After receiving many messages with questions about baby-friendly places in Geneva, and seeing this topic coming up frequently in Parentville’s Facebook group, I decided to put together a list for you.

Below you will find:

  • baby-friendly places,
  • activities/courses for babies,
  • outdoors pram-friendly places (including forests),
  • breastfeeding friendly spots.

If you know a place I should add, let me know!

Baby-friendly places in Geneva


A mom-friendly cafe with a playful corner, and enough space to parc prams. Herstreet also hosts workshops, courses, yoga, and various pop-ups.
Address: 6, Rue des Pierres-du-Niton, Geneva. More info here.

Maison de la Creativite

The creativity paradise for kids of ages 0-8. Most of the things are best for toddlers and older kids, but there is always something for babies too! They even sometimes host special mornings for kids and their grandparents.
Address: 7 chemin Calandrini, 1231 Conches. Here’s their website.

Ludotheques and Accueil Parents-Enfants

Ludotheques are toy libraries but many also have play areas, and some provide some areas for babies to play too (I would need your help to find out which Ludotheques provide that option currently). Accueil Parents-Enfants are places designed for kids to play and fr parents to meet, exchange experiences and to discuss their questions with the early-childhood professionals. One of the most popular ones is the Cerf-Volant in Plainpalais. There are similar places in the Ville de Vernier. These are really nice places, with kind and warm educators, nice activities, and generally a lovely atmosphere.

Ecole des Parents at Espace « 99 »

This wonderful association with a rich offer of various activities for kids (and support for parents), also put in place a completely free playgroup once a week in Charmille (Tuesdays 9h30-11h30). It is destined for all kids under the school age. There is always a « pedagogue » and an educator at the site. It’s a great place to meet with other parents (mostly French speakers, but English speakers drop by as well). There is also coffee, tea, sirop, and occasional snacks.
Address: 99, Rue de Lyon. You can find more details in this program.

Swimming pools

Warm water and some lovely splash time with a baby is always great! All pools are calmer during the week during the day, and it is the best time for a visit with a baby. Bains de Cressy is a nice warm pool (with fun structures for kids on weekends) in Bernex. Another option is Bain Bleu, though it is quite dark and full of waterfall noises, which may annoy some babies. Last option is Vitam Park with only one small warm pool (those for kids are not warm).

Baby-friendly restaurants and cafes

Criteria: enough space for the pram, changing table, breastfeeding-friendly. Please let me know what should be added here.

Courses and activities

Mere et Terre

Mere et Terre is a shop in the Grottes neighborhood (you can find out more about it on Parentville) where you can find great advice and carefuly selected products: natural, bio, organic, planet friendly and promoting attachment parenting. They also have a cute room on the side, where various activities take place: for mums to be, mfresh parents, babies etc. Check them out here.

Ecole des Parents

This place accompanies parents from the birth of their child till adulthood. They host various types of workshops, courses, psychological help and more. It’s one of the best organization in Geneva when it comes to family support. More about them here.


Three doulas got together to create a womderful place, where parents can feel safe, listened, find friends, support and advice. They run prenatal courses, courses for parents with babies and other forms of support for women. You can find out more information here.

Moman d’Amour

A unique place in Chene Bourg where parents, and especially mothers can find warm welcoming support and activities for themselves, their babies, and older children. The association also teeaches about positive parenting. Especially babies can benefit from a large range of various activities: massage,yoga, signing, sensory baths, and more! Definitely check it out, click here.

Spell Languages

To my knowledge it is the only language school in Geneva that offers not only language immersion for babies, but also courses for moms where babies are welcome too!
Address: 20, Rue du Conseil General, Geneva. More info here.

Tiny Talk

Baby signing classes by Alenka are so popular because they are so good and enjoyable! 12 weeks-long courses in various locations are a great opportunity to communicate with babies before they can speak, and in general to have fun with them. Find out more about it on TinyTalk website.

Music Together

Singing and dancing in a playful atmosphere is what you can expect at Music Together. They have a special class for babies to up to 8 months old. Classes take place in various locations. You can find more details here.

Balade avec bebe – parents in the parc

Catherine Watt launched this initiative a few years ago. She is a LaLecheLeague consultant and a lovely, understanding person – a perfect companion for a walk with a baby, followed by a chat over tea/coffee. Catherine organises these outings once a month. You can find more details and future dates here.

Espace Musical

This music school offers musical instruments classes for older kids, and a wonderful music discovery program for the little ones (0-3 years). They usually also have week-long courses in summer. I recommend it with all my heart. More info on this website.

Gym Poussette

In Geneva and Onex it is exactly what the name suggets – outdoors gym classes for mums and their babies. You can find the schedule and prices here.

Pram-friendly walks in nature

The best solution for a walk in nature is babywearing, but as it is not an option for everyone, and not always possible for various reasons (carrying a baby and a diaper bag for a few hours…), I tried to find some options for pram-friendly nature.

Of course, there are many beautiful parks in Geneva that already partially fill the need of silence and oxygene, but how about something more?

Bernex – Nant de Borbaz et des Picolattes

This beautiful nature reserve has one of the trails ready for wheelchair users, which means it is also perfect for prams! It is not very long but adorable. You can find the full description, and the map of all trails here (look for the « accessible a tous » route).

Versoix – Les Douves

Another nature reserve, this time located in Collex-Bossy and Versoix. The pram friendly trail is yet again the wheelchair adapted route. It’s quite short but includes a part over a pond a part in the forest. You can always try to start other trails with a pram (and all terrain-pram preferably). Here’s a link to a pdf with a detailed description, and a map.

Mategnin les Crêts (Meyrin)

This nature reserve is entirely accessible with wheelchairs and prams! It is taken care of by ProNatura Geneve. The walk should take around 1 hour. The Mategnin marsh is one of the few wetlands in the canton, located along the Jura chain. For more detailed information including address, click here.

Breastfeeding places/spots/corners

Good news and even more good news! There are more and more places in Geneva that offer privacy and comfort to breastfeeding mothers. They are in shopping malls, in Geneva University buildings, in Arcade Sages-Femmes, and many more. places. You can find them all on the Mamamap website. The content is provided by the Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland with help of some sponsors. It also exists in a form of an app (available in Apple app store)

There are also many events for babies and their parents: in the libraries, more yoga activities, parenting workshops, and more. You can find them easily in Parentville’s calendar.