Schilliger Garden Center in Gland (VD) is hosting a dinosaurs exhibition as a part of the 75th-anniversary celebrations. The entre is free, and the expo is fun. Oh! And it’s indoors!

Even more reasons

And the parking is free (and big), and there’s Café Agnes with snacks and beverages. And a pet shop. It’s also fully wheelchair adapted (including the restroom). If the weather is good, you can also help the kids burn some energy at the playground in the garden.
It all makes Schilliger Garden Centre a perfect destination for an outing with kids. At least, till March 28th 2020, when dinosaurs will be packed and move somewhere else.

Back to dinosaurs

Schilliger’s idea is to help us travel back time all the way to the Mesozoic era of giants (and some smaller reptiles). Some are hidden behind bushes, between the plants, or under leaves.
You’ll probably first see those smaller animals.
Somewhere there is a big egg, for kids to get into for a photo souvenir (taken by you). The giants are in the last room. That guy that looks like tyrannosaurus is not in fact. It’ an allosaurus. There’s also a cool one looking like a gigantic crocodile. He is by the little pond, eating fish – very realistic scene!


There is just one dinosaur outside: the king – Tyrannosaurus Rex. You’ll spot him easily. The playground is located right there too. Another thing outside? Birds! A huge cage with plants, parrots and other species.


For us the go to place each time is the pet shop filled with rabbits, hamsters, and all kind of animals I find a bit yyy but Z loves them. A bit further you’ll find the fish section with aquariums filled with beautifulness, and accessories. And then of course, there’s Café Agnes, to fuel up with deliciousness and keep the energy up for later!


As I said, definitely #parentvillerecommended for this winter in (well, around) Geneva!


Schilliger Garden Centre
Route Suisse 40
1196 Gland (VD)

Fully wheelchair adapted (including the restroom and caddies).