Pick any language there is, and I bet you there is a place or a person in Geneva that can provide you with lessons in that tongue. It applies to kids as well. There are many language schools for kids in Geneva. This article will only cover ones I know or found.

There are also courses of the language and culture « of origin » provided by the Departement d’Instruction Publique (link here).

If you ask around in your neighbourhood, you will surely find more possibilities. Don’t forget to inquire with your commune or quartier. Never underestimate their knowledge, resources, and offers.


1. Gymboree Geneva offers English courses through play even for little munchkins.

2. Spell Languages is a true gem – many languages, for kids of all levels, including natives, and all ages. They even have French courses for mums and babies! They also offer 4h Wednesday courses for kids – can help a lot with filling the school-free day, it involves outings, playtime, bricolages. Spell’s HQ is in the old town, but they also offer courses in other quartiers and communes.

3. Berlitz is a worldwide language school using a unique method. I had a chance to test their teaching method while learning Italian in Poland, and French in Geneva. They also helped me rock my CAE certificate back in highschool.

4. Bell School Geneva English language school can keep your child busy on Wednesdays and weekdays. They have courses for both natives and beginners.

5. Deutsche Schule Genf, aka the German School, offers German lessons on Wednesdays for kids as young as 4!

6. Key English School offers English classes for all levels in various locations.

7. PEP-Personalised English Progression, in Geneva and Veyrier. English courses for two different age groups on Wednesdays and Saturdays (3h long).

8. Alpe offers English classes for all levels in various locations in Geneva and nearby Vaud.

9. In Eaux-Vives there is Arnie’s Language School with English classes for kids and teenagers.

How about Spanish? Russian? Italian? Arabic? Chinese? Portuguese? Apart from Spell Languages, where can kids learn these languages? Can you help me find them?