When I discovered the Instagram account of Geraldine, I was immediately intrigued and asked her for a rendez-vous to understand more about her unique offer – LUXOPUNCTURE. Because, lt’s face it – accupunsture without needles sounds wonderful and attractive – especially for kids ! I’ve also heard about her from some friends, who used her method to quit smoking or lose weight (yesss !).


We met in her minimalistic yet very warm and comfy office, and now I can finally tell you what’s it all about. Geraldine is a lovely woman, with a voice so soft it may already have a therapeutic impact on many. She is patient, kind, and gentle. At first she asks some questions, and a conversation about problems that brought the person to her door. There is no judgment – understanding, empathy and compassion. This conversation is needed for Geraldine to adapt the therapy to each person. She’s the kind of person that you’ll wish ould become your best friend and get a coffee with you every week.

Beams and photons

I can’t stress that enough – there are no needles involved in luxopuncture but it works like acupuncture. Geraldine uses a special pen that sends out beams of infrared light instead of pricking the skin with needles. It is a pleasant, painless, and stressless experience.

By following a diagram on the screen, she manipulates this special pen by positioning it on different precise points on her client’s body. The pen releases photons that carry the energy and stimulate the reflex points.

For kids and adults

Geraldine is very clear and honest about the applications of this method. She will openly tell you whether it can help with your problems or not. 

In general, this method helps to fight: anxiety, overweight, smoking. It can ease menopause symptoms. It is also used as a facial rejuvenation technic. Of course, for each, a different number of sessions is needed, and various points on the body will be stimulated. How can it make people lose weight? Well, not directly, it does not burn the fat, but it gets rid of the feeling of excessive appetite and compulsive behavior. The weight loss program cannot be used by pregnant women in the first trimester.

During the stress release sessions, it is common for people to cry or laugh. It results in the ability to see our problems from the perspective of a stranger.

Children can also use this method, especially to ease their stress or to help with their weight. There is nothing scary about this session, there are no needles, and the lady who will treat them is as gentle and kind as a person can be.


Open on Monday and Thursday from 10h till 20h in Geneva. On other days open in Annecy (Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday) and Lausanne (Friday);

100 CHF/ session (not reimbursed by insurance);

Address: Rue de la Servette 48, Geneva.

Website: Luxopuncture Asseline.