Summer is here! We still need to wait a bit for the holidays, June in Geneva is looking very family-friendly. All paddling pools are open; parks are filling up with people, free bbq places are more and more crowded, and well… we are getting closer and closer to having a brand new big sandy beach in Geneva! Like in the title – Family-friendly June in Geneva, 2019!


FYI: many events don’t get announced enough in advance to inform you before the month comes, some might simply be discovered by me a bit too late, but nothing will be missed – every day Parentville’s events calendar for families in Geneva is updated with new fun things to do, events to participate, and activities to do!

Another announcement before we had over to the summer holidays! Every year, I publish a super duper summer guide in the form of a downloadable pdf. What’s in it? A proposition of an outing, or a small trip for every single day of summer holidays. How to get it? Subscribe to the newsletter – the guide will be sent at the end of June.


May 29th – June 1st

A Carouge, à Carouge, sure mon petit cheval rouge…! Isn’t Carouge just the best when it comes to events? They organise so many of them, and they are all fabulous. This is also the case for the International Festival of Baroque Music and Sacred Art – AGAPE. This year a completely separate program has been prepared for children, under the name of « Le Festival des Enfants ». In the program: shows, concerts, workshops, and what not.



Every first Sunday of the month, the Ethnography Museum of Geneva transforms into a kids activity centre! There will be activities for babies, art workshops, guided tours, and so much more! Check the program on the Museum’s website – some activities need to be booked in advance, some are free, others require a modest payment.



This festival fully devoted to children and families is organised every two years in Bernex. Completely free, it offers a vast range of activities, games, workshops, shows for children and adults! This year « La Rue aux Enfants » will take place in the Sport Zone Signal de Bernex. It will be an entire day for children and families with games, entertainment and shows around the theme of movement! The full program is here.


JUNE 2 & 12

One Sunday per month, June 2, from April to October, historic trams are put on the rails between Place des Nations, Cornavin station and Carouge, via the city centre. It’s a different, an exciting way for kids to discover the city and the past.

On June 12 a special event will be organised: a tram ride to discover the worst criminals in the city! Adapted from Corinne Jaquet’s bestseller « Meurtres à Genève » by Jacques Sallin, the Tram’Drames show will be presented in the historic tram.


June 1,2,8,9, 10, 15,16
La Ville Est A Vous is a series of weekend festivals, each in a different neighbourhood of the City of Geneva. In June, three districts will have their “The City is Yours” festivities: Saint-Gervais, Jonction, and Saint-Jean. Check out at least one of them. The streets of the neighbourhood are closed to traffic, people get out on the streets to buy/sell, there is a tone of food, and even more on the stands and in the trucks! Oh, and of course lots of activities for children!


Till June 16

The extraordinary Cirque du Soleil is here! It is not only a circus without any animals involved in the show, but it is also the best circus you can imagine. It’s magic without magic tricks! They will make you laugh hard and also make your jaw drop low. Some of Parentville’s readers took kids as young as 3 to the show, and they all loved it. The cheapest tickets for adults are for 70 CHF, and I promise it will be the best invested 70 CHF this year!



As Beyonce said during her Coachella performance, we’ve had enough of the bullsh*t! Depending on where you’re from, you might have notice bigger or smaller changes needed to be adapted in Switzerland to improve the situation of women: working women, stay at home moms, girls at the school level. All women. This is why this massive strike will happen in all Switzerland. If you can’t participate in the manifestation, you can still go on strike – go to work but make longer breaks, work slower, do nothing at home (yey to wine and Netflix), force dads to take over the kids on that day. Let them all see how we are needed, what would happen if we all stopped performing our daily tasks! You can consult the detailed program for Geneva here.


June 14-16

The world’s most important inland lake regatta is happening right here! Around 500 boat sale from Geneva to Boveret and back, which makes for 123 km! It’s a wonderful occasion for a picnic by the lake or a lunch in a lakeside restaurant. Just check on the regatta’s website at what time the boats are expected to be where.


JUNE 15-16, Morges

Diabolo is probably the most kid-friendly event in the region each year. It will take place at the Théâtre de Beausobre, and will offer a possibility for kids to experience an artistic adventure. Puppet shows, music, magic and circus – the whole family will find happiness in the program of the Festival. You will come across artists like Henri De, the sponsor of our festival, or Les Petits Chanteurs à la Gueule de Bois, winners of the « Swiss Scene Award 2018 », who will unveil their new show for the young audience. Diabolo would not be the festival he has become without his creative, playful and sporty workshops. Browse the site  to discover the many nuggets and surprises that await for your family in Morges.



