Apart from using Parentville, Facebook, and Google, what are your online resources for finding places to go, brands to check out, and events to attend? You might be surprise but following certain parents on Instagram might give your more insight on the city, than any other online source!

The most frustrating thing when starting on Instagram is having no clue who to follow, so here below is a list of Instagramers essential for parents in Geneva. All you need is an Instagram account, and click “follow” at the every account you want to follow. You don’t need to post any pictures yourself (though once you start, it gets addictive).

Here they are:



Instagram account of probably the most informative French-speaking blogger for families in the region. It’s an endless source of information, ideas, and interviews with fascinating locals.

Geneva parents on Instagram

An incredibly positive and optimistic mom of 3. Observing their journey is a joy, and her daughter’s outfits are the sweetest!

Geneva Parents on Instagram


A restaurant quality label: allows you to find restaurants with the infrastructure that suits every family

Everything nature, montessori, bio: “born to be green!”


Mom of 3 sharing pretty pics of her everyday life.


A lot of inspiration for parents and children alike!

A full of ideas mom of a sweet boy, and a curious, passionate blogger.

an instagram account of a inspirational blogger: food, shopping, parenting

Behind the scenes, personal side of Parentville, kids friendly places and events, pictures of the city

Geneva parents on Instagram

Stunning pictures of  a certain fairy and Geneva (especially of the architectural pearl of the city – le Lignon)

Geneva, travel destinations, kids activities.

everything about the bikes, presenting many ways to transport kids with the bike.

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