Spring is here, and as every year (well, second year in a row) places have reopened. There’s more to do outdoors, indoors, and some small festivals, events, and workshops are popping up. A May 2021 round up for families in Geneva is here!

You can always find more family-friendly events, workshops, guided tours, and parenting meet ups in Parentville’s events calendar – IT’S HERE and it is slowly filling up with fun stuff!

Before you jump up please remember that the virus is real and still here. Just because some things are allowed, it doesn’t mean we have to do them. Pick up your autotests from the pharmacy and use them before meeting with others. All that to say: stay  safe and enjoy life.

So, are there really things going on? Yes!

Ready? Here we go!

May 8&9

Some fun events organized for the occasion:

  • treasure hunt & a creative workshop in Satigny: check here.
  • a guided tour from l’Ile Rousseau to the Old Town following the traces of women important in Geneva’s history. More details here.
  • Winegrower ride in a grape picker trailer, treasure hunt and wine tasting in Soral. You can find out all about it here.
  • « The Mysterious City » treasure hunt in the Old Town of Geneva for families. Check it out here.

MAY 5-9
Geneva City and other municipalities

The Fête de la Danse was redesigned to meet the current safety measures. In 2021, the stages will be replaced by exhibitions in the public space, the lessons turn into a marathon and the festive moments are displayed in the form of a fresco made with your photos! Many fun events around the canton for big and small.

Detailed info here.


Global Happiness
From May 6 till October 17
Quartier Libre du SIG

The new Helvetas exhibition follows in the footsteps of happiness, here in Switzerland but also around the world. This exhibition explores an essential question: what makes us happy? Is happiness the same here as it is on the other side of the world? And what does “lasting happiness” look like? Is this happiness that contributes to personal, collective and global well-being and that does not harm the environment, others, or future generations? “GLOBAL HAPPINESS” questions our way of life and prompts us to think about what we really need to be happy.

The Helvetas traveling exhibition is to be discovered at the Espace Quartier Libre SIG in Geneva (Pont de la Machine) from May 6 to October 17, 2021 from 10:00 to 17:00. More info: bonheurglobal.ch

Marché de printemps
May 8
Vernier Village

Curious gardener? Passionate about the vegetable garden? At the spring market of the City of Vernier, you  will be able to find vegetable pieces of rare and endangered varieties. This annual meeting also offers a large assortment of seeds marketed under the ProSpecieRaraara label. To transport your seed pieces, remember to bring a suitable container: bag, cardboard tray, etc.

In addition to various craft stands and activities, sheep will be present to the delight of young and old. Finally, to quench your thirst and awaken your taste buds, plates with flavors of ProSpecieRara products will be prepared for your pleasure from 11:30 am.

Purchasing here is a good deed: a quarter of the sales will be donated to the ProSpecieRara foundation, while the charitable association Lumière pour Haïti will receive 50% of the sale of the geraniums.

More info here.

Ecoute voir
Museum of the History of Science
May 12 2021 – February 27 2022

A new exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science: « Listen to see ». From ear to sound, everything is a matter of waves. Sound is a wave that loves matter. You hear it through your ears but you can also sometimes see it. This physical phenomenon so common in our daily lives is however full of curiosities and mysteries. Come and discover them at the Museum of the History of Science!
Through fun interactive devices,  it offers the visitors to get to know sound better, to discover intriguing ancient scientific instruments and above all to have a good time playing with science.

More about it: here.


The mobile and free Créateliers workshop is back on the Place de la Navigation, every Wednesday until the October holidays! A great opportunity for children and adults to let their imaginations run wild and meet other residents of the neighborhood. No reservation is required.

Ultra Saucisse
May 5-16

The theater show about bullying at schools. It is a story of Charlie, an 8-year-old chipolata, whose quiet and peaceful existence is turned upside down by an unfortunate incident during the school run, is revealed. From then on, Charlie becomes the sufferer – pain of his comrades, whose mockery and abuse are knives stuck in his heart. Nor his parents or his teachers notice his ordeal. Will Charlie manage to extricate herself from the cold room of isolation and humiliation?

On the website the show appears as complete (only 50 spectators are allowed to watch the show) but call them, because places free up every now and then. More info here.

Spectacle de magie
May 14&15

« Geneva Magic Cabaret »: two evenings dedicated to magic with the presence of 5 magicians. Come and dream for an evening!
Tickets cost 20 CHF for adults and 10 CHF for children. You can book your place by following this link.

MAY 16

Plenty of museums, libraries and other cultural institutions in Geneva will celebrate the International Day of the Museums on May 16 2021. It’s a great occasion to visit either favorite museums, or discover new places! Many activities for kids and families will be organized (but for now the link sends to a random page, so best is to check with each institutions). In many places bookings are required and other safety measures against the virus-we-will-not-name are in place.

For more info click here.

Fete du Jardin
May 29

It takes place in the heart of Navazza-Oltramare Park, around the communal vegetable garden and under a large tent housing stands selling orderly, seeds and aromatic herbs, as well as fresh produce. Gardening enthusiasts will teach you tips and tricks for gardening on your balcony, window sill or in the ground through thematic workshops (registration required for workshops, places limited). Children will be able to get their hands on the earth or listen to tales around the garden … And for gourmets, food trucks will join in the fun!

All details are on this website.


Espace des Inventions

A new children-friendly exhibition about earthquakes. As always in this museum, very interactive, hands-on, and educational. You can find out all about it here.

Berges de Vessy – Immersion

The Immersions exhibition offers an intimate dive into the amazing aquatic world. Focusing on it’s role, meaning, past and future. Some workshops for ages 6+ and 10+ are accompanying this exhibition. All about it here.


A new exhibition based on the inventory (done during the lockdown closures). It’s very diverse, and can amuze kids or at least move their imagination. Don’t miss the maze in the wagon and the dark cave you can enter. Mamco also organizes workshops and guided tours for kids. Find out more about it here.


What if  works of art and historical objects were placed in a surrounding that would give them ore context? Paintings with farm animals on wooden sheds, paintings with food in a restaurant-like setting, historical furniture displayed as in a furniture store, or sculptures taking showes? This is how MAH created this exhibition. Entry is free, no registration required. You can learn more about it here.