You can have a great holiday week without leaving the city! What’s more, the week of fun in Geneva is possible for all budgets – just choose activities wisely. Apart from the parks, museums, and playgrounds, there are lots to do and see! Don’t ever believe people who claim Geneva is boring – Parentville is here to debunk this myth.

Ready? Let’s do it!



A yerly winter exhibition in Lancy designed for children of ages 0-4. In a vast room, filled with calming sounds of nature, and a wonderful decorations, children can come to relax, create, read and discover. Entry: free of charge. More info here.


Better than any amusemnt park, Maison de la Creativite is a paradise for children and adults. Each room of this Villa is devoted to something else, but in each room children are invited to do what they want. They can use the space and objects however they wish. It unblocks cretaivity and lets the imagination live its best moments. What you can do? Paint, build, dress up, read, play – or best, ask kids. They will have unlimited answers.

Place for children ages 0-8. Free entry for kids 0-1 yo, the rest pays 3 CHF per person. Book your spot here.


Chris from PackdSuitcase invented an awesome way to make a walk through Geneva more adventurous. You simply stop at the best chocolate places and in each buy 1 chocolate piece (it should be around 1 CHF everywhere). Take different types, maybe even ask for recommandations, and at the end sit in a nice place for a degustation. And why not combinig it with a ride on mouette, or playground fun at Plainpalais?

You can see how Chris did it by checking her video here.


An ultimate winter sport perfomed in cities, mountains, and at the Olympics! There are many places to skate in the city. One of the most popular ones are the rink in Bastions (free entry, ice skates rental 2 CHF) and Carouge (free entry; skates free for under 6yo and 2 CHF for 6+). Fun guaranteed!

For better ice quality check professional rinks in Vergers (Meyrin) and Vernets (Geneva). The entry is not free but not expensive. To enter the rink in Vergers the prices are as follows: kids 0-6 free, 6-18 2,5 CHF, adults, 6CHF. Skates rental costs 3 CHF.


You don’t have to travel farm to see the animals. In Geneva itself, zoo at Bois de la Batie is big enough and free of charge. Moreover, there is a new awesomeplayground next to it, a nice forest, and a possibility to go to the Viaduc de la Jonction to see the rivers meet. You can find more about animals in Geneva in this article.
Free entry, great for all ages.


With small kids start at the Carousel de la Madelaine, then climb up the cobble stone roads to the old town. Visit Maison Tavel, or climb up the Cathedral and visit the archelogical site of the Cathedral. You can also simply get lost in the old town – make kids choose the way at every intersection. Take a picnic or stop for crepes. You can then stop at the playground here or go down to Bastions to play there or try ice skating!



One of Geneva’s warmest swimming pool, decorated with lots of plants is a great escape from the cold outside. It’s bright, warm, and big enough to make it fun. There are some jets, showers. There is also a hammam, sauna, and aromatherapy rooms.

Cost: Adults 24 CHF, kids 7-15 16 CHF, kids 3-6 yo 6,50 CHF. More information here.



A new awesome place to help kids burn all the energy they accumulate! A trampoline parc with lots of cool jumping activities: spider accrobranche, joust, interactive wall, diving in foam blocks and more! There is even a special space for kids 1-5 years old!

Cost: kids 1-5yo 10CHF, everyone from 6+ 17 CHF. More information here.



All kids go through a climbing phase and it’s definitely btter to let them do it in a specially designed climbing space than on shelves at home. There are several places for kids to climb in Geneva, either on blocks or big walls while using a rope. You can check Parentville’s list of climbing places here.

Cost: from 10 CHF per personbut prices differ between places.


Why not trust the old and good outings consiting a bag of popcorn and a movie? Minstream theatres have some kids and family movies on screens right now (« The Wolf and The Lion » or the « Around The World in 80 Days », and more). But don’t forget to check Cinema Bio, or Cinema Grutli with its special program for kids this winter!



A fun family outing indeed. Laugh, compete, eat fast food and enjoy your stressless day. You can bowl in Balexert and LaPraille.



Did you know there is a mini golf bar in Geneva? It’s not really designed for families, as it is really is a bar, but if you go in early afternoon, you shouldn’t see to many young adults having their kind of fun ;). There are three different courses to try, one of them is fluo wonderland « fade to Black ».

Cost: 20 CHF per person (plus drinks). More info here.




Game Over is an Escape Room in Paquis with one game suitable for kids ages 8+ and oh boy – it’s in Harry Potter style with wands that work (sic!), walls that move and even more exciting details. It’s not even about finishhing the game and unravelling the mystery 100%, just playing with make your faces smile! I talked about our experience here. You can check more details and book your session here.

Cost: 150 CHF (for 2-6 players).


Sensas is not an escape room, it’s a place to experience all senses – some of them in complete darkness. The challenges are completely harmless and utterly exciting. It is so so fun! One of the best experiences we had so far. I wrote about it here.

Cost: from 46 CHF per person (min 4 needed to play). More information here.


How about trying a well-known sport in a new way or a new sport in a unique way? Well, the best place to do it is Fluo sports in Geneva. Play badminton, or futball, or other games in a fluo environment! It looks awesome and it cool. Some adults may not understand the thrill, but kids will definitely appreciate this experience! You can go as family, or invite your kids’ friends. For some games only 2 players are needed, some games need bigger teams. You can find out more about it here.


Ok, not in Geneva but almost – in Annemasse. A fairly new place like. This place is a combination of escape rooms and sensory challenges. One of the parcours is even adapted to prams and wheelchairs – everyone can join!

Cost: from 20 EUR per person.