Language camps can be joyful and fun for kids of all ages! Spell Languages makes sure children immerse in the language while having the best time ever – after all, summer is all about playing and having a great time!

These camps are so fabulous, many kids end up spending even 3-4 weeks of summer with Spell Languages’ team


This year, Spell Languages offers immersion in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. You can choose to enroll your child for half days or full days. Lunch can be provided for a small additional fee. To benefit in the best possible way from activities, themes and language immersion, children are divided into age groups. They will all spend one full day in a forest!


Unless they already have strong language basis, one week of language courses this summer will probably not turn your kid into a fluent speaker. This being said, Spell Languages teachers know how to work with your child and how  to unlock their linguistic potential and self-confidence, both necessary ingredients to master the language. Children, as all humans, learn at their own rhythm, so each of them will leave the camp with a different amount of new language skills. Immersion is a wonderful tool – it will leave its marks that the brain will one day use for sure!


This year all camps have several things in common. All groups will spend one day somewhere close to the nature, exploring it and gaining knowledge adapted to kids’ ages. Classical music will be implemented in all themes too. Get ready for your kids to turn into little bookworms with literature’s best-sellers playing a role in every single camp to set the tone for their week’s adventures!


French camps are especially great for children attending private English schools, or those who have moved to Geneva and are still in need of a French boost.

English camps are fabulous for all kids, even native speakers! Spell Languages’ staff knows what kids on all language levels need and they have years of experience (during the school year there’s even a separate English course for English native speakers).

German, Italian, and Spanish can help your kid unlock their language potential at school, or simply better enjoy summer holidays by the Italian or Spanish sea!

Let’s look at the themes!


Youngest language learners (4-6 year olds) will spend the time in the worlds of fairytales, pirates, jungle. There’s also Charlie’s Chocolate Factory,  and Emys!

The next group (4-8 year olds) can choose between Emys, forest magic, pirates, Geneva Mystery, Asterix & Obelix, and more!

Ages 7-10 have a possibility to live a week or more playing in the theme of Koh Lanta, magic, animals, or Planet Earth & Space Travels.

A special camp for ages 11-14 will focus on human beings as social beings and social media, others can chose Jumanji.

Camps are so fun, the program so rich, it can be hard to choose the theme, but I assure you – whatever you choose, kids will have the best summer time with Spell Languages!

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