TATOUT is a great school of a peaceful defence for children and adults. They work on helping people to find the right techniques, the strength, and self-confidence that will scare bullies away without the need for physical violence. It’s a rather peaceful and diplomatic approach (so Swiss!).


Some children need a little help to become more assertive or self-confident to protect themselves from the mean behaviour of others. If you’re a parent of such a child, you might be thinking about what I had been thinking few years ago. Best way to deal with it is to sign them up to some martial art classes, where they could learn how to successfully and physically fight the bullies. I searched and searched, and then a friend told me about TATOUT.


« Tatout » is French for armadillo (or cingulata if we want to be very specific). Armadillo has a shell to protect himself from attacks, to hide – these is one of his protection tools, his « atouts » (eng. assets). Every animal has a way to protect itself whereas it’s an ability to climb trees, a tail to fight off flies, poisonous stings, or fast legs. 


The self-defence school named after that strangely-looking animal – Tatout –  is all about helping kids find and use their own assets: the body language, the look, and the tone of voice. 

We tried a private lesson for Z. We worked for one hour on her posture, her voice, and how to use her eyes. We were left with exercises to do with her at home from time to time. We quickly saw a difference in the way she was dealing with the negative behaviours of her some of her peers. Her assertiveness was always there (especially at home…); it just needed a confidence boost and tools!


Tatout offers the whole range of courses for kids, teens, and adults. They organise courses for schools, companies, hospital staff, etc. Their approach is adapted to particular needs, and can include martial-arts-like protection guidelines!

I have their number in my phone just in case we ever need some more training. Just knowing their help is available, helps a lot with mamma-lion anxiety.