Rescue Day 2019 is an event that will highlight the rescue, personal assistance and security trades. The admission is free of charge. During the event, you will be able to discover uniformed personnel, their vehicles, their equipment, and participate in the many activities.
Among the present services, you will find Airport Fire Rescue Service (SSLIA) and the Fire and Rescue Service (SIS), Police, Samaritans. Also, various service dogs and their masters will be at the site, as well as many associations, and other organizations that work daily for our safety. Animations for all ages will be offered too!

This day is organised by the Association Eyes Color Planet (ASYCP) to help children and families affected by a rare disease. All benefits and donations will go to this recognised Public Utility Association.



June 21-23

One of the most awaited weekend every year is the one with Fête de la Musique! 2 days of concerts, dancing, shows, and activities, including ones for families and kids. You can check the whole program here soon  (it has not been announced when this article was being prepared).


June 27-30

This year, at least in June, it will take place in Jardin Anglais! And will start already on Thursday with an after-work party accompanied by some best DJs from the region. A great occasion to try street food not only from Geneva but from other Swiss cities too. As always kids corner will be organised with fun activities, this year with the support of the Swiss Food Academy. The kids corner will be open: Thu 5pm-9pm, Fri 12pm-9pm, Sat 12pm-9pm, Sun 12pm-7pm.




A magnificent exhibition of dinosaurs, to visit for young and old is opening this summer in Versoix – a Dino World Expo! From the excavation area to the adventure park, everything is designed for a pedagogical purpose pedagogical, but also and especially so that everyone has fun. Children are invited to explore, play and roar like any self-respecting young T-Rex. Many attractions on the site including a labyrinth, mini-golf, inflatable castles, museum, activities!


till September 15, 2019; Musee d’Histoire des Sciences

The History of Science Museum offers a very fun, incredibly interactive (but no screens) exhibition to explore the world of machines that move things. Kids can try different machines and explore how they work. It’s a great playful expo, absolutely recommended! Since ancient times, even before, humans have developed a series of technical devices and tips to move, carry or block important loads. They were given the name of « machines ». We live daily, sometimes without recognizing them. They simplify our life through many familiar objects, alone or combined.



till January 5, Musée d’Ethnographie de la Ville de Genève

This exposition is not to be missed by no means! The Fairy Tales Factory is a beautiful exposition, with many « wow » elements. It explores eight tales, mostly not very well known, in a fantastic way. Your children, no matter the age, will fall in love with it. Don’t miss the dress-up room with a scene! You can also read my thoughts on the exhibition after visiting it with Z. here.


Till January 19, 2020; Natural History Museum in Geneva

Kill and eat to live, to survive! This is the essence of the act of predation. Predators have been present since the beginnings of life on Earth and in all ecosystems. Far from the big bad wolf and the teeth of the sea, the exhibition reveals a natural phenomenon essential to the development and maintenance of life, from the world of bacteria to that of large vertebrates. The expo is highly educative for small kids and adults alike. It is beautifully designed, and offers a lot of surprising discoveries!

Faites comme chez nous

Till September 1, 2019

Do you know those tiny little bastards in the lake that cause a yucky rush on the skin? They are called « Puces de canard », and now you can learn all about them at this entertaining exhibition. It has an old school computer game, a photo printer, a quiz, a lab, and pictures of these yucky creatures. Have fun and learn how to avoid the itchy skin


Tous sous le même toit

till October 31, 2019; VESSY

By this eclectic, educational and inevitably incomplete exhibition, immersively associating images, drawings and models, the Association of Berges de Vessy and its partners invite the public to explore through Geneva, Switzerland and the world the formidable adventure of the Roofs. Not to miss, the walk around Berges de Vessy before or after the expo!


till November 10, within and around the Ariana Museum

Take a walk around the Ariana Park (near the UN), where an internationally-renowned artist and ceramist Jacques Kaufmann, has installed his projects. His installations will create new paths, an ephemeral wall between the museum and the UN, a house made of clay, and even a bridge that symbolically passes through the museum’s architecture. After the park, the artist-builder will further develop his works within the museum



June 2, Balexert

Going to the movies as a family is always fun. On the Pathé Family Day, you can enjoy one or more films from Pathe’s family-friendly program for only CHF 15.00 per ticket (it also include a drink and a small popcorn and a small gift for children). The Pathé Family Day takes places every first Sunday of the month except in September. There are special screenings for kids age 2+, with sound volume reduced and low lights left lit.

On June 2 in the program are: Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, Aladdin, La Bande à Picsou au cinéma, The Queen’s Corgi, Dumbo, Wonder Park, Avengers: Endgame, Venise n’est pas en Italie.