In a city that has its Quidditch team, every sports activity should be possible to find! Well, yes, but some are easier to find than others. For example, artistic gymnastics or athletic activities quickly fill up or are hard to locate. Whereas others, like swimming or tennis, are plenty.

I would love if you could send me addresses to places I don’t mention below, so that other parents can find it, too. Will you help? You can comment below or contact me via [email protected].

from fb: Agrès is not the same at all as artistic gymnastics. We tried out many clubs before we realized this important destinction.


As I mentioned above, there are many swimming courses for children in Geneva. So many, that they deserve a separate blog article. You can find by clicking on the button below.


There are plenty of tennis clubs with courses for kids in the canton. Let me quickly link them up for you (tennis, table tennis, badminton).

Tennis Club de Geneve in Eaux Vives & Champel, for ages 4+.

Badminton Club de Geneve (Jonction area, kind of), for age s 6+.

Tennis Club Trois Chene in Thonex, for ages 5+.

Tennis in Veyrier for ages 4+.

International Tennis Club for ages 4+, in Pregny-Chambesy.

Table tennis for ages 5+ in Grand-Lancy.

Tennis Club in Plan-les-Ouates has a course parents-enfants (2-4 yo) and courses for kids 4+.

Bernex also has a tennis club with courses for children ages 4+.

Tennis Club de Vernier offers courses for children ages 5+ in four different locations across the municipality of Vernier.

I am certain there are many more places that offer both tennis and badminton courses!


If you’re looking for artistic gymnastics course, the word you’re looking for is « les agrès ».

Kids Up, in Meyrin. Circus gymnastics for all ages.

Association Genevoise de Gymnastique. Artistic gymnastic in Chatelaine.

Gym Mandement. Various courses (parents-enfants, enfantine, artistic gym) in Satigny.

Gymnastic courses in Saint Julien (France)

AGT Club in Thoiry (France)

FSG Club in Eaux-Vives.

FSG Grottes, Geneva.


Great courses of artistic ice skating and hockey!

CPAM in Meyrin, aristic ice-skating courses tested and loved by Parentville personally.

CPG in Les Acacias. Artistic ice-skating.

CP Meyrin Hockey Club.

HC Trois Chene in Thonex (hockey).

Les Aiglon (Geneve Servette HC), hockey in les Acacias.


Inter Soccer, football club in various locations in Geneva.

PlanetClimbing Geneva – climbing courses on Wednesdays and Saturdays the week in Lancy.

Multisports in Sous-Moulin (Chene-Thonex). Courses every Tuesday at 5pm.

Golf in Jiva Hill (Gex, France).

Climbing (escalade) in Vitam Parc, for 4+.

Structure Pan d’Escalade in Vernier (for 8+).


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