Kids love to climb! From the moment they learn how to move around they try climbing the furniture around the house. It’s a great sport that engages all the muscles, demands thinking, planning ahead, and provides tons of fun!

Recently, in Geneva and around there are more and more places to climb – both high walls with a help of the harness, and without any protective gear on the climbing blocks.

Here’s where you can go with your children, or enrol them to the climbing class.


Hidden in the industrial zone it’s the oldest climbing place in Geneva. They offer kids classes, family Sundays and are equipped in both climbing blocks (no harness or lines) and big climbing wall with security equpment.

Book your entry and enjoy! You can find all info here.


A great place with climbing blocks and a separate space for kids. They offer camps during holidays, wednesday classes and more. There is also a yoga room and a fitness room. Oh! And a drink/snack corner. Chek it out here.


To be open in autumn 2020! We’re waiting impatiently for this new place. It will probably be the biggest climbing place in the canton, with both climbing blocks and climbing walls. They will also have a cafe, kids courses, and all sorts of fun! Here’s all the info you need.


In Versoix: the climbing block at the front of the room has been designed for kids. If they climb to the top they get to enjoy a very fun wooden playground. The bar offers cold and warm snacks. There are also yoga classes, camps, and lessons. In the other part of the climbing space, there are more and more difficult routes but many of the kids can do them as well, so you can enjoy the family climbing time.

In Meyrin: the space is really big and the separate zone for children is the biggest of this kind in Geneva. It’s mixed with a playground, is very colourful, and offers climbing challenges even for the little munchkins.

Check them out here.


Climbing space in Vitam is big and has a great part adapted to kids. In Vitam they only have climbing walls, so the activity is accompanied by security lines and a harness. It’s amazing how high kids can climb when they feel safe. Check it out here.


Another place with climbing blocks and a special part for kids only (up the stairs). They also have a restaurant and a snack bar. A great place for weekly classes or a one-time activity for the whole family. You can find all the info here.