InfoKids is THE app every parent should have and ask their nanny to download it too. The Geneva Cantonal Hospital (HUG) went digital and they’re rocking it!
InfoKids HUG online
We’ve all had those moments of doubt: is it nothing or life threatening? Should I go to ER now or call my doc in the morning? What do I do in between?
The pediatric emergency ward of the cantonal hospital (HUG) decided to help us all and created an app that answers all these questions. Unfortunately it is only available in French (another reason to learn French with Parentville even if you’re not planning to stay here long).
Fill in all the info
After downloading the app you will be asked to fill in your contact details, and basic info about your child/children. This includes the insurance number, chronic illnesses, and medications taken on a regular basis.
All that info will be transferred securely to HUG in case you ever tap on “I’m coming to ER now”.
How does it work?
When needed, open the app and choose one of the following:
    • my child is unconscious -> app will ask you to call 144 immediately ( you can do so from the app!)
    • My child is sick -> choose what is going on exactly and follow the advise. It will tell you what symptoms should make you come to hug asap, and which symptoms can wait 24h for a doctor’s consultation. The app will also advise what you can do at home to help your kid.
    • My child has had an accident -> choose the type of the accident. The app will tell you, based on your child’s symptoms, whether you should come to ER, consult a doctor later, and what to do at home.
In each of these sections you can also click on “I’m coming to ER”, the app will then ask for your location, offer to guide you via google maps, and will inform the ER that you’re coming and for what reason.
What’s more, the report of your consultation at the ER will be uploaded to the app, so you have access to the medical info at all times!
InfoKids HUG online
Waiting time in HUG on your screen
You can also use the InfoKids app to check the current waiting status in the HUG’s ER. The same screen is placed in the actual waiting room of the pediatric emergency room.
The red line is reserved for those coming with ambulances or arriving with problems requiring immediate help (life threatening cases). The further you are from the life-threatening line, the longer you’ll wait. Those on the blue line, to Parentville’s knowledge, are those who could have waited to see a doctor outside of ER.
It is up to the triage nurse at the entry to decide which color line your child will be assigned to. Please trust they know what they are doing. And remember, the longer you wait, the better. It only means there is nothing serious happening with your kid.
Everyone who has been to ER, and was seen by a doctor without waiting even 5 minutes, knows how freaking scary it is.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to ER when things are not very bad. A lot of times you should go, so things won’t turn very bad! Just please, accept the fact you will wait a bit. Those coming with their lives in risk, must be treated first.


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