Pampering new moms with homemade food is the goal of SuperMamans – an association created in Lausanne, present in Geneva and all French-speaking Switzerland. They have also started the same concept in Germany!


It wasn’t until Z was a toddler that I discovered the association of SuperMamans. But it wasn’t until I actually met one SuperMaman that I got really interested in the project. Aline is an active member of the association, helping with association-things, and cooking for moms around the canton. I introduced her already as an inspiration to the article about vivisting MAH with toddlers.

//If you’d like to implement the concept in another country/region, do not hesitate to contact SuperMamans, they will happily help!//

The idea is so simple, it is hard to believe nobody have thought about it before!

Superwoman Cape

It takes a village to raise a child, they say. But it also take a village to help women get through the so-called 4th semester. Caring for a newborn, possibly older kids, trying to keep the house from falling apart, and… cooking. We all do it wearing our invisible superwomen capes.

SuperMamans’ cape

Wouldn’t it be amazing to sometimes just throw down the cape, give it to someone else, and be a human again?

SuperMamans and their capes to the rescue!

They offer a free homemade meal with a free delivery to families with a newborn in the house. This magical service is also available to the bed-bound pregnant women, adoptive parents, mothers grieving after a miscarriage. The delivered meal is not just for them, but for the whole family, so that this one day (or more!) they can stay away from the stove.

That one day (or more – details below) you don’t have to worry about groceries, pans, and timing. The meal will arrive carried by a friendly, smiley woman, happy to stay and chat a bit if you wish. FYI: many of the SuperMamans speak English, and other languages!

This is how it works. There are two types of women in the Association: MamansCadeau and MamansABichonner.


MamansCadeau (fr cadeau – gift) enroll as women willing to offer a homemade meal to families with newborns/pregnant women/new adoptive women/etc. They can do it once a week, or once a year. They decide on the area they are willing to cover, and the timings. And well, they don’t need to be moms (any women willing to cook is a sole requirenment).


MamansABichonner (fr a bichonner – to be pampered), are moms that would like to benefit from the generosity of MamansCadeau. Cooking with a newborn, and a contracting uterus is not always fun… ordering meals is costly and never as healthy as homemade food.

The village

SuperMamans are representing women power, and women solidarity, that many of us miss in everyday life. SuperMamans offer not only a free meals, new friendships, support, or a possibility to be kind an helpful. They give us a tool with which we can reclaim the village to raise our children, in the world where most people have time to only care about themselves.

This project is our hope.