Time flies, kids grow up fast. Can we rely on our memory to grasp all that’s precious? Somewhat, probably. But photography is a great way to help our memory and this is why I have to tell you about Anna de Wit and her unique family photo session.

Psst: Mother’s Day is coming!


Anna is a mum of two. A trailing wife who transformed a hobby into a beautiful business.
What is unique about it? Anna specializes in family sessions at home – at client’s places. She is a magician that takes beautiful pictures in any apartment or house – no matter how you think it’s cluttered, unorganized, not pretty enough – Anna will make it work.


There’s something very sweet about professional photographes at home taken by Anna de Wit. Home is where we spend a lot of time as families. Every table, sofa, bed, carpet – they have been witnesses of our daily life, of kids’ first steps, or game nights filles with laughter.
Who knows how long this objects will be able to stay with us? Who knows how long we will stay in this house?


Anna’s talents in photography are plenty. What I love when we work with her is that she helps us feel at ease in front of the camera. There is no posing, no special outfits, it’s just us and Anna documenting us in our private space.

*side note: our photo sessions took place during the pandemic, so were not at home (us in the window, Anna downstairs; the second in front of our stairs, and then one time in the Old Town).

The pictures always turn out beautiful. They are natural, they don’t lie, they don’t create a parallel universe. They are perfect.


And how practical is it to have these sessions at home?! Especially when you’re pregnant or have small kids and busy schedules. Another upside: kids will be in a place they know, they like, makes them feel safe, so working with them will be really easy! Much easier than in a studio. Also, it can happen no matter the weather!

Don’t worry about you place’s interior. Keep it how it is (well tidy up like you normally would). It really doesn’t matter and I promise Anna de Wit’s photographs will please your eyes! She will also give you tips about what colors to wear. You will be well taken care of.

Anna de Wit also offers outdoors family photography, wedding & events, and personal branding. You can see all her work, her style, and clients’ reviews on her website here.

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