I am happy to announce the tenth month of 2018 at a “kid friendly October”! Lots of Lego®, theater shows, movies, and other fun for the whole family. Save this link to your home screen now, and have info on the go wherever you go. Easy, right?

Oh! And please let me know in the comments, if you would like a monthly recap like that every month!

Just remember some of these events require a ticket, or a reservation, as the number of places is limited.

For a detailed list of each weekend’s family-friendly activities, head over to Instagram and follow Parentville! The weekend activities are posted every Friday in the Instagram stories.


“☞” – book in advance
“♥”  – #parentvillerecommended.


The Art of the brick.
October 4, 2018 – January 6, 2019
An exhibition in Palexpo, presenting extraordinary bricks (Lego®) sculptures. Tons of activities, for big and small, will accompany this event. Bricks4Kidz will be there too, with fun Lego® activities for kids! For the full program click here.

Le Petit Black Movie
(September)October – December 2018
Throughout autumn 2018, The Black Movie Festival prepared 19 short movies around four different subjects: one theme per month. October’s theme is “Air”. 4 short films will be played on each date. You can choose between several locations and times: here’s the program of the Petit Black Movie 2018.

♥☞ Rallye du Chocolat
October 6
The biggest chocolate adventure of the year! Book your chocolate passport online, choose your route (“parcours”), visit local manufacturers, taste some chocolate, and take part in a lottery. You can book you passport online, or buy on the day of the event in the Salle communale de Plainpalais. All the details on the website of the Salon des Chocolatiers.

Planète Santé and Hôpital de Nounours
October 4-7, Palexpo
Again Palexpo, but this time we;re talking health 101. Lots of conferences (including ones for pregnant women, parents of small and teenagers). The best thing about Planete Sante is that it will also host the famous, one and only Hopital des Nounours! We don’t need to wait till spring this year. Check the whole program by clicking here.

10e Festival Suisse de Cirque de Jeunesse
October 5-7, Meyrin
Festival Suisse de Cirque de Jeunesse. In other words a festival of kids’ circuses. Don’t miss it! Check out the whole program here. 

Prenez Place !
October 13-14, 10h-18h, link here.
Over 260 interactive games in the city! All installations were made with recovered materials, in other words they were upcycled, by a Catalan artist Joan Rovira. This interactive exhibition will be spread around the city: Jonction (Plaine de Plainpalais, “Gargot de bicyclettes”), Plainpalais (Rue Jean-Violette, “L’autre vie des objets”), Servette (Avenue Wendt, “L’arbre à jeux, l’araignée, le papillon et le poulpe), Saint-Jean (Rue du Beulet, “Gargot de sculptures”), Paquis (Quai Wilson hauteur Bains des Pâquis, “Les grand imaginaires”), Eaux-Vives (Quai Gustav-Ador en face du jet d’eau, “Gargot de musclette”), Centre Ville (Place du Rhône, “Duo ≠ Duel”).

W. Femmes sculptées
October 13-14, La Julienne, Plan les Ouates.
Sculptures, movement, miming, video and live music portray. A show, and workshops for kids aged 5+. Both require a separate enrollment. You can book your place on this website.

Marche de L’Espoire
October 14, 11h – 17h30, for details click here.
For 25 years, Terre des Hommes Suisse has organised a charity walk “Le Marche de l’Espoire” along Quai du Mont-Blanc. It is “the greatest solidarity event of this kind in Switzerland”, with around 5k children with their families participating every year. Before the walk every participant has to look for financial support to contribute a certain sum for each kilometer walked. The money is later used It is used to “finance development programmes that help improve the living conditions of underprivileged children and their families in a specific region of the world”.


AmStramGram Theater.
☞   4-10 October: “Non, Je veux pas”, for ages 2+.
☞ ♥ 20 October, for ages 10+: “La nuit au Theatre”. Come with your sleeping bag and spend the night in the theater! A night full of surprises awaits!

Simply Theater
October 6-14
☞ ♥ Oliver Jeffers’ Lost and Found. Book your tickets here.
An adaptation of one of the best books for kids we have ever come across. An must-see in October, obligatory!

Theatre de Marionnettes
October 3-14
☞ “Eclipse”, a show for kids aged 2+, combining black light, shadows, puppets, and music to create an outer-space atmosphere. More details (in French) here.

ZOT Compagnie
September 29 – October 28, Carouge
☞ “Hippolyte veut la lune”, for kids of all ages. Find out more details about the show and book your tickets by clicking here.

Theatre Topffer
September 30 – October 21
☞ “Farinet ou le faux monnayeur Valaisan”. Here’s your link with details (you can only pay with cash in the theater).

For a detailed list of each weekend’s family-friendly activities, head over to Instagram and follow Parentville! The weekend activities are posted every Friday in the Instagram stories.


OTHER EVENTS, for you to check

October 2-4
A big sale of 2nd hand, high quality kids clothes (0-14 yo), including the likes of Jacadi, Tartine et chocolat, Ralph Lauren, Moncler, etc. It will take place in the Salle Centrale de la Madelaine (Rue de la Madelaine 10, 1204 Geneva).

Zoo La Garenne
Story time. Dates, and timings on lagarenne.ch.

Cinema Bio
Le Vent Dans Les Roseaux,  62 minutes, for kids aged 5+.
Eliette, an eight-year-old girl, lives in a country where the king has banned music. A troubadour from the East has his instruments confiscated. Together they will lead the people to free themselves from tyranny. Here’s your link to Cinema Bio.

There are several museums in the city offering activities on Wednesdays and on Weekends. Check their websites for exact dates and timings. Museums to check: Ariana, MAH, Mamco, MEG, Centre d’Art Contemporaine, Natural History Museum.

For a detailed list of each weekend’s family-friendly activities, head over to Instagram and follow Parentville! The weekend activities are posted every Friday in the Instagram stories.