The ongoing help for Ukraine and people escaping the war in this country is extraordinary! Most of the people from Ukraine flee to Poland and citizens of this country have been doing an amazing job – it’s a nationwide humanitarian action on all fronts.

Forgive me for the typos and chaotic writing. I haven’t slept well these past few days.

We all want to help, and we feel like we are helping the most when we donate things – second hand or new. Currently, the villages and towns at the PL-UA border have too much of things of all sorts. There is not enough place to store it if it rains it will be ruined. They have tons of shoes but not enough phone chargers, as an example. People at the site know best what is needed every day. The needs of Non-profits and NGOs working at the site keep changing.

Download this pdf and find out how you can help the best, reasonably, and why this is the way to go.

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