Urban Events Geneva prepared a treasure hunt that makes for a perfect summer activity with kids! If you have kids 4 years old or more that like ice creams, this is an adventure for you (well, for them)! It’s all about solving puzzles, looking for a lost treasure while eating more ice creams than parents would normally allow. Doesn’t it seem perfect?

« Chasse aux Glasse » urban game combines solving puzzles and completing tasks while tasting tasting frozen delicacies from local « gelateries ».


Once you book your ticket (10 chf per person) you’ll know the exact location in Carouge. You’ll then meet the Urban Events Geneva animator who will explain the story and the task ahead. They will also equip you little and big adventurers with the « tools » necessary for the mission.

Long story short, Carmen Rouge (C. Rouge, you see?) was a renown pirate whose ship wrecked somewhere near Carouge while crossing the Arve. The treasure the ship was carrying got lost, but the map remains. As well as the ice cream recipes!

Equipped with the map, puzzles booklet, and some other « tools », you will wander the streets of Carouge getting closer and closer to the lost treasure.

During the journey you will learn some fun facts about Carouge and recive refreshing treats from the ice cream shops in town. The adventure kit contains  special ice creams tickets – 2 per person. You can use these tickets in brilliant places with amazing ice creams!


The game was designed for kids 6 and older but younger adventurers can come as well. They will just need a bit more help from adults to finish the quest. I found it really fun to do puzzles together with my 8 year old – it was a great parent-kid activity.

The difficulty level of the game is perfect: there are very easy puzzles, two rather hard ones, and the rest is somewhere in the middle. It makes the game fun, challenging, but not overwhelming.

Let me add the obvious: the ice creams make for a perfect motivator for kids to solve everything!

We loved this game and can’t wait to try other missions that Urban Events Geneva proposes!


Urban Events Geneva: urban-events.ch

10 CHF per person
8 CHF annulation insurance

Location: Carouge.

Wheelchair accessibility:

The game itself is doable in a wheelchair, although some curbs may be challenging. The ice-creams shops involved in the mission are not accessible. The wheelchair accessible toilets are not available in the area.