How to interview a nanny? Most expat parents, sooner or later find themselves in need of a nanny. As soon as they need one, many questions appear in their heads: how to find a nanny, how much to pay, how to make the contract legal. Sounds familiar?

All these questions will soon be answered on Today we will tackle a different question: how to interview a nanny?

I asked the experts in the field – Tatadam, to help us navigate the interview. Tatadam is like an uber in the nannying universe (more info at the bottom of the article).

Now back to interviewing a nanny. Here it goes:

  • Plan the interview at least several days before the actual baby-sitting days.

  • Before the interview, try to find out as much as you can about the person. If the sitter came from recommendations – easy, if not ask her/him for references (and check them).

  • Ask baby-sitting relevant questions: relevant experience, or education. Also, if it is important to you: first aid knowledge (choking, accidents, falls, burns, etc.). PS: the law in Switzerland forbids the nanny from giving medicine without parents’ consent (make sure to inform the nanny about it though remember to stay as friendly as possible).

  • Find out how the sitter imagines to spend time with your child, ask for examples. Ask about how comfortable she is taking your child outdoors, or on public transport to other activities.
  • It is quite important for a family and the sitter to have a common view on child rearing. You can ask her/his opinion resolving conflicts between the kids, sharing toys, punishment, or dealing with tantrums. If you’re anti-screen make sure the sitter knows that. If you’re OK when it comes to cartoons and tablets – make it clear and set limits.

  • Make sure she is on the same page as you are when it comes to food: balance between sweets and veggies for example. You can even ask what she/he would do if the child refuses to eat veggies.

  • If your child has allergies, be sure to talk it through, make sure the sitter understands what for example are dairy products, and that even a small amount can cause trouble.

  • Even details matter in a long term, so do not be afraid to ask the nanny about the details that matter to you. It might for example be the diaper change: how often the sitter imagines to do it, what she/he uses to clean your kid afterwards (wipes, water) and whether she is comfortable to change her habits if needed.

  • Don’t be shy to express your concerns about cigarettes and alcohol. Be sure to be clear that it’s up to her/him outside the working hours, but that is a no when they are with your child.

We keep our fingers crossed for you! We hope you will not struggle to find the right person for your family. Once you do, we strongly suggest signing a contract and declare her/him – for both parties sake.

If it all seems like to much of a hassle, you can always turn to Tatadam application and book your sitter there! Tatadam screens all sitters very carefully, so part of the interview is done for you! They also handle all the legal stuff if you don’t have the energy or the time to declare a nanny yourself.

For more answers on hiring a sitter please go to Tatadam’s website and Tatadam Facebook Page. They are ready to answer all your questions!

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