The first of the summer, the last of the school year – June is a busy and exciting month. Rest assured that between booking the summer camps and hunting for gifts for teachers, there is a lot of fun ahead! I will now spare you a prolonged blah blah blah kind of intro and get straight into listing fun things happening in Geneva in June.

Ready? Let’s do it!

Les Grandes Médiévales d’Andilly, France
June 4, 5, 6, 11 & 12

Les Grandes Medievales is an annual medieval festival that takes place every year in the Grand Parc d’Andilly. It’s filled with great shows (horses, fire, acrobatics, storytelling, magic and more! There’s also food and games. It is a very popular festival, it can get crowded, and prams are not practical in that place. You can book your parking place with your ticket. You can also park in designated parking farther away – shuttles will take you to the festival. You can be there a few hours, the whole day, or if you’re that brave – stay for the night shows! Comfy shoes and water bottles.

More info here.

June 11, Grand-Saconnex

A day dedicated to children and families at the theater le Douze Dix-Huit and its suroundings! With shows for young and old, music, activities, games and entertainment to keep your children busy before, between and during performances. A great way to kick off the summer for families. It will start at 10 am and finish at 6:30 pm. Snacks and bevargaes will be availble on site.

More info here.

Bol d’Or Mirabaud,
June 10-12, Lac Leman

The worlds’ biggest closed bassin regata is taking place on our beloved Lac Leman. Over 500 sailboats will meet at the start line to compete. It turns the lake into a great scene. You can watch from different places along the lake throughout the day. From Friday (June 10) you can also hang out in the Village du BOM placed by the lake in Geneva on the occasion. Stands, animations, restaurants, bars, concerts! The site doesn’t specify where the Village will be, but we can probably all safely guees it will be Jardin d’Anglais.

More info here.

Le Jeune Homme de Cro-Magnon
June 8, 11, 12; Theatre la Creve Coeur

A playful and wacky show about our ancestor, his relationship with nature and the major discoveries that will forever change his way of existing. Adapted from Rémi Chaurand’s book, this story immerses us in the daily life of an 11-year-old Cro-Magnon and his best friend, at a time of mistrust and fear, of total dependence on nature, where everything is still discover. It is the unknown, the adventure, the horizon that is looming, but also a bit of adolescence.

Show for ages 7+. More info and bookings here.

Fete de la Musique
24-26 June, Bastions

Three days of concerts and musical events in Geneva. This 31st edition is looking great: concerts, workshops and meetings of all styles and flavors. The next Fête de la Musique is once again taking place in the Parc des Bastions and in the Old Town and presents a program of 555 free cultural activities, on thirty stages, almost half of which are outdoors. Nothing like it to kick off the summer! Some municipalities will also organize events for the Fete de la Musqiue – check with your commune.

More info here.

June 18-19, Versoix

A rare occasion to visit the observatory of the University of Geneva as it celebrates its 250th anniversary! It will open to the public this month with cool surprises and activities for kids and adults. How about sun observations, or games teaching about the solar system, or even a planetarium show. There will be special workshops for children ages 12+.  Book your spots fast!

More info here.

June 19, Victoria Hall

Charity concert performed by Harmonie Nautique de Genève in the beautiful Victoria Hall in Geneva organized by Ukraine Aid. This organization provides financial support to hosts of Ukrainian families in the European Union countries and in Switzerland. The aid is intended to relieve the families of displaced persons and to make it easier for displaced persons, often difficult ones, to start life in their new countries.

More info here.

June 25-26, Morges

The 10th edition of this cool festival for kids will take place in Morges, in a newly renovated theater! As usual, the program gives a special place to magic, theater and puppet shows as well as fun, creative and sporting activities and workshops. It’s a joyful fun festival!

More info here.

JARDIN DES NATIONS – immersive show
All summer

How about chilling in a fun garden, sipping drinks prepared by la Barje? To the fun you can add yoga, gardening, fresh vegies, and… an immersive 360° show about Vermeer and his amazing works. We saw the show few months ago and oh boy, it is really wonderful and relaxing!

More info here.

June 10 – September 30, Eaux-Vives

A yearly open air exibition organised by Art Geneve. The art works placed in Parc des Eaux-Vives, La Grange and on Quai Gustave-Ador will for sure spice up your walk. Many of the sculptures will fascinate the kids as well, and who knows maybe it will inspire them to create something too?

More info here.


The toy libraries on wheels are back to provide fun in various parks from Monday to Thursday every week till auatumn. In the city of Geneva it is called a Ludobus, in the municipality of Vernier it’s name is an Amusebus. You can check the details of places and timings for Geneva here, for Vernier here.