What is a ludotehque? Who is it for? Where can I find one?

A ludotheque is a concept not known all around the globe, and so the idea is not so easy to grasp at first for all. Here’s the first hint: the name comes from the french word « ludique » – playful.


A ludotheque (« ludo ») is basically a toy library, but it’s also so much more. You can become a member of a ludotheque of your choice by paying a very modest membership fee. It will allow you to rent toys, and will help with birthday parties (more on this at the very bottom). Sweet, right?

Ludo is also a free of charge indoor playground, though each ludotheque is differently equipped for kids of different ages. For coming to play, you don’t need to be a member. Just be sure to check the opening hours, as no ludo is opened every day, but there is always at least one ludotheque opened every day.

It’s also a place, where you can meet other parents (and babysitters), where kids master their social skills by stealing toys from one another and refusing to share, without destroying your house.

Where? When?

Every district of Geneva has a ludotheque, and every commune (everything that is not Geneva city, so Grand Saconnex, Vernier, etc) has at least one. Check out the addresses and details here.

Important bits:

  1. During the summer look out for 2 Ludobuses – ludotheques on wheels. Each Ludobus spends each week or two in a different spot in the city, where kids can play outdoors with toys brought from ludtheques.
  2. When looking for a birthday party venue – check your local ludotheque. Isn’t a room full of toys a perfect kids party place? It can also be the cheapest option there is.
  3. When hosting a birthday party at your place, you might still want to visit them and rent, for example, a bouncy castle.