Summer is officially over but family-friendly events in Geneva are not. Grab your coat and let’s go (umbrella can become handy, too). You’ll see that the menu is wide enough to please everyone every weekend and beyond. Halloween-themed events included. And one brand new this season: covid pass for 16+.

Ready? Let’s do it!

28 Septemebr – 9 October

It’s back! Animatou is the International Festival of Animated films in Geneva. Check the program and book tickets fast. It is a great opportunity to see the best films. They will make you laugh, make you feel, make you think. Screenings in several locations in Geneva, and on October 4th in Satigny. ANd before you ask. Most movies screened at the festival are for older public, but you will definitelty find films for children as well.

Practical info:

Fete de la Science
9 October, Chateau Voltaire (France)

This fun and exciting event takes place every year in the beautiful Chateau Voltaire in Ferney-Voltaire just across the boarder. Don’t miss it – it’s a great opportunity to visit the castle and its wonderful gardens. Oh, and of course great opportunity to learn more about the scince, or even perform some experiments. I couldn’t find the detailed program of this year’s edition but at it is cool every year, I assume it will be fab this year as well.

Practical tip: it’s in France, so Covid pass for 12+ and masks for 6+. More info about the event here.

Explore Geneve
13-23 October

This one is new. A festival that will make you explore Geneva and its possible future. It looks fun, with over 30 events planned in the most emblematic places. Some of these events are fun for families, but three were designed specifically for kids: micro-zoo & treasure hunt in Parc Beaulieu (and 5 other places),  sustainable cooking in Petit Saconnex, a walk by the Rhone filled with discoveries. I invite you to check this festival, plan the events as it really loks exciting (maybe because geocaching is involves!).

More info: here.

Printemps Carougois
till 10 October

If there is any municipality that could move spring to autumn, it is Carouge. Most events of this festival happened in the very beginning of the month but there is one that can interest you on a rainy day till the rest of the month (and beyond).

It is the new exhibition in the freshly renewed Musee de Carouge – « Apparition » (it presents works of Albertine, Geneva’s cartoonist). It’s colorful, meaningful, and a good excuse to visit Carouge in October.

Find out more here.

Autumn Petit Black Movie
October 3-24; Various places

Before the Black Movie Festival (and Petit Black Movie) kick in January, the organizers prepared monthly screenings in different parts of the city. Each month has a different theme of short films screened during each session. In October the subject is: « The unloved ». Four stories about little beasts that inhabit the attics or underground, of which we don’t know much other than that we should be wary of them. These four stories show with humour and tenderness the universe of these unloved creatures that were given a bad reputation by legends or simple prejudices.

Places limited. Book online. All info here:

La Fête de la courge
23 October; Gland & Plan les Ouates

Pumpkin Festival is back again at Schilliger with some fun activities for all ages. Children can learn how to hollow and cut the pumpkin and take their creation back home. There will be a pumpkin contest – the heaviest and the most original will win – a good opportunity to see variety of pumpkins and squash. Last but not least there will be an Autumn Fair in Gland and Matran – with local artisans and squash-based snacks! More info here.

Halloween at Parc Aventure
30-31 October

Once again, the Halloween nightime climbing in Parc Aventure has been cancelled BUT! The Parc will be decorated throughout the whole month of October. For the two last days of the month, come in your Halloween costume and accrobranche like never before. Some surprises await! Reservations needed. More about it here.

Halloween Party at Kids Club
30 October, Coppet

The Kids Club is organizing a Halloween Party with spooky decor, scary games, and horrifying snacks! The party is designed for children aged 2-9, bookings are required. You can find out all the details here.

October 31, Prangins

How about some spooky stories and candy in the castle? Chateau de Prangins is organizing a kids friendly event with tales, storytelling, decorations, and candy! Costumes are of course welcome! Check it out here.


Colder weather and rainy days are perfect for museums and exhibitions! So let’s look what is happening in the exhibition spaces.


