’t be called “Planet” if it was a place just with walls to climb on, right? To climb, the body needs some muscles – and bum! Here comes the gym downstairs. To climb, the body needs some stretching – and bum! Here comes the yoga room. To climb, the body needs to be hydrated – and bum! Here comes the lounge area with a bar! Yes, all the body needs to experience the vertical experience is there!


Planet Climbing is devoted to instilling the love of climbing in children. They do it well! As I mentioned above, there’s a climbing area just for children, but of course, there is more! There are also courses (group or private) animated by some great people. They are warm, playful, 100% invested and great at encouraging children to overcome their fears and body limits they think they have.

Group classes strat for children as young as 1.5! Although this is more of a mobility class than proper climbing. Real vertical fun starts for kids as of 4 years of age. For private classes – everything is possible, for example child&parent sessions – it’s best to contact Planet Climbing directly for a specific advice. 

Every lesson starts with a body warm-up and is followed by games and exercises on the wall. Many clever techniques make climbing more effortless and less tiring. Children learn how to use their limbs, joints, and muscles to conquer every trail. They play games on the wall, try out some fancy yoga tricks, laugh a lot, and come out more confident. I mean, who wouldn’t gain confidence after realising how high they can get from the floor?


School holidays are a great occasion for children to immerse themselves in vertical fun. Planet Climbing offers fantastic camps. I love them because the days are not all about climbing – or not in a direct way. They don’t keep children indoors but involve outings (for example, the accrobranche parc), introduction to the parkour, yoga, playtime, and animations organized in collaboration with some kids-fun experts! Tip: book fast as these camps become more and more popular every day.

I cannot recommend this place enough. I remember when we first came, in late spring of 2020, it was not just a great climbing place. The stff was super friendly and helpful and after one hour it felt like we had new friends. Nowadays with Covid restrictions all the benefits of the atmosphere Planet Climbing provides goes to the kids. Hopefully, adulta will experience the friendliness of this place soon (you can always feel a bit of their vibe on Instagram).


Planet Climbing
Avenue des Morgines 10
1213 Petit Lancy

Call them: +41 78 201 21 48
Email them:

Instagram: @planetclimbing_gva
Facebook: @planetclimbing.gva


Planet Climbing is wheelchair accessible via the main entrance and is equipped with a wheelchair-adapted toilet.

A loop by the Rhone with perks

A loop by the Rhone with perks

Another day, another stroll. Or a hike. What’s the difference? In this case, there is none. It’s a perfect (long) loop, so you can start at various points. You can also adapt the length if this hike to your liking, but then it won’t be a loop.
You’ll find a map at the bottom of this article – click on it and you’ll understand better what is what.
This hike is very easy to navigate as there are not many paths in the forests by the Rhône river in Vernier. But, if you’re like me and manage to get lost anyway (and call a relative back in Poland who walked this trail a million times), you can help yourself with Google Maps – it works great in this area.
Let’s start!

Passerelle de Chevre

Let’s start at Pasarelle de Chevre (Givaudan side). It’s my favourite pedestrian bridge in Geneva. I love its design, and the steel reminds me of two of my favourite bridges back home in Gdansk. It’s a bit noisy here from the highway, but the river’s view from the Passerelle makes up for the noise.
Cross the bridge and turn left. Walk the path in the direction of Le Lignon – the humongous (in every dimension) building across the river. You’ll get to another bridge.

Passerelle du Lignon

Another pedestrian bridge but one completely different from the Chevres bridge. A fun place for some cool pics! Fun fact: this footbridge is lined with an oil pipeline on its right side and is used to transport petroleum products coming from France to the Vernier storage area.

Ferme du Lignon & the Jardin Robinson

Ok, let’s move one. From the footbridge, follow the path up. You’ll find animals at the Jardin Robinson du Lignon. If you’d like, you can continue farther towards Lignon buildings and reach a beautiful Ferme du Lignon – a great place to purchase fresh fruit, veggies and more (open from Tuesday to Saturday).
Back on the path! Go back down to the footbridge and turn right. Now you will go up and down through the forest until you reach the fun picnic site!

