Revolv Bikes is revolutionizing the way kids ride! Say goodbye to the stress of buying a bike that your child will outgrow in no time. They take care of everything, from hassle-free delivery to your doorstep to the seamless return process when your child is ready for an upgrade. You can trust that every bike is either brand new or meticulously reconditioned (at a lower tariff), ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride for the next lucky rider. Experience the joy of hassle-free biking with Revolv Bikes!

Revolv has kindly gave us one bike for 12 months to check the service, test the bike, and let you know how we feel about it. It’s been a few days and so far, we think it’s brilliant and the bike is wonderful!

Revolv has all types of bikes, starting with balance bikes (8 chf/month new, 6,50 chf/month reconditioned), off-road balance bikes (sic!), first pedals bikes, city bicycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, and more!


  • Convenient online long-term rental.
  • Hassle-free home delivery and pick up.
  • 14-day test ride period to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Save money without compromising on quality.
  • High quality and safe bikes only.
  • Catering to all ages: from balance bikes to rugged off-road bikes.
  • Easily upgrade to a bigger size when needed.
  • Promoting circular economy!
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Tom Skelton established Revolv with the goal of making high-quality cycling more affordable, safer, environmentally friendly, and accessible. As a father of three young children, he is well aware of how rapidly kids outgrow their bikes, how expensive high-quality bikes can be and how quickly inexpensive bikes become unusable.

This is how Revolv came into existence, born out of a love for cycling and a passion for the circular economy. Revolv offers lightweight, top-quality bikes that guarantee a quality ride and long useful life.

Step 1.

Go on and choose a bike depending on your child’s age, cycling skills, and the inseam length. You’ll find an easy guide explaining how to choose the right bike and its size.

Step 2.

Select your preferred plan, either subscribe or purchase (you can benefit from easy exchange in both cases), and proceed with payment. Subscriptions have a minimum term of 12 months, with the option to upgrade to a larger size after just 6 months (although bikes should last at least 12-18 months if correctly sized).


The bike will arrive to your door any day now! It will be sent by Swiss Post’s ‘priority’ service. This allows you to select a delivery slot that suits your availability, ensuring a smooth and timely delivery experience.

Your bike will be carefully checked and packaged in a sizable box (it wouldn’t be fun carrying it from the post office), with almost all assembly work completed before shipping. The handlebars will need straightening and pedals attaching on receipt, but rest assured—it’s a straightforward process and the team at Revolv are on hand to help with any questions, making it easy for you to get your bike ready for your adventures.

Step 4.

The initial 14 days serve as a trial period, allowing you to confirm that the bike’s size and design are an ideal fit for your child. Within this timeframe, you have the flexibility to return or exchange the bike. But if everything meets your expectations (which is highly likely!), go ahead and savor the experience! Ride and have a blast!

Step 5.

At the 6-month mark, you have the option to upgrade your child’s bike within your plan for a small fee to help cover postage. After 12 months for balance bikes, and 18 months for all other bikes, this upgrade becomes free of charge. The process is straightforward: select your new bike online, coordinate its return (the postal service can collect it from your home), and anticipate the swift arrival of your brand-new bike!


Revolv Bikes provides top-notch bicycles with no upfront costs. Purchasing such bikes can be relatively expensive, especially considering that children tend to outgrow them quickly. Opting for a 12-month subscription offers a more cost-effective alternative to buying the same bike. If you do prefer to buy, Revolv offer this too along with the option to buy the bike back from you within the first three years at a predetermined price!

Subscriptions range from 8 CHF/month for a brand new balance bike up to 49.50 CHF/month for a gnarly 26” offroad bike that would otherwise cost CHF 1,429 to buy – with many other sizes and types of bikes in between.

Please be aware that the subscription does not include maintenance (other than a full service, including replacing parts as necessary, between owners) or insurance coverage (as consumers often have coverage under their home insurance or ‘responsabilite civl’ insurance for rentals).

Circular economy

Bicycles, just like any other product, should be designed to last. Instead of opting for cheap, disposable alternatives, it’s essential to invest in quality that stands the test of time. With a subscription-based ownership model, Revolv promotes sustainability by reducing the use of raw materials and cutting down on production and transportation costs.

By choosing higher-quality bicycle components, you not only enjoy extended lifespans and improved performance, but you also experience fewer breakdowns, especially with regular maintenance, making your riding experience safer.

Revolv offers a subscription model that ensures you only pay for the time your child can use the bike. They facilitate bike exchanges among users, maximizing the usage of each bicycle and minimizing waste. Every bike in their fleet receives meticulous maintenance and refurbishment between subscribers, guaranteeing an extended and productive life.

Moreover, this subscription model eliminates the need for significant upfront costs and replaces them with affordable monthly payments, making high-quality bicycles accessible to more families.


Revolv delivers bikes all across Switzerland. But if you’re in the Geneva region and looking for a more personal touch, why not book an appointment at their showroom in Vesenaz? Get ready to be blown away by their great collection of bikes and kids’ cycling accessories! The friendly and knowledgeable team at the showroom will guide you through the process, ensuring that you find the bike of your dreams.

Don’t miss the Showroom Inauguration Day on October 14th – amazing deals will be offered on that day only.

I hope my explanations are easy to understand and, well, convincing! Go to and check it out for yourself!




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