The mountains are currently the main direction for many people, but if you need suggestions to what to do when you stay in Geneva, voila! Here I am with plenty of ideas.


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This time the agenda is divided into highlights, libraries, museum exhibitions, theater shows, and February camps.


31.01 – 03.02

No age limits. Entry fee (details here).

Artgenève is an art expo that has been taking place in Palexpo for several years now. It is a chance to visit local and international galleries in one place. Both public and private collections have their place. Every year there is also a children’s area where they are invited to play and create.

Various locations

The annual Antigel festival does not aim at kids, but here a selection of events and shows that might suit your family or older kids.

“Feu Au Lac” a possibility to visit the plage des Eaux-Vives before it opens for the public in summer. The visitors will receive torches that will create a show of lights. Might be difficult with prams, but overall sound like a nice family outing! 2.02, 17h30.

“Le Corridor” – a basement of a school transformed into a world of David Lynch or Stanley Kubrick, so definitely for older children or those fearless. 20-23.02, 19h&21h.

“Hocus Pocus” – a dance show of thousand and one full adventures, twists and surprises. A show for the whole family, though it starts at 8 pm. 11-12.02, 20h.

La Julienne   

Free entry, minimum age: 7. Details here.      

Two installations in augmented reality for young audiences (from 7 years old). The first is « Ko’Ko’s Curse », an interactive ecological tale co-produced by the RTS. The second one is Adventures-Mat, a play mat to discover the human body.

These installations are accessible by using applications for smartphones and tablets.

Opening hours: Mon-Wed 9h-19h, Thu-Fri 9h-20h.

La Julienne   

Minimum age: 12, free entry. More info here.

The first weekend of February, the VR (Virtual Reality) Museum of GIFF (Geneva International Film Festival) will be moved to La julienne. The program includes works in virtual reality that reproduce famous paintings realised by contemporary artists. The opportunity to immerse in paintings by Hodler, Vallotton or Böcklin.

Opening hours: Saturday 11h-19h, Sunday 11h-18h.

3.02, SUNDAY
Maison de Quartier de Carouge

For ages 2-4, fee: 5 CHF, reservation required. More info here.

The + Dense association invites you to experience an approach to contemporary dance through Danse en famille workshops. Guided by two dancers-teachers, they offer the opportunity to explore the different paths of the dance world.

Touching, carrying, hugging, dancing and laughing in an artistic setting, under the direction of professionals, are all actions that create new links between the child and the adult.

Reservations at : [email protected] or 022 307 89 08.

3.02, SUNDAY
Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève

No age limits, no entrance fee.

Every first Sunday of the month MEG becomes a place filled with activities for kids of all ages. There is a baby bazar for those aged 0-2, guided tours for families, music activities, and more.

14h-17h Make your pair of poï-toa before and dance to improve reflex, flexibility and coordination (places limited, no reservations, free).

Starting at 15h, every 30 minutes till 17h, a baby Bazar will take place thanks to Espace Musical. Each session lasts 20 minutes and is destined to families with kids between 0 and two years of age (places limited, no reservations, free).

At 15h and 16h an exploration of the exhibition in a very playful way will wait for all kids age 2 and more (places limited, no reservations, free).

More info about these activities and even more taking place that day at MEG’s website.

3.02, SUNDAY
Saint Cergue

No age limits.

A ski festival for kids with fun activities including fun with sledge dogs and Ecole Suisse de Ski. The main event of the day is a slalom for kids attending classes 1P-6P. You can enrol via this document.  The festival will take over the whole village of Saint-Cergue, the slopes, the ice rink. It all starts at 13h30. More information here.

3.02, SUNDAY

Ages: 5-10, free. More info on Mamco’s website.

Guided visits for kids in MAMCO are worth your time! They’re funny, playful, and educative. Each tour lasts 45 minutes, is held in English and French. Children must be accompanied by an adult during the activity.

Also on that day, a workshop for kids age 7+ will be held from 15h till 17h, in French. For this workshop, please book your place at [email protected], as the number of participants is limited.