Au Moulin – zone des loisirs

It’s a place that Verniolans love – a picnic zone, barbecues, a pond, wooden platforms on the river, and an outdoor gym, and a clean toilet. This is also another good place to start this loop because of the parking (fills up quickly on weekends).

The last part

From the Zone Au Moulin, continue walking by the river in the direction of The Chevres footbridge. You’ll find a gate opposite the gym area and by the river. Don’t worry, you can open it and go inside. Another 30-40 minutes and you’ll reach the starting point.
On the way, you’ll pass Givaudan – the factory of scents. Your nose will feel it when you’ll get close. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to see the horses from the local stables joyfully eating the grass. This part if the loop is a fun mix of a beautiful forest and industrial elements.
It is definitely a long walk that you can divide into parts. You can start and finish at any point and reach the spots I mentioned by public transport. It is not a pram accessible or wheelchair friendly walk.
To make it more fun try to find some caches along the way – I wrote all about this game, Geocaching, here. Some of them are quite easy to find, and with others, we gave up after several tries.

Click on the map to open the detailed view of the route within Google Maps:

rhone loop walk family

Musee du Leman – Lake Geneva, tsunami, and a submarine

Musee du Leman – Lake Geneva, tsunami, and a submarine

Here at Parentville, we love museums. We believe in their power to fascinate children, broaden their horizons and stimulate their imagination. But we also think that museums need to make some effort to have an impact on kids. Musee du Leman in Nyon is one of the museums in the region to check all the boxes. It’s one of the most family-friendly museums in the area.
Already the location of the Museum is splendid! It overlooks the lake and the Nyon port. The building itself was built in 1756 and was housing a hospital before becoming the Musee du Leman.


Its name says it all. Musee du Leman is all about the Lac Leman, or Lake Geneva if you please (although translating it to Geneva Museum does not work, right?).

In the beautiful rooms of this Museum, you can learn about the history of the lake, the history of sailing on the Leman waters, the geology of the area, the creatures living in the lake, and much more!

Musee du Leman is interactive in the most pleasant way – not so much using screens and fancy tech but in a hands-on way. There are things you can touch, manipulate, or go into. For example, there is a replica of the submarine that once operated on the lake. Yes! There was a submarine, and people could get on it to see the depth of the lake. How I wish it was still possible!

mesoscaphe AKA SUBMARINE

Let’s talk about it for a bit. Long story short, Auguste Piccard had the idea to put “a mesoscaphe” (a fancy name for the submarine that does not go super deep) on the lake. His son, Jacques Piccard, built it for the 1964 national expo in Lausanne. Due to some complications, the submarine (well, a “mesoscaphe”) started operating 2 months after the expo. It dived over 1000 times and carried over 33000 people to the bottom of the lake. The renovated original is currently in the fabulous Transport Museum in Luzern (it’s the best place ever!), but Musee du Leman has a whole section on it too.


Fish, of course, and all about fishing on the lake. And about the ships. And the tsunami. Oh, yes, that one. There once was a tsunami on our beloved lake, and there will surely be another – we just don’t know when.

Check out the temporary exhibitions, workshops, birthday parties, and school holiday camps (dates for canton Vaud).


To make it more fun you can get there by taking one of the ships going from Geneva to Nyon! Or combine it with an exploration of Nyon and a picnic.


Quai Louis-Bonnard 8,
1260 Nyon
Opening hours:
Open from Tuesday to Sunday.
April to October: 10am – 5pm
November to March: 2pm – 5pm
Entry fee:
Children up to 16 yo – free
Adults: 8 chf
AVS/AI/Students: 6 chf


2 parking spots for people with disabilities nearby. Entry to the museum by the door on the side (with a lift).
Inside, everything is accessible, thanks to the elevators and lifts. The restroom is fully accessible and adjusted.