Geneva lights up not only for Christmas. No, no, no. The end of January marks the start of the Geneva Lux Festival. It will last till 06.02.2022. Illuminated pieces of art in the streets of Geneva are a perfect reason to get dress warmly and make good use of the early nightfall. And please do. It is a wonderful visual feast!

Geneva LUX makes the city colorful, artful, and joyful in the coldest weeks of the year!

Emergence and Abyss

My favourite 2022 Geneva Lux edition pieces this year are the Emergence and Abyss.

You’ll find the Emergence right at the lake between Pierres du Niton and Jet d’Eau. Created by a Geneva-based artists – Odonata, is all about a wonderland, dancing on the lake and dreams. Citing the original website, “An ode to the emergence of life, its beauty, its evanescence and the urgent need to preserve it”.

The Abyss is under the Mont-Blanc bridge, on the promende on the Rive side. It’s a fresco created by Thomas Perrodin, a well-known artist in Geneva. It’s about a place between two worlds – the creatures of the depths and those leaving on the surface. The place is brought to life by colorful beams, reminding us how the world looks different depending on the light. Or even more so, how our vision of the world shapes our reality.


Old & New

There are other pieces of the art of light as well. Some are new, some have earned a “traditional January Geneva decor” stamp (the floating buoys in front of the Hotel des Bergues for example). I’ve also fallen in love with Pinta Cura at Place de Montbrillant – be sure to see it and let me know what you think about it and how it makes you feel. 


There are 2 family trails already programmed on the map! So how about an evening out with a hot cup of something chocolate?

Both family trails are doable with a pram and not too long for older kids. They also lead to the artworks that children will enjoy the most.

How to plan the adventure?

The official website has an interactive map, where all the artworks are pinpointed and described. It also lets you choose from several trails, two of them were especially though for Families (fingers crossed that next year we will also see a wheelchair-friendly trail).


Location: the streets of the City of Geneva
Dates: 21.01.2022 – 06.02.2022