Alexandra Célérault, an author of the philosophical children’s book “Je Suis Une etoile et Toi Aussi”, hosts regular workshops for kids and families. This one is in the form of a debate on topics chosen by children themselves. It is designed to help kids be more conscious, active, and respectful human beings, learn to listen to others’ points of view. They will work on critical thinking, tolerance, and benevolence.

For children aged 4-7, the workshop will start 14h30, last 45 minutes and cost 20 CHF. For older ones between 8 and 12 years old, it will start at 15h30, last one hours, and cost 30 CHF.

For bookings and more details, please check on this website.


Free entrance, minimum age: 4.

A well-known tale about three little pigs and the wolf as a theatre show is awaiting you in Carouge. Inscenization created by Théâtre Couleurs d’Ombres. One house builds with straws, the other with wood and the third one with bricks. Then the wolf comes… it ends happily (at least for the pigs). You can find out more here.


Free entrance. No age limit for the event. 3+ for the workshop.

Petit Favorite is the new Swiss fashion brand for the whole family! Created by a lovely “Genevoise”, Julie Parenthoux, the brand will soon offer clothes for moms, dads, kids, but first – the socks! Soft, nice, and with a neat print! The event will start at 14h and go on till 18h. Some workshops will be waiting for you (though better to reserve your spot now at [email protected]): silkscreen printing on tote bags, cupcakes decorations (for 3+).

More details about the brand here, about the event here.


Free entrance, no age limit.

Once a month, on Saturday, Payot organises an English story time for kids! It is held in the English section on the first floor (where you can also find “ABC Geneva”). The February session will include timeless classics like Gruffalo, The Little Mole, and the Hungry Caterpillar. It starts at 10h30 and lasts 1 hour. You can read more or less the same info here 😉

10.02, SUNDAY

Minimum age: 4, free entrance, adult’s presence required, no reservation, a limited number of places. More info here.

Mei and Satsuki move to the countryside with their head-in-the-clouds father and their sick mother. To be cured she needs to get away from the stress of the city. Arriving in their house on the edge of a vast forest, they discover the existence of mysterious creatures. The girls develop an unusual, unique friendship with these supernatural beings! A heartwarming beautiful children’s movie.

10.02, SUNDAY

9h-12h, for 5-10-year-olds (no parents’ participation), 50 CHF

Espace Colibri has a special place in our hearts; we adore their workshops be it painting, yoga, music, or school support. The educators working in Espace Colibri are amazing, passionate, and with heads full of ideas.

Improvisation, movement, dance, singing, listening and percussion are at the rendezvous to explore the different facets of a sound universe. The opportunity to practice music in a group and in a fun way without any prerequisites. More information and enrollments here (be sure to check their other courses!).

12.02, TUESDAY

An occasion to create a healthy relationship with everything kitchen-related. Swiss Food Academy hosts many workshops across the canton, including these in Charmille. Each time a different activity with a different theme awaits little cooks and gourmands. If Charmille is not convenient for you, check Swiss Food Academy’s website for workshops in other areas. Enrollments: [email protected].

Bibliothèque du Saint Jean

For babies and toddlers (ages 0-2), free participation, enrollments required.

A great program by the city libraries! You come with your kids to enjoy books and reading in an intimate setting of a library. Librarians will accompany you in the discovery of children’s literature, present their favourites and offer you personalised advice. And don’t worry if you don’t speak French, many picture books await you there too! More information here. For enrollments call 022 418 92 02 or email: [email protected].

Bibi Cafe

No age limits, reservation required.

Bibi Cafe came up with a brilliant idea! A Valentine’s dinner for parents and kids with a special menu, and a nanny to make the kids busy! Reserve a table asap as all events like that in Bibi Cafe get sold out fast. For more information about the dinner check this Facebook event, for more information about Bibi click here. Psst: “ABC Geneva” is available there too!

23-24.02, WEEKEND
La Julienne

No age limits, free entrance.

AMusEn is an association that aims to build a children’s museum in Geneva. Over the February school-break, together with Museomix, they organise a bilingual camp for kids 8+, during which they will ask kids to imagine a museum of their dreams. Based on the dreams children will be building prototypes of their ideas, using traditional materials and modern technology. After the camp, all the prototypes will be exposed in La Julienne! #parentvillerecommended.


1-3.02, Disney sur Glace (details)


2.02, 10h & 14h; workshop for kids ages 5-7 at Ariana Museum (details)

2.02, 10h30 for ages 4-6. La Petite Lanterne at Pathe Balexert. Details.


6.02, 16h; Atelier Bricks for kidz in Bibi Café (details).

6.02, 15h, for ages 6-10 activities at MAH (details)

6.02; 16h15; activities for ages 2-4 and 5-10 at MAMCO (details)


8.02, 10h30; activities for ages 3-5 at MAH (details).


9.02, 10h, 11h30, 15h; workshop for ages 2-5 at Ariana Museum (details)


10.02, 15h30; activities for ages 6+ at MAH (details)

10.02, 14h; activities at MEG for ages 8+ (details)


13.02, 15h, activities for ages 6-10 at MAH (details)

13.02, 10h30, 14h30, 15h30; activities for ages 3-5 at MAH (details)

13.02, 11h30; music activities for ages 0-2 at MEG (details)


15.02 10h; Comment booster le système immunitaire de votre enfant en hiver at Bibi Café (details)

15.02, 18h-20h; Disco enfants, ice rink Carouge (details)


16.02, Disco sur Glace, Vernets (details)


17.02; 10h; yoga for kids at MEG by Espace Colibri (details)


20.02, 15h; activities for ages 5+ at MEG (details)


24.02; 11h; Visites dansées for ages 3-5 at MEG (details)

24.02, 11 h& 14h & 17h, Petit Ours Brun, Theatre du Leman. (details)


27.02, 10h30; activities for ages 3-5 at MAH (details)

27.02, 15h; activities for ages 6-10 at MAH (details)


This month be sure to visit:

Roulez les Mecaniques -> details.

Tender is the night, bilingual -> details.

Faites comme chez nous -> bilingual details.

Expolarcentre (and their workshops not listed above) -> details.

Ariana Museum is always a good choice as is MAH, MEG, MAMCO, Centre d’Art Contemporain – their kid’s activities are all listed above.


2.02, 14h; Bibliothèque de la Cité, Couleurs d’hiver (details)

2.02, 11h; Bibliothèque de la Cité, Lire et relire (details)

6.02, from 10h; Bibliothèque de Paquis, Lire avec son Bebe (details)

6.02, 15h30; Espace le 4e, Scratch (details)

9.02, 15h; Bibliothèque Eaux-Vives, L’invitée du mois : Fanny Dreyer (details)

9.02, 15h; Bibliothèque de Saint-Jean, Tâne petit âne en chemin (details)

9.02, 17h15; Bibliothèque Servette; Le Dernier Loup (details)

9.02, 17h15; Bibliothèque Servette, L’incroyable voyage (details)

12.02, 16h40; Bibliothèque de la Cité, Les nids d’oiseaux (details)

13.02, 14h30; Bibliothèque Servette, Couleurs nature (details)

13.02, 15h; Espace le 4e, jeux video (details)

16.02, 14h; Bibliotheque Servette, Les mains dans la terre (details)

20.02, 15h; Bibliothèque Jonction, La vie fascinante des animaux (details)

20.02, 10h30; Bibliothèque de Saint-Jean, Prête-moi ton oreille (details)

26.02, 17h; Bibliothèque Jonction, 30 minutes numériques (details)


2-3.02, 7+, Théâtre des Marionnettes de Genève, Tropinzuste (details)

2.02, 15h, Plan les Ouates, “Au Royaume de Zombly” for ages 4+, free entry, reservations needed. (details here)

3.02, 10.02, 17.02, Théâtre AmStramGram, 4+, “La Brioche des Mioches” (details)

6-17.02, Théâtre des Marionnettes de Genève, 4+, “La Fille, la sorciere, et le fer a bricelets” (details)

6-10.02, Simply Theater, 3+, Storyteller Storyteller (details).

8-10.02, Théâtre AmStramGram, 9+, “Les Tactiques du Tic Tac” (details).


Museomix and AMusEn (in Plan les Outaes, for kids age 8-12) – details.

Gymboree Geneva – details.

Bricks for Kidz – details.

Future Kids – details.

Espace Colibri – details.

Spell Languages – details.