Environmental Injustice Indigenous Peoples’ Alternatives
till August 22

A fascinating exhibitions that looks into the indigenous peoples’ lives during climate crisis. It was prepared in a close collaboration with the representatives of various indigenous peoples, which gives it more depth and shows insights like never before. It talks about how the changing climate affects them, how bad decisions affect them, and what solutions they find. Many activities (including ones for children) accompany this important and insightful exhibition. Oh! It’s fully bilingual Eng-Fr. More info here.

Tout contre la Terre
From October 14

A new etemporary exhibition will be launchedat the Natural History Museum. This on will tackle climate change and the erosion of biodiversity from an emotional angle. What is the impact of our emotions regarding the environmental crisis. Elaborated with Dominique Bourg (psychologue), Tobias Brosch (psychologist), and Cristina Soriano (linguist). The scenography with a low environmental impact, brings together naturalistic collections, various visuals, testimonies, and… emotions.

Fully bilingual, paid entry. More info here.

till October 17 (last chance)

Quartier Libre du SIG is known for hosting immersive, interactive (in a good way) exhibitions. Global Happiness is one of the best ever presented in that space. It tackles important issues, makes visitors actively reflect on their own lives and the lives of others. It is a perfect exhibition to visit with kids.

Free entry, bilingual, open on Mondays (!!!). More details here.

till October 31

Visualy mesmerizing, super interesting, and spread around several buildings. This is a great exhibition for both good weather, and a rainy day. When it’s not raining walking between the buildings of Berges de Vessy will help kids decompress before each part, and afterwards you can (must) go for a walk around the berges. On a rainy day, the exhibition will be a great outing as well – lots to see and discover. More information here.

Musee du Leman
Le lac du Cygne

This year, the Musee du Leman will tell us all about the swans (cyygnes). Have there always been swans in the lake? Are they as pristine as they look? Why are they so beloved by humans? And why Lac Leman is a perfect place for them to live? This museum never cease to surprise, so surely this exhibition will unravel many fascinating san facts! Don’t forget to visit the permanent exhibition while you’re there – it is one of themost kids-friendly museums in the region.

All the details are here on their website.

Le Muzoo

The museum of the Theatre du Loup is open on Sundays during Autumn and Spring. Inside, you’ll find a fascinating collection of all-things-theatre-du-loup. The items gathered in this unique Ali Baba’s cave, date back to 1978, when the theatre wss created. There are masks in all sizes, a giant spider, posters, costumes, three-dimensional characters and more. Check it out!

Vermeer: Le reflet d’un songe

If you haven’t heard about Jardin des Nations, it’s about time! This fun space won’t stay with us forever, just for a few years. It’s a farm, a food truck place, a place to chill, relax, meet, buy veggies, but also… a place to enjoy a fascinating, wonderfully prepared 360 degrees show – « Le reflet d’un songe » (eng. |A reflection of a dream »), based on the paintings of Johannes Vermeer. You can book tickets online or at the venue. All the details are here.


Eaux Vives

This month the AmStramGram theatre has three shows and one evenings of support to the CSP. Nothing for the smallest spectators this month, but be sure to check the program for following months and book your tickets. In October there are three shows for 8+ and one for 12+. You can consult the program here.

Heidi, October 17

You may have read the book, seen the film but have you ever seen the Heidi show at the Topffer theater? Now is your chance. It is the best known Swiss children’s book about a little Swiss girl and her love for the mountains. The healing properties of the Swiss Alps go a bit beyond their legends but the story is otherwise sweet. Reservations required. You can find out all the details here.

Theatre des Marionnettes de Geneve

TMG offers shows for all ages this month: « Dans les jupes de ma mere » for 2+, « Le roi des nuages » for 7+, and « Hen » for 16+. There are also other events apart from the shows. The program this year is rich and filled with amazigness. You can consult it here.