Laustine Your Dreams pyjamas have a great story fueled by women on every step of the process. The designs are cute, the fabrics soft, the brand is as eco friendly as it can be (and has a plan to become even more eco!), and on top of that, their pyjamas are affordable.

Chicken nuggets

It all started with Laure and Faustine – two rockstar women, raised in Geneva and Megève, meeting in London and studying finance. They had lots of chicken nuggets together, watched Gossip Girl, and discovered London together. Since then, they’ve always wanted to do something together. It took a few years, settling back in Geneva, and having kids, to finally have the project they would pursue together.

We’ve been there

As motherhood kicked in, they realized that the kids’ clothes offer in Geneva is limited. Moreover it’s either affordable low-quality or overly expensive high-quality. They were certain there is a way to have affordable, high-quality, cute clothes for kids. And so they sat down, discussed designs, looked for fabrics, and factories, and voila! They’re ready with beuatiful pyjamas!
“We started to design styles that could fit boy or girl and made them all available in all of colours, so everyone can choose what suits them best.”


It took some time to find the right factory for their designs, because of the low volume production, but they did it! All Laustine Your Dreams pyjamas are currently made in a family-owned factory in Porto (Portugal) operated by 15 women – mothers and grandmothers. This makes it one of the most feminine brands I know!


Their nightwear is timeless, soft, confortable and easily washable. These clothes embrace classic lines and simple details. They are made with 100% cotton interlock, which is why the fabric is amazingly soft and stretchy at the same time.

They have several styles, each available in the same range of colors. This allows parents to create perfect combinations. The summer and winter models remain the same. The light pink and the light blue line will also stay forever, as a part of  the permanent collection.

What changes is the print. twice a year Laure and Faustine sit down to draw a new pattern, and choose additional colors. This, I am sure, will simplify shopping for pyjamas for years to come: whenever we go their website everything there will match, what’s already in our closets (assuming it’s Laustine Your Dreams).

Sadly, my daughter has just outgrown her last Laustine PJ set. I keep my fingers crossed the brand’s size range will soon go beyond kids of the age of 6.


Since the very beginning, they’ve wanted to grow the company while respecting our fragile planet on every step of the way.

The packaging, they gave it a thought too. They don’t use poly bags. The tissue paper used for packaging is is completely acid free, FSC Certified, and printed with soy-based ink (it makes it easier to recycle paper). All clothes are sent in 100% compostable packaging made with corn.

They have also introduced organic cotton to their range. The entire summer collection (« Summer tortue ») is made with soft, organic cotton (GOTS cotton)!


I asked them to share their favorite family-freindly places in Geneva. Here’s what they come up with:

– the patisserie Mage in Malagnou, for a nice coffee and pain au chocolat. From April to October you can sit outside and kids can play. A perfect plave for Sunday mornings.

La Maison de la Créativité in Conches, and the Signal de Bougy which are just perfect places for kids;

Swiss Vapeur Parc in le Bouveret – a great destination for a day.

Petit Lay restaurant in Megeve – food is good, place is kids friendly with a big garden and games for the kids.

Is this article sponsored? Kind of. I received one set of Laustine Your Dreams pajamas to try, fell in love with it and wrote it. No other gifts or payments were involved.