Sometimes I look around our place and think only a superhero could deal with the mess. But which one do I choose?

A Spiderman could only make things worse, a Superwoman has different tasks on her hands, and Batman is needed elsewhere. How about a Batmaid then?

Batmaids are cleaning maids hired by a company under the same name. They are checked, have credentials, are legally hired, and what is best for you: they are easy to book!

Disclaimer: Batmaid offered me a 3h free cleaning by one of their top cleaning ladies, to test the service and share my thoughts.

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Like an Uber

You book your cleaning online, like you do with a taxi, via your phone. You can choose the day, the hour, indicate the number of rooms and bathrooms. You can choose additional things to clean, eg. windows, fridge, oven, kitchen cabinets etc.

You can book for regular cleanings or a one off thing. The only thing to do offline is to print, sign, and scan one document.

Most importantly, you can add special requests, let the Batmaid know where to focus the most. I asked for Z’s room to be cleaned in every detail, the smallest wholes and corners, as at the time it was a pollen season (Z is allergic and a bit asthmatic).

The Batmaids

How are the maids recruited?

This is an answer I got from the company:

“All of our Batmaids are hand-picked based on their extensive experience, references and possession of a clean police record. Even a well qualified candidate must then pass a two-round interview process. We do this in order to ensure our clients access to a range of fully reliable and dedicated professional cleaners.”

My experience

Our Batmaid was amazingly fast and good at the same time which I find is a rare combination. She didn’t need detailed directions and quickly found her way around our mess. Z’s room was done perfectly!

The Batmaid was cheerful, warm, easy to get along with.

We loved the little details added, that made us feel like a professional service took care of us. Check out these cute stickers on our toilet paper! A clear sign the bathroom was cleaned.

The mission

But there is much more to Batmaid than just offering an easy way to find a cleaning service. Batmaid was created to fight the black market, offering the cleaning staff the conditions they deserve, to be legally declared and protected. The company wants the Batmaids to be recognized and respected for the valuable service they provide.

After all, every cleaning person that we hire, saves tons of our time, stress, and gives us opportunity to do things we love, or need. It means we have more time for our families, to read a book, get on with our projects. They are valuable, they are doing a hard and messy job, and need to be recognized.

Having a cleaning lady declared is one of the things that can change their well-being, but seems complicated to many. Happily Batmaid will do it for you!

Your experience

If you also used Batmaid services, please feel free to share your experience, good or bad. It is important to me for this website to provide all angles. As each of us has a different situation, we also have different experiences, I would love this website to reflect it – with your comments being a main tool!

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