Summer holidays are over but fun for families is in Geneva the whole year. September is the start of new programs in theatres,  outdoors festivals that want to benefit from nice weather till it lasts, and weekend events to give us a breath from all the same weekdays. Not to mention that many hurry before the You-Know-What will dominate again, and deprive us of social lives.

There is a lot going on! Without any further philosophical entries, let me get you straight to the fun ahead.


till 2024, le Grand-Saconnex

Before the construction works will kick in to fill this terrain with more office buildings, good people decided to use this space as a new place for us – people living in Geneva and around. The gardens are located behind the massive ILO building – previously inaccessible to the wide public but from now till 2024 it is ours. What can we do there? We can by fruit and veg growing on the site, we can also work in the gardens. They will organize workshops, cultural events, and other activities. The highlight: enter the Syllepse to enjoy a immersive 360° show presenting works of prestigious artists.

The site is accessible to wheelchair users (aces and restrooms).

There is a buvette on the site, places for picnics, restrooms and all you may need. Check their program regurarly. More info at

Festival La Batie
3-19 September, Various locations

It’s back! La Batie always marks the rentree with fabulous cultural events. This year, I found 6 shows designed to entertain kids, and some others that can work for families – for example music and dance at Col de la Faucille (hiking with cultural dressing). The tickets for each event disappear fast, so don’t wait too long: check the program, book your tickets and enjoy.

The events take place in various locations. Some of them are perfectlya dapted to people with all types of reduced mobility, others make work only for some, some won’t work at all. You can consult the details of some places here, for others please contact La Batie directly.

Festival Chouette Nature
4-5 September, Presinge

This event is designed especially for children. It is an open air festival and it is free. Around 30 associations and organizations are brought together to offer fun activities for kids of all ages. It is also a possibility to eat on the site and to try local bio products from the Domaine de l’Abbaye.

You can consult detailed program of activities here.

30 August – 4 September, Bastions

Alternatiba is a yearly festival all about sustainability and actions that can save the planet. The main part is in Bastions with stands run by various associations and organizations divided by themes (kids/education is one of them). There are also movie screenings, conferences, and workshops.

Accessible for wheelchair users but no properly adapted restroom on site, also coblestone pavements.

You can see the full program here.

8-22 September, Herstreet (Eaux-Vives)

A pop-up store like no other! Accompanied by events, activities, and workshops. These 15 days of family fun is organized by My Little Room in collaboration with Geneva Discovery. They invited many others to provide yoga classes, cooking workshops, floral decorations activities. MotherStories will be there with a talk on post partum. There is something for all ages and tastes.

Herstreet is accessible to wheelchair users but without an adapted toilet.

You can find out more at

16-19 September, Jardin Anglais

Street Food Festival is back, and again in the best possible location: Jardin Anglais. Lots of fabulous food, bars, grass for picnicing. Lots of place for kids to run around, pram friendly. What to ask more? It’s a great occasion to make children try new foods, reward with a great dessert, and meet up with friends.

This year of course, some measures are introduced: Covid Certificate necessary to enter (for adults), only cashless payments accepted, but masks not necessary once inside.

This event is fully wheelchair friendly (access and toilets).

More info:

Firefly Festival
17-18 September, Pregny-Chambesy

This is brand new! The first edition of this music festival looks great! Apart from the concerts, activities for kids are in program such as circus arts by Cirquenbelle. It will also be an opportunity to check out Bubble Ethic and their durable creations, eat, drink and have a wonderful time.

The festival is accessible for wheelchair users.

You can check out more about it and book your tickets by clicking this link.

18-19 September, Vernier

The sun will be in the spotlight at École des Ranches on the weekend of September, 18. The event was initiated by the City of Vernier with the collaboration of Industrial Services (SIG) and the association Terragir. « The aim is to change attitudes about renewable energies and promote solar energy, » explains Mathias Buschbeck, mayor of Vernier.

The program of the event is rich and there is something for all ages (5+). So what’s in the program? Demonstration of solar ovens, manufacture of solar cars. observation of the sun with astronomical glasses, conferences on solar and photovoltaic panels, storytelling moments. You can check what is happening when at what time here.

PRM accesisbility: the school yard and the building are accessible, adapted toilets included.

Fête de l’Abeille et du Terroir
25 September, Lancy

The aim of this event is to promote sustainable development. It is free and fun for all ages (I mean kids and adults). Fête de l’Abeille makes it possible to discover and promote products from our region. Through various playful stands run by different producers or associations, the visitors have the opportunity to taste and buy quality products. There will be many workshops and activities, an animal farm, and last but not least lots to learn about bees.

Check it out here:

La Marche d’Amal
28 September, Geneva

Do you remember the giant marionnetes that walked through the streets of Geneva 3 years ago? Now it’s time for Amal to take a stroll in our city. This 3.5-meter-tall girl, built by the prestigious Handspring Puppet Company and presented by the Good Chance Company (who worked a lot in the migrant camps in Calais), started an 8000 km walk in July. She embarked from the Turkish-Syrian border and is headed to the UK. She aims to draw the world’s attention to the plight of unaccompanied refugee children or  those separated from their families. With the pandemic on everyone’s mind, Amal reminds us that the migration crisis continues, emphasizing the immense potential of the refugees rather than their desperate conditions.
Let’s all come and give her a warm welcome!



The special attention this month goes to Geneva’s theather for children – AMSTRAMGRAM. Why? Beacuse they are trying their best to make an offer that will also please those who don’t speak French. There are four shows this season that do not require mastering French language. It’s Runa in December, Wouah in December, Woodbeat in January, and Voler Dans Les Plumes in February. There will be many other shows on scenes before those dates of course but those do require understanding French words.

The season at Am Stram Gram starts in October but now is a good time to check out the detailed program and once the season start book tickets or get the annual pass. Their website is great: you can sort shows by age and dates.

You can also see the show « Babarman – Mon cirque pour un royaume » prepared for the festival La Batie in collaboration with AmStramGram.

The theater is fully accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Go to Am Stram Gram’s website:


We will have to wait till November for the new productions at englishspeaker’s favorite theater in Versoix. This year: Twelth Night, A Christmas Carol, and Peter Pan. Till then, check out their program of kids theater courses.You can find all information here.

The theatre is accessible for wheelchair users (not sure about the toilets).

Theatre des Marionnettes

As all other theaters, this one will also start its shows in October. But before that they have other things for you: Amal’s walk (read above), and october camp – I encourage you to start booking october camps now.