Giving gifts at the end of the year is not, to my knowledge, a tradition in Switzerland. Most of the Swiss parents I know, don’t practice it. If they decide to offer a thank you/goodbye something for the teacher, it is usually a kid’s drawing or cookies. But. I don’t know every Swiss parent in Geneva and have seen people coming with flowers or small gift to jardin d’enfants, creche, and the school.

It simply means that if you or your child would like to reward or thank their teacher, the possibility is coming soon!  With the heat that is in the forecast for the next week, nobody will be offended if your child’s gift for the teacher is bought rather than home-made.

This brings us to the selection of locally made/locally designed products, perfect for the end of the school year.


Click on the picture to find out more about each idea.


At, we offer 100% natural Geneva cosmetics and zero waste accessories.

At Les Batoilles we offer sustainable and social solutions like pretty reusable fruit and vegetable bags or solid soap bags!

The perfect nod to offer teachers before leaving to bask in the sun!

Flower notebooks with matching mirrors by Groseille.

Groen Labo solid shampoo, including Monoi for the summer.

The balm to love by Gaïndness, A care for the lips with enveloping fragrance.

I am an illustrator and I have created my brand for several years: you can find notebooks, greeting cards, tote bags, kits, kitchen towels as well as clothes and framed illustrations.

A zero waste shop with several products that could fit the end-of-the-year theme.

The Ykar Project  socks in a nice zero plastic packaging. The teachers and the extracurricular educators have loved the bike model, surf division — free delivery at the Artemix Design shop in Eaux-Vives.

The too beautiful candles at L’Atelier de Yaël.

Notebooks A4, A6 and sets of pencils!  -50% (on the whole site besides jewelry and accessories) with the code BYEBYE.

Reusable packaging made of organic cotton and beeswax. All handmade in Gruyère.
Reusable and washable.

Sport gourds in stainless steel (brand Pura). The best for small and big.

Before packing, there are still the last homework, the end of the year shows and of course the little attention to thank mistress / nanny / tennis teacher this beautiful year with Royaume Melazic!