All kids like bricks, especially those classic plastic bricks that can create whatever sits in one’s imagination. Some kids need a bit of encouragement, others jump into the world of LEGO® without hesitations. Certainly, all will adore the Bricklive event happening this week in Palexpo.

We were very pleased to see that the space devoted to Bricklive is big, and did not feel overcrowded even on a Saturday afternoon!

This article is not sponsored by Bricklive. I did receive tickets for a contest on Instagram, and some for my family. That’s all. The article contains 100% honesty.


Where to start? Where to begin? The venue is spacious and filled with many different activities. The first by the entry is the creation of a massive Lego® mosaic. This is also where you can enter a tombola for 5 CHF (all profits go to a charity that takes bricks to children’s hospitals). The prize can be anything from a figurine (Lego® Gingerbread man anyone?), through small sets, to big big big Lego® sets.

There are brick pools: one purple and one red. Recently at home, we challenged ourselves to build one-colour constructions, so we loved to have a pool of purple bricks! There is also a different zone with only white bricks and lots of lovely creations.

There is a scene, on which many kids of competitions take place every day, a Lego® wall, Lego® flippers, an exhibition of marine-themed brick sculptures, and race tracks of different kinds. There is a huge map waiting to be filled with monuments and buildings. There is a section with several consoles to play Minecraft. Of course a shop as well!

The rest of the activities space is divided by the theme of Lego®: Ninjago, Star Wars, Minecraft, Friends.

Bricks 4 Kidz is there as well with very cool motorized builds to be made by visitors!


Many parents on Instagram have asked me about the minimum age to visit the BrickLive. I would say kids need to be at least four years old to take advantage of most, but probably those 6+ will have the best fun.

That being said, there are activities for smaller children too! There is quite a spacious Duplo zone, for example, or the marble run area. They will surely enjoy the exhibition of Lego® sea creatures and sitting in the little submarine made with bricks.


For those kids who love building with Lego, creating, playing, this is the perfect event. To take advantage of every activity, I think at least half a day is needed, which (IMO) makes it worth the price of the ticket. We enjoyed changing the themes or colours of the bricks and after 2h on-site still had lots to do and see!


BrickLive is in Palexpo, Geneva.

Till Sunday, October 27th. Every day from 10 am till 6 pm.

Free for kids under the age of 4. Under 14yo pay 18 CHF. Adults (15+) pay 25 CHF. You can purchase tickets at Palexpo, in Fnac, or online.

Yes, for wheelchairs and strollers. Parking on-site. Accessible toilets.

A snack bar, a buvette with warm meals, and a sweet snack bar at the venue.