Climbing is fascinating, and the majority of the kids do it anyway at home. So, why not let them meet the need to go up high at a place built precisely for that purpose! We tried and tested Planet Climbing in Lancy for you, and here’s what we have to say.

This is a sponsored article – Planet Climbing offered us a few private classes to try and
review their offer. This article is here only because we’ve been very happy climbing there!
You can be sure that every word on this website comes straight from the heart.


There is something about climbing that makes people fell in love with it. It may be that more or less everybody can do it, no matter the physical strength. Or maybe it’s because no direct competition with others is involved (unless you want to). Hence, people challenge themselves, and there’s hardly anything more motivating than competing with oneself. It can also be that it’s not just physical: this sport demands concentration and planning. It’s a bit like solving a maze. Of course, if one wants to do more challenging routes, the body must improve its flexibility and muscle strength. 

At the same time climbing is social sport – climbers work on the right way out of the maze together, they make each other feel secured. They also share places, strategies, hints, and some internal climbers’ jokes.

In other words, if I may risk it, signing up kids for climbing is like having them at a logic, and sports course mixed with social training at the same time!


Planet Climbing is a relatively new place in Geneva – opened since the beginniing of 2020. It’s a very modern and clean space, designed to satisfy all types of climbers. It is also more than a climbing place, but about that in a sec.

The core of Planet Climbing is, of course, the climbing area, with a special, separate space for children. This kiddy zone is equipped with handles adapted to small hands. It’s a colourful space with trails for every kiddy level (meaning beginners and young, ambitious climbers will all find what they need to enjoy the vertical world).

The main climbing space is designed so that both kids and adults can find great paths up the wall. For adults, there are some really challenging walls!


It wouldn’t be called “Planet” if it was a place just with walls to climb on, right? To climb, the body needs some muscles – and bum! Here comes the gym downstairs. To climb, the body needs some stretching – and bum! Here comes the yoga room. To climb, the body needs to be hydrated – and bum! Here comes the lounge area with a bar! Yes, all the body needs to experience the vertical experience is there!


Planet Climbing is devoted to instilling the love of climbing in children. They do it well! As I mentioned above, there’s a climbing area just for children, but of course, there is more! There are also courses (group or private) animated by some great people. They are warm, playful, 100% invested and great at encouraging children to overcome their fears and body limits they think they have.

Group classes strat for children as young as 1.5! Although this is more of a mobility class than proper climbing. Real vertical fun starts for kids as of 4 years of age. For private classes – everything is possible, for example child&parent sessions – it’s best to contact Planet Climbing directly for a specific advice. 

Every lesson starts with a body warm-up and is followed by games and exercises on the wall. Many clever techniques make climbing more effortless and less tiring. Children learn how to use their limbs, joints, and muscles to conquer every trail. They play games on the wall, try out some fancy yoga tricks, laugh a lot, and come out more confident. I mean, who wouldn’t gain confidence after realising how high they can get from the floor?


School holidays are a great occasion for children to immerse themselves in vertical fun. Planet Climbing offers fantastic camps. I love them because the days are not all about climbing – or not in a direct way. They don’t keep children indoors but involve outings (for example, the accrobranche parc), introduction to the parkour, yoga, playtime, and animations organized in collaboration with some kids-fun experts! Tip: book fast as these camps become more and more popular every day.

I cannot recommend this place enough. I remember when we first came, in late spring of 2020, it was not just a great climbing place. The stff was super friendly and helpful and after one hour it felt like we had new friends. Nowadays with Covid restrictions all the benefits of the atmosphere Planet Climbing provides goes to the kids. Hopefully, adulta will experience the friendliness of this place soon (you can always feel a bit of their vibe on Instagram).


Planet Climbing
Avenue des Morgines 10
1213 Petit Lancy

Call them: +41 78 201 21 48
Email them: [email protected]

Instagram: @planetclimbing_gva
Facebook: @planetclimbing.gva


Planet Climbing is wheelchair accessible via the main entrance and is equipped with a wheelchair-adapted toilet.