A beautiful, and visibly filled with lots of positive energy lady, Dany, gathers kids around to welcome them at the camp. « My job is going through all kinds of bins », she says to explain her job. Some kids laugh, some are baffled. Mommy said to never get stuff out of the bin. But when she goes deeper into the details they quickly grasp the concept and are wowed by what we can do with things that were destined to the « decheterie ».

About RécréCréa

Danny started association called RécréCréa several years ago. Clearly, Dany and other members don’t dive into single bin in the canton. The goal of this association is to recover materials, so-called « clean » waste from companies and individuals to give them a second life through creativity and play. Their depot resembles Ali Baba’s cave. Whatever material you may need for your creative project, it must be there.

Recrecrea offers activities for families, kids, camps, but also workshops for adults, and company workshops. Recrecrea has a wonderful way of educating through fun and play.


Oh the camps! Kids paradise! On most weeks of school vacations and for several weeks every summer, RécréCréa offers camps. Each week has a different theme, and some may be organized in a collaboartion with another organization.

Children spend days laughing a lot, creating, playing games, chilling, and running outside. Dany is some kind of a magical child whisperer, she magically makes the group work together and brings so much positive energy they will be fueled for weeks! And not only Dany, she chooses her associates wisely, so whoever is taking care of the kids during those weeks, knows how to gain their trust and create a friendly relationship. Children feel happy and safe.

The only risk of signing your kids up for this camp, is that they will want another week, and another, and to be back next year. At least, this is Parentville’s personal experience.

It is such a wonderful place!

Creativity in comes in many forms during these camp weeks. Be ready to welcome at home vehicules with CD wheels, or big cardboard ice cream shops, or wooden houses for figurines. Sky is the limit, and I assure that your kid will surprise you. In Recrecrea everything is possible.



Freadom is the feature that comes first to my mind when I describe camps at Recrecrea. Freedom not only to create whatever kids want, and not only the freedom to choose materials. It’s freedom in general.

Nobody is forced to do anything. There’s lots of free time and at the same time lots to do for those who don’t need free time. No child is left alone, but they are free to do what they want, and free to be themselves. It must have something to do with Dany’s big heart and empathy.

Maybe, explaining freedom at Recrecra on an example, will work better?


In the summer of 2020, Dany was incredibly kind to offer a camp to Z and her friend. Having a child who does not like camps, I hesitated, but we gave it a go. It was the best decision I made in a long time. Girls had amazing fun. It was always hard to get them to leave, and each day they were coming back with cool DIY projects.

We now have two wooden houses with some fancy decorations, paintings on wooden boards, a proper wallet made out of a chips packaging, self-made face masks and a big cardboard house (I think it’s a house).

Whenever I came, I heard laughter and joy. One time the kids filled a small kiddy swimming pool with torn paper bits and spent hours playing with it, throwing it around, making paper battles.

Some kids where doing wooden houses, while others were painting, or playing outside. This is freedom.

On the last day they almost cried, so… they stayed another week. At the end of the last week, Dany was asking children what she could do better for the next year. The main answer was: let us sleep here!



Recrecrea’s online:
recrecrea.ch; @recrecrea on IG, @recrecrea on FB

Camps are for children between ages 4 and 10.

Meals are included in the price.

You can enroll for a week or per day, or half day. Everything is possible.