You’re about to find out how to transform a simple outing into a fun Geneva outdoor adventure!

Because let’s face it, at some point strolling through the city gets boring even if we change places regularly. It’s still just walking. But not anymore! Next time you venture out, it will be a whole different kind of family time, promise. Scavenger hunts and escape games await!


Outdoor Escape Games
For 10-12+, paid game

If you’re like me, you may be a bit too anxious to try out an indoor escape game but this company offers great games outdoors (available in English, German, and French)! Currently, in Geneva, they offer one game for adults, and one perfect for families with children – Le Portail Magique. This adventure happens with the help of AR technology in the heart of Geneva. You will receive a tablet and an activity pack. With these tools in hand, by working as a team, you’ll see Geneva’s Old Town from a different angle! Your goal is to find crystals that close the portals and banish some evil creatures. Sounds fun!

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8-10+, A scavenger hunt, free

 Ouchui is a free scavenger hunt, available in several places in the Canton (Lancy, Nations, Old Town, Carouge etc). All you need is a smartphone (and a sense of orientation). You’ll be led by a map from one place to another and at each point, there is something to find and a question waiting for an answer. You will learn a lot about Geneva for sure, even if you think you know it all.
Two of the hunts are available in English (Geneva and Carouge). I couldn’t find official information about the minimum age recommendation but I think it’s doable with 5+ (just adapt their role and help them out and leave out most of the historical info given on the way). It can be a perfect outing for parents of babies, too! Just grab the pram or the carrier and have some fun!

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free, 5+

Geocaching is so far Parentville’s favourite. This game takes place worldwide everywhere. All you need is a free app with a map. The goal of the game is to find the treasures aka « caches » – waterproof containers. Inside the treasure, you will find a logbook (sometimes also a pen and other things). Finding caches is a reward in itself. It is not as easy as one could think. The caches come in all sizes: from micro to lunch-box size. For adventures with kids chose caches marked « easy », and don’t hesitate to read the hints.

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