There’s a new magazine for girls (and the rest of the world)  in Switzerland – « Kosmos ». I can’t wait to tell you all about it! It’s fun, it’s wise, it’s silly, it’s interesting, and more! It opens the door to new interests, passions, and self-confidence. (And no, I was not paid to write about it).

« Kosmos » is new in Switzerland but I’ve known it for several years. It was founded in 2017 in Poland and I’m Polish – voila! We had a subscription for a while but Z was too little to appreciate the contents. We are thrilled to present it to her again, in French and adapted to kids living in Switzerland. After reading the first « test » issue, we are sure she will be excited to discover the future editions!

Four brave women are behind bringing « Kosmos » to Switzerland: Marta Kosinska, Laura Simon, Martina Polek and Cyrielle Cordt-Moller. They are working around the clock to bring this inspiring magazine to Swiss preteens. « Kosmos » is ads-free, non-profit, relying on sales and support from foundations and NGOs. This ambitious project, with the future of little girls at heart,  deserves our full attention.

What is Kosmos?

It’s an empowering magazine for girls aged 7-13. The goal is to help them get and keep self-confidence, find new interests, embrace their passions. It presents captivating texts on psychology, environment, science and society – presented in an engaging and humorous way There are also jokes, games, propositions of science activities and arts projects, as well as books reviews.

The first issue, for example, is all about the voice (but also about what is needed for a reindeer to become a pet). There’s a short history of feminism, the biology of voice, a piece about ways to use the voice and more! And a bricolage project that also has to do with voice! 72 pages of passion, knowledge, silly jokes, and wise messages. Z. had a ton of laugh discovering yodelling and trying it out herself – it’s the Swiss touch that we are grateful for as an expat family.


New issues will come out every 2 months. 72 pages of it to be exact. It will be available in a form of an annual subscription, in kiosks, libraries, museums, bookstores, and schools. Every issue will be printed locally in Switzerland in an ecological way – limiting the carbon footprint as much as possible. Each issue will also have an accompanying section on Kosmos website, with some more inspiring materials (ex. videos, music). You can see the bonus for the first issue here.



A pilot study of the research project “Mädchen in der Schweiz” shows that girls lose confidence in themselves as they grow older. While the majority of 9 yo girls surveyed described themselves as brave and strong, only half of those between 12 and 16 kept this strong feeling about themselves. Girls are capable and curious, but they are less daring to express it as they grow up, especially if it does not correspond to stereotypical expectations related to their gender. On average, girls do well in school, but they often do not realize their potential in their professional life.

Kosmos aims to support preteens in exploring and developing their skills & knowledge of different areas of life. It will show them the world with an angle free from gender stereotypes. With this magazine they will get to know positive role models, but also have a platform to present their ideas and passions. I really believe « Kosmos » can be one of the tools that helps preteen girls strenghten their self-esteem, so that they can grow without feeling small and keep following their dreams.


The crowdfunding campaign launched to gather the funds for « Kosmos » was met with a lot of excitement and is going amazingly well! It’s still on, so check it out and grab the deals. There’s a one year subscription, an option for a personalized first issue, workshops, and more. All prepared by a team of professional, passionate amazing ladies! And what a great Christmas gift!