So you need a dermatologist and a gastroenterologist for your baby, an eye doctor for your 6 year old, and an allergy specialist for your toddler. You know they must exist, and maybe even speak your native language, but how the heck to find them?

It’s great when a friend can recommend one, but you only have so many friends who have ever needed a specialist…

In the perfect world your child’s pediatrician will be able to refer you to someone she/he trusts. But even then, you might want to know your options. And some other time the world is just not that perfect.

Fortunately Association of Doctors in Geneva came up with a website that will save lots of time.

It’s – there’s a lot of interesting articles there, as well as important news and announcements. What’s mostly excitingt is the directory (« annuaire ») – a place where you can filter doctors by specialty, languages spoken, location, and sex.

Hove over the « medecins » in the top menu, and choose the first option from the drop-down menu: « annuaire des medecins« . (check out the picture below). Choose the specialty (google translate might be needed), the desired language, and finish with « lancer la recherche ». Few clicks and you got yourself a neat list of names.

Now you can hop over to the FB Baby Group to ask other parents for their experience with those doctors.

There’s also a website of Geneva Pediatricians Society, and it even has an English version. Sadly, for some reason their directory doesn’t work in English. The French language version (here) has a decently working directory. But sadly, some info on some doctors is missing. The website contains some other useful info though: emergency addresses, support contacts, vaccinations etc., so do check it out.

Fingers crossed you will never need medical specialists for your child, but if you do, you’ll know where to